Carrie Graf gets the Opals coaching job

johnboy 11 December 2008 41

Basketball Australia informs us that the Canberra Capitals’ coach Carrie Graff has, fourth time lucky, been given the nod to coach the national women’s basketball side through to the 2010 world cup.

    ‘“It’s no secret that Carrie has wanted the Opals head coaching job for some time and it gives us great pleasure to announce that her time has come,” said Basketball Australia Chief Executive Scott Derwin.

    “The Opals have achieved great success over the past decade and we expect that tradition to continue under Carrie’s leadership.”’

It’s great for Carrie, but is there an upside for the Caps in this?

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41 Responses to Carrie Graf gets the Opals coaching job
staria staria 11:27 am 15 Mar 09

Yes, I saw that interview as well and I’m hoping she does get the $$ for another 4 years. I think the appointment to Opals coach is a big thumbs up to her skills as one of the most consistent coaches of the WNBL. Good on her!

… As for the photograph, I don’t think it is a good one, but it is the photo and not Carrie Graf as I always think she looks really nice. I would go further to say that I’ve seen quite a few bad photographs of the Caps over the past couple of years too which annoys me. I know that they are sports stars and not fashion models, but really they are nice, fit, athletic looking girls and the photos I’ve seen (see Canberra Times on Friday??) do not do them justice. Just my 2c anyway.

toriness toriness 6:55 pm 14 Mar 09

CG is the most professional coach in the WNBL, and look at the great work she’s done with the Caps above and beyond the Lauren Jackson days. Scoring the Opals gig is a testament to her skills, not what she looks like or how well she photographs.

BTW I saw some post-grand final footage today on ABC2 where she said she was in negotiations at the moment – with the view of hoping to be steering the Caps for the next 4 years…..

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 2:49 pm 12 Dec 08

I prefer them off …

Gobbo Gobbo 2:18 pm 12 Dec 08

Carrie Graf is the biz!

I have seen more flattering shots of her, but I do like a tailored pant-suit on a woman.

V twin venom V twin venom 1:50 pm 12 Dec 08

The appointment is a reflection of the hard work that she has put into the Capitals. What a terrible photo – she looks like she has just coughed up a furr ball.

magella magella 8:46 pm 11 Dec 08

johnboy said :

The angry old man’s shouting club was holding the site back.

Sorry if you miss it.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

New Yeah New Yeah 5:50 pm 11 Dec 08

Well done Carrie.

Perhaps more importantly, we could ponder how long she’ll last with the Opals before the Chinese team pilfers her.

johnboy johnboy 5:49 pm 11 Dec 08

Suck it up princess

Further offtopic posting here will be deleted and the poster in moderation.

heinous heinous 5:47 pm 11 Dec 08

I’m with you H1NG0, RiotACT has changed since JB’s return, and (by saying so without being struck by thunder from the great man) I preferred the old level of PC.

PS, I’ve always admired Carrie, she’s a real talent and gets my 100% support even if I am a little scared of her.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:50 pm 11 Dec 08

Opals, rather than cCaitals.

I was also owed a bunch of work by Capitals fans, though.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:49 pm 11 Dec 08

I have no problem with the Capitals, the relative ‘butch’ factor of their coaching staff, their management, and most of their fans.

There are however, some diehards who owed me a great deal of short notice roster changes and time off work ‘sick’.

Yew14 Yew14 4:48 pm 11 Dec 08

Why let PC get in the way off a good arguement?

johnboy johnboy 4:45 pm 11 Dec 08

Yew14 said :

CG is a legend and JB should be shot.

Dare I ask why?

Yew14 Yew14 4:42 pm 11 Dec 08

CG is a legend and JB should be shot.

H1NG0 H1NG0 4:29 pm 11 Dec 08

Ladies, Pommy, said like “Leaheydezzzz” 😉

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 4:19 pm 11 Dec 08

Being a keen follower of the Capitals one cannot help but notice that Ms Graf is a tadge on the butch side. However she is a great coach and has done our girls* proud.

* Is “girls” allowed?

johnboy johnboy 4:08 pm 11 Dec 08

I think we can agree Basketball Australia need to send their PR boffin on a photography course.

It’s a basic skill for the role these days.

johnboy johnboy 4:05 pm 11 Dec 08

The angry old man’s shouting club was holding the site back.

Sorry if you miss it.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:04 pm 11 Dec 08

I’m sorry, but that is a terrible photo – it looks like she’s just been told she’s sacked from the coaching job, not just offered the post!

That being said, it is a well deserved promotion for Carrie, for all the effort and hard work she has put in over the years.

H1NG0 H1NG0 3:50 pm 11 Dec 08

Starting a blog is not what I’m interested in, I’m interested in the riotact, how it used to be. I will gladly disucss this by email.

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