Channel Ten are crap!

em 6 August 2005 8

I was watching a bit of State Focus at lunchtime today, and wanted to get the details on a story that I came in halfway through (the female rugby umpire). So off I go to the Ten website….

…. and the first thing that happens is I have to select what city I’m in. Fine – but there’s no bloody Canberra in their stupid list! So I picked Sydney, thinking State Focus is a NSW show so therefore would be on in Sydney. Duh, no. The Sydney TV Guide for Ten says that Bright Ideas is on at 12pm, not State Focus. So I do a site search for “State Focus”… and get results on Law & Order SVU!

Now, many crimes do occur on the sporting field, but sexual assault is usually not one of them. Unless Hopoate is involved. Although there is the off-field behaviour to consider – I don’t think any code is immune to drunken loutery. So I googled “Ten Capital” and “State Focus Ten” and got nothing. Argh!

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8 Responses to Channel Ten are crap!
PiP PiP 6:52 pm 05 Sep 05

Have the programmers at Ten lost their minds?Send the kids on work experience back to primary school and employ some adults again. PLEASE.

bulldog bulldog 12:21 pm 08 Aug 05

As a user of a service I don’t pay for (other than selling my soul every ad break), I would also like to vent my frustration at the free to air rubbish. Gripes with Channel Ten:

1) WTF is with the replacing of Simpsons on Tuesday with f*cking Idol? What f*cktard came up with that idea?
2) It’s a fact; the advertisements are louder than the programs.
3) Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. They’re finished. Let them go. Seriously.
4) Law & Order. One themsong; many shows. Who can keep track of that shit?
5) Sex in the City. I believe they are starting to air this after having bought the rights from Channel Nine. Once again; it’s finished. Let it go.
6) Sports tonight. Enough Golf and AFL already!

That’s all I can think of without sounding too much like a pom.

seepi seepi 9:47 pm 06 Aug 05

I emailed them about this about a year ago – I can’t even remember what I was trying to find now. Anyway – I got a form letter back explaining that I needed to pick my capital city from the drop down menu…..sigh.

vg vg 4:55 pm 06 Aug 05

No umpires in Rugby, we have referees

annie annie 4:33 pm 06 Aug 05

Go on, Spectra, enumerate. Just one or two. (I don’t want to be the only one!)

Spectra Spectra 3:56 pm 06 Aug 05

Don’t misunderstand me, by the way – Channel Ten are indeed crap. As are Southern Cross Ten. And Seven (and Prime) and Nine (and WIN). All for so many reasons that I couldn’t even begin to enumerate them here…

Spectra Spectra 3:54 pm 06 Aug 05

Actually, the reason you can’t find it on Ten’s Sydney guide is because we don’t strictly get “Ten” down here. We get “Southern Cross Ten” – an “affiliate” station. They have their own guide at (“TV Guides” – bottom of the menu – apparently the only “service” they offer). Of course, there’s no actual information of the kind you want to know – that’d be asking too much.

annie annie 3:47 pm 06 Aug 05

Is your beef that Southern Cross Ten are badly organised, or that State Focus is a really crap show?

Of course there’s nothing on the program via the Internet. Because 10 and SF aren’t about providing information to their viewers; it’s simply the cheapest way possible for 10 to satisfy the ABA (now ACMA’s) paper-thin local news and current affairs requirements.

If they seriously wanted to make a current affairs show about this region’s issues, they’d have a host who actually knew how to interview, and do more than have actual interviews with mostly Canberra themes – but they don’t want to spend the money on preparing stories – AND they don’t want to spend the money on maintaining a website on the show and the stories they do.

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