Can’t do – coach.

Joe Canberran 1 November 2007 10

Maybe a little harsh but it seems that the Canberra Raiders still have to plum the depths of their glory days to have something to cheer about. The Daily Terror has this article expounding the fact that the Raiders magnificent 1989 Grand Final winning team now has a host of ex-players dominating the country’s top Rugby League coaching positions.

Pity the current team is struggling so.

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10 Responses to Can’t do – coach.
Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 5:26 pm 02 Nov 07

It’s not the results on the field that lost them my support this year. It’s the way the club covered up their “star” player getting behind the wheel of a car unlicensed and pissed, while the no-name (who’s only crime was not being overly valuable to the club) gets punted.

Stung Stung 9:31 am 02 Nov 07

I gave your comments respect until the AFL thing… now FOAD

bd84 bd84 8:51 pm 01 Nov 07

Well they did come close to coming last, even though they did win some games, they were only a win of two off the bottom.

Stung – have a look at the membership numbers of clubs, when they are successful the numbers grow, when they’re coming last they will drop, you will always get the die hard loyal fans who remain year in, year out. It’s part of the game that people jump on the bandwagon when the local team is winning, not just for the raiders.

not so sure I agree with you there on 2008, I think it might end up being similar to this year, or 8th/9th if lucky.. hopefully it will be more consistent to help with my tipping!

I’d rather watch AFL anytime though 😉 throwy makes me *yawn* stop start stop start ZzzZzZz

Stung Stung 9:49 am 01 Nov 07

bd84 – Jumping from one ship to the next is what football’s all about is it?? I must have missed the memo.. what happened to loyalty??

and yea ok they weren’t good enough… but I think 2008 should be a much better year.

Thumper Thumper 9:49 am 01 Nov 07

And I thought the raiders had reasonable season last year.

Especially as the commentators in Sydney tipped them to come last with no wins…

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 9:35 am 01 Nov 07

Raiders crowds are always inventive…

But watch the Brumbies crowds halve without Gregan, Larkham, Paul and Mortlock.

If the Raiders have a good season in 08, it might see the bandwagon start to swing the Raiders way!

Joe Canberran Joe Canberran 8:39 am 01 Nov 07

right you were piperdoon. Fixed now.

bd84 bd84 10:30 pm 31 Oct 07

Stung.. I hate to tell you that what you describe is what football is about.. the team wins everyone jumps on the bandwagon, they lose people jump off. Plus I think the crowd figures were a little inventive at times at home games this season..

They were never going to make the eight, and i’m sure the 4 odd teams directly above them on the ladder outside the 8 could go and pick a few decisions that went against them that *may* have got them in the top 8. They weren’t good enough, plain and simple!

Stung Stung 4:43 pm 31 Oct 07

The raiders get a raw deal here in Canberra – most people only support them when they’re winning… I watched them throughout the season and they actually did really well for such a young side.. plus they got ripped off really badly with some refereeing decisions. They were never gonna win the comp but could have made the 8 if the refs pulled their fingers out

piperdoon piperdoon 4:27 pm 31 Oct 07

I assume that’s supposed to be “harsh”???

With all the talk of drugs in football these days though, a little “hash” might be the ticket to making those glory days brighter!!!

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