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Charity and fundraising auctions for the Canberra community – Tuggy Power Station meeting

By Joe Canberran - 30 April 2008 53

In what appears to be it’s first real post (id#3 but it seems to be the only one up at the moment) the new Canberra website,, a site that intends to “attempt to document (on the public record) issues of concern to the community in the lead up to the ACT Election in 2008”, has posted video footage (here) of “the Tuggeranong Community Council held a special public meeting to discuss the proposed development of a Major Utility Installation and Communications Facility at Block 1671 Tuggeranong District (Mugga Lane, Opposite the Mugga Landfill site). The project proposed ActewAGL, Technical Real Estate and Galileo Connect” held two days ago on April 28. The footage is of the first half hour of the meeting so I suspect it’s only for the really keen but I’m interested in the concept.

The site also states: “As this site evolves, commenting will be enabled. However unlike most other blog sites which allow anonymous commenting, all registered commenters on the site will need to be verified and will be identified by name and suburb when they lodge a comment. The rationale behind this is that opinions are important, but individuals must be prepared to stand on the public record behind the opinions they have expressed.”

The flamewars and vitriol of RiotACT to much for them perhaps?

What’s Your opinion?

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53 Responses to – Tuggy Power Station meeting
captainwhorebags 3:30 pm 01 May 08

zig: do you know what the fumes that are being released are, the quantity being released and the recommended maximum exposure to the fumes?

I used to live at the top end of Macarthur (Goldsbrough Close) and we couldn’t see the tip or over the ridge at all. It’s a significant hill between the suburb and the paddock. More investigation is needed, sure, but this NIMBY attitude pisses me off. (Well, more accurately: BANANA)

The conduct of the residents at that meeting was disgusting. They weren’t interested in a presentation or discussion, just open hostility.

zig 2:28 pm 01 May 08


Ok lets connect a car’s exhaust fumes to your house and we’ll lower the level of fumes to within acceptable guidelines. It’s ok as long as the level of exhaust meets acceptable guidelines written by some “expert” according to you. 😛

The residents at Macarthur bought their houses without a power plant being on their back doorstep. Now they are getting lumped with it and the exhaust fumes to boot.

It just doesn’t make sense to put the power plant next to residences. It belongs in an industrial area not in an area zoned for broadacre. Location is the issue. Not the power plant itself.

caf 2:18 pm 01 May 08

This is why there’s environmental guidelines on the maximum concentration of pollutants allowed. If it meets the guidelines (and it really doesn’t matter if it meets them by 1% or 20%, there should be a large safety margin built into the guidelines), then it seems to me that you must think the guidelines are set too high. What’s the basis for this claim?

zig 1:56 pm 01 May 08

Would you want huge gas turbine engines pumping out fumes about 600 metres from your house?

The height of the exhaust stacks (36 metres) is roughly equal to the level of the land at Macarthur which delivers the fumes directly at ground level to houses (depending on wind direction).

Who in their right mind would want to be breating those fumes 24×7?

I don’t live in Macarthur but I can understand why they are pissed off.

This is an ACT planning issue and a clear indication that there is a problem with ACT planning, if this was one of the only sites they could recommend for the gas turbine plant.

pug206gti 1:35 pm 01 May 08

There’s a reasonably significant hill between the proposed plant and the houses on Jackie Howe Cr isn’t there? It’s a while since I’ve been down that way so I may be wrong. You certainly can’t see houses from Mugga Lane.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 10:58 am 01 May 08

why not put it in mitchell next to the new juvie centre ? – oh thats rights, we can’t do that, it would undoubted impede on their state-of-the-art facilities and services.

caf 8:48 am 01 May 08

There’s already a small scale power plant running on methane collected from the tip face. You can see it from Mugga Lane (it’s about the size of a medium-sized shed).

Pandy 8:08 am 01 May 08

No JC. Not enough PJ in the tip to run the plant. And it will be seen by people in Macarthur and Gilmore: but not by residents living in Outrim Avenue, Calwell

JC 4:45 am 01 May 08

Bloody idiots. Isn’t the plan with the power station to take a lot of it’s fuel from the methane that is already spewing out of the tip. If so it is better for the enviroment to burn it and turn it into something useful. As for asthetics, who cares. It is in an industrial area and won’t be seen from anyone in Tuggeranong except when they drive along the Monaro Highway.

zig 11:38 pm 30 Apr 08

Yeah pretty stupid place to put a power plant, right next to houses.

How about Fyshwick, next to the gaol or actually in the real Hume not “ActewAGL Hume”?

Pandy 11:09 pm 30 Apr 08
zig 10:04 pm 30 Apr 08

If we are going to demolish suburbs perhaps we should start with the oldest suburbs?

Lets demolish Griffith, lots of old houses and old people there.

bd84 9:46 pm 30 Apr 08

I vote we demolish Macarthur and build it there. But then that would upset people living in Fadden and probably Chisholm and Gilmore. Can we build it in Queanbeyan?! that would only upset nswpeople.

zig 9:25 pm 30 Apr 08

I propose that the power plant gets built next door to Yarralumla.

There is a big block of vacant land next to the old Canberra brickworks and the Governer Generals residence.

Pandy 5:05 pm 30 Apr 08

Jonathon Reynolds!!!!!! Fails to impress the Liberals with his turncoat policies and decides to place a blog of his own. No doubt will be running as an independant.

Has the same method of operation for his ACT Light Rail website.

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