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Canberra’s distinct lack of aerials

By lemaChet 12 June 2007 60

While doing some property inspections recently (that’s a whole other story…) it has become clear to us that Canberra seems to suffer from a lack of on-roof tv aerials in most cases.

I’m not saying in every case, but, for the majority of times, it seems that an aerial on the roof, ala other major cities, doesn’t exist here in Canberra. Newer developments seem to have them in some instances, and some older places have them.

I’m wondering why people in Canberra all use the internal Rabbit Ears or similar, and have done for the 20-odd years i’ve been living here.

The only reason I ask is because for myself personally, the issue has never come up before now, it’s just tv. However, my partner is querying it, as the reception is kinda crappy.

It’s all well and good to say “use a STB” but everything I’ve heard suggests they don’t necessarily amplify or increase the signal.. if you have crap reception, it’s just going to be crap digital reception.

Can anyone throw any light on the matter? Is it a planning regulation, or is there some sort of tax involved ?

What’s Your opinion?

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Canberra’s distinct lack of aerials
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lemaChet 6:18 pm 14 Apr 08

“Benny” – 6 comments in 7 days.
“Brenton” – 7 comments in 7 days.

lemachet – 525 comments in somethnig like 1095 days.

You do the math. That is, if you’re able to.

el 11:27 am 12 Apr 08

Ari – GOLD.

I-filed 10:47 am 12 Apr 08

Maelinar, I live in clear line of sight from Black Mountain Tower and my reception is crappy.

Ari 8:54 am 12 Apr 08

Does Tilleys have a pink aerial?

Nah they get digital reception internally.

minime2 11:56 pm 11 Apr 08

one thing about the “ACT” site, you folk sure have fun and go off over the most triviel (trivyell, trifferic) oh well, things. Like Antennae. Big Needle on hill solves problem; expensive fitting of aerials by bogans solves other half of problem. Or are they both 100% problematic? See, even I’m doing it – tangents. A fun site. Now – a question. Does Tilleys have a pink aerial?

el 10:18 pm 11 Apr 08

Then she pulls out the recumbent bicycle.

Danman 10:14 pm 11 Apr 08

she says that your antenna is “A good size”

Ari 9:38 pm 11 Apr 08

Mr Evil said :

I’m only Jon Stanhope when I’ve got my tiger print g-string on and Katy Gallagher is spanking me with a TV aerial.

What happens next? … once Vicky Dunne walks into the room?

cranky 7:13 pm 11 Apr 08

Mr Evil,

The mind boggles!

Benny 5:22 pm 11 Apr 08

No, im not Brenton. haha, i have no idea who the bloke is, ive just eaten at that resturant he mentions in his post, and its absolutley pathetic –

Thumper 4:26 pm 11 Apr 08

Chequed- for spelling pedants 😉

Mr Evil 4:22 pm 11 Apr 08

I’m only Jon Stanhope when I’ve got my tiger print g-string on and Katy Gallagher is spanking me with a TV aerial.

Thumper 4:19 pm 11 Apr 08

Like Ringo Starr and Yassir Arafat.

hey, put a checked tea towel on Ringo’s head and tell me I’m wrong.

Mælinar 4:15 pm 11 Apr 08

Mr Evil, I’m still trying to work out if you are Jon Stanhope. I’ve never seen your two personalities at the same time together, so it must be true.

Mr Evil 4:07 pm 11 Apr 08

Benny/Brenton = same person?

Benny 2:58 pm 11 Apr 08

“you are clearly spending close to the same amount of time as I am on here.”

Lemachet: “Trouble Maker”
Brenton: “Newbie”

Now me also being a ‘newbie’ im not entirely sure of the rank system, however I gather that the more posts one does, the higher their rank; and, subsequently, a different name.

So, correct me if im wrong, but according the RA rank system, your previous statement is utter bullshit -, amusing but bullshit.

As for the lonely part, – although your probably already have a profile – best of luck with it.

Mælinar 2:41 pm 11 Apr 08

lemaChet 2, Brenton 0.

lemaChet 2:09 pm 11 Apr 08

I didn’t find it offensive at all. However – you are clearly spending close to the same amount of time as I am on here.

You are correct though. I am a very lonely individual. Will you be my friend ?

Brenton 2:07 pm 11 Apr 08

Game over.

In all serious, I really don’t care. I found it amusing how people such as yourself, get so defensive after leaving comments on my “POST”, then find it insulting I would do the same. Obviously you have, way too much time on your hands sitting on RA all day.

Thanks for defining what RA was for, I was really confused about it there for a minute.

I only hope you don’t continue the obsession you have with this website, in your normal life cause, I think you will find you continue to be a very lonely individual.

Thanks for the laughs.

lemaChet 1:55 pm 11 Apr 08

I think he needs to stretch out his hand, but not from clicking his mouse.

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