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Canberrans a Security Risk to World Youth Day

By Deano - 17 April 2008 40

Countrylink train services between Canberra and Sydney during the World Youth Day activities in Sydney are going to be suspended for ‘security reasons’. Apparently organisers are worried about an evil plot by Canberra based atheist terrorists whose beliefs only allow them to travel on public transport.

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40 Responses to
Canberrans a Security Risk to World Youth Day
RuffnReady 10:37 pm 17 Apr 08

Why should the taxpayer pay even 1c for this? What a complete sham! We all knew it already, but this is yet another illustration of the way our governments are co-opted by religious groups. Separation of church and state, anyone?

shiny flu 10:13 pm 17 Apr 08

Fiona said :

It’s not as if you could go up to the driver and say ‘take me to Cuba’.

I concur. Canberra terrorists your new directive is to commandeer a Murray’s/Greyhound coach and proceed to blow it up in Randwick West-bank style.

Will someone please look at their national security hotline fridge magnet and alert them to this thread… it’s obvious they should shut down Jolimont Centre.

boomacat 7:38 pm 17 Apr 08

I’m sure the Catholic Church could find $150M from its enormous coffers to pay for its own party.

swamiOFswank 6:47 pm 17 Apr 08

And I was so going to catch the train and blow up the cathy-licks. Bum.

caf 6:15 pm 17 Apr 08

From Crikey:

The estimated cost of the week-long event is $150 million and rising. The biggest single taxpayer-funded contribution is $41 million to the Australian Jockey Club for the use of Randwick racecourse for a full papal mass and for renovations to Warwick Farm.

This outrageous payment could have been avoided if the mass had been held at Olympic Park, the site of the 2000 Olympics at Homebush, as it was originally intended.

But the Catholic elders stiff-armed the Iemma Government which caved in and switched the venue to the inappropriate racetrack. Taxpayers are now footing the bill for that craven stupidity.

Dave_K 5:42 pm 17 Apr 08

Boomacat, the feds are kicking in at least $20 million cash plus in-kind. I think NSW is offering similar cash and in-kind. I saw somewhere SBS was getting an additional $2.5 million to cover the event (which probably includes the broadcast rights fees going to the host broadcaster which in turn go to World Youth Day …) So, at least $50 million from public funds, and probably rising. On top of this, add the NSW and fed security costs for the Pope’s visit.

madman 5:14 pm 17 Apr 08

Hey Boomacat…
How did you go with finding that DC 87 driver to pay for your insurance?

boomacat 5:00 pm 17 Apr 08

I’d love to know how much public money is being wasted on this religious cr@p.

neanderthalsis 4:57 pm 17 Apr 08

Even if you did manage to hijack the train, you can’t take it anywhere other than where the rails go. The Raliway Authority would reset the switches and divert the train to some backwater line where it can’t harm the natives and will be easy for the SWAT types to storm.

madman 4:22 pm 17 Apr 08

I believe all the trains are electronically driven these days. Slowing down the speeds of the other trains to allow flow to the other users of the tracks. Same with the lane changes on the tracks which will automatically changed to the other tracks when neccesary. I’m sure you could put it in manual but who would wanna drive that!!!

imhotep 4:09 pm 17 Apr 08

Fiona said :

Is it possible to hijack a train?

Good point.

It’s not as if you could go up to the driver and say ‘take me to Cuba’.

Fiona 4:00 pm 17 Apr 08

Is it possible to hijack a train?

Deano 3:25 pm 17 Apr 08

EtFb said :

That’s one possible explanation…

One that’s a little more congruent with the reality-based community is that the train goes past the venue for the activities

The venue is Randwick Racecourse – a fair hike from Central Station.

ant 3:25 pm 17 Apr 08

I’m amazed that they’re ashamed to name the event something that reflects what it is. Young Catholics Jamboree or Pope Spectacular or something. World Youth Day is a euphemism. It’s marketing.

EtFb 3:15 pm 17 Apr 08

That’s one possible explanation…

One that’s a little more congruent with the reality-based community is that the train goes past the venue for the activities, and so could be loaded up with nasty horrid terrorists carrying backpacks full of explosives or — better — nerve gas canisters. (I’m just guessing here – does it really go right past? Is it out west or in the mostly-trainless eastern suburbs?)

Just think! One terrorist attack could wipe out all the young religious believers in Australia and raise the average IQ of the country by ten points…

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