Cars parked in Badimara Street, Waramanga crashed into on Saturday night.

Kim63 12 February 2013 6


Does anyone know anything about this incident?

It appears someone driving a 4WD, has failed to negotiate these cars, parked against the kerb. The white Barina suffered extensive damage, both rear and front end and had to be towed away.

[Picture courtesy Katie]

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6 Responses to Cars parked in Badimara Street, Waramanga crashed into on Saturday night.
rhesus rhesus 6:38 pm 12 Feb 13

I was woken up by this crash at 6:30am on Sunday morning. I went out to see what it was all about and had a sleepy chat with the driver. He’d been driving east on Badimara on his way to play golf and wasn’t paying attention – his words. He drove straight into the back right of the beep-beep Barina, swerved out and then back in, smashing the front of it. His car ended up at a right angle to the gutter and wasn’t drivable. It was a really weird looking accident. I still can’t work out how it hit the back then the front, missing the middle.
The driver was fine but pretty shaken – amazing considering the damage to both cars. His airbags were hanging out, the Barina was a write-off and probably his car too. I think he’d driven straight into it without breaking at all. You can’t see in the picture above, but the spring on the Barina’s suspension ended up on the front passenger side somehow. Here’s a sharper shot:
He called the cops and they told him to get his car towed. All the neighbours were out in their jim-jams and he was asking around about the owner of the car. Then his wife showed up and asked what happened and he replied, “Oops.” I went back to bed.

Keijidosha Keijidosha 3:34 pm 12 Feb 13

The street view of the scene says a couple of things:
1. The area between a pedestrian refuge island and bus stop is not a sensible place to park a car.
2. The gravel carpark on the nature strip suggests that the home these cars are parked outside of is operating a business of some sort. If true then the parking situation is clearly inadequate and probably worth notifying TAMS about.

bigfeet bigfeet 3:09 pm 12 Feb 13

In answer to your question ‘Does anyone know anything about this incident? ‘

I would say that ‘Yes, someone does know something about this incident’

But that ‘someone’ is not me. I hope that assists.

Tootza Tootza 2:16 pm 12 Feb 13

The stupidiest part is that someone else was parked there this morning!

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 7:47 pm 11 Feb 13

I, for one, know nothing but I can’t speak for the others…

DavidM DavidM 7:27 pm 11 Feb 13

I saw the Barina being towed away this morning as I drove past. To be honest, though, the location of those parked cars is a problem, given the pedestrian island just before them. They were just waiting for someone to speed through and mis-judge the chicane that they create. I don’t understand why that part of Badimara street isn’t a ‘no parking’ zone, actually – maybe this will change things,

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