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Cheque Cashing in the A.C.T.?

By papadoc 3 November 2008 16

Hey guys, just a quick question.

A mate of mine got his tax cheque and is in desperate need of some cash.

I was just wondering if there were any cheque cashing places in Canberra?

I remember a place in Braddon doing it ages ago, but I think they got shut down. Any advice?

What’s Your opinion?

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Cheque Cashing in the A.C.T.?
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janeycomelately 10:40 am 05 Nov 08

Why don’t you be a mate to your mate and lend him some cash until his cheque clears?

swissbignose 9:29 pm 03 Nov 08

johnboy said :

Don’t expect them to give it up until they see so few cheques as to make it worthless.

In which case they’ll charge a special processing fee…

johnboy 6:00 pm 03 Nov 08

The only reason banks insist on a clearance time in this day and age is to profit from the interest.

Don’t expect them to give it up until they see so few cheques as to make it worthless.

Adza 5:50 pm 03 Nov 08

CPS Credit Union absolutely refused to cash my last tax cheque about 3 years ago… needless to say I always use direct credit now.

steveu 5:20 pm 03 Nov 08

Bank cheques are different because I believe the issuing bank is giving assurance that funds will be there. ATO tax cheques as same as bank cheques I would think. Any bank/credit union who reckons this cheque would need to be cleared are being very silly.
Happy to be corrected.

szeretetta 5:00 pm 03 Nov 08

You can go into a branch and ask for a special clearance. It will cost between $15 and $20 and will take 1-2 business days depending on the bank and whatnot.

Most banks are only able to cash cheques that are drawn on that bank – the Reserve Bank has no branches, so that makes it a bit difficult…

barking toad 4:55 pm 03 Nov 08

Don’t they teach this basic stuff in schools?

barking toad 4:54 pm 03 Nov 08

There are these things called banks. They’re on the nose at the moment, rightly or wrongly.

You can open an account at them. The ATO will even direct credit your tax refund to it.

You can even pay a fee to get immediate clearance on a cheque – especially a Govt one.

Much cheaper than the “fee” you pay a cheque cashing rip-off agency.

Sammy 3:13 pm 03 Nov 08

Anyway, i’m sure there is at least one place that cashes cheques in the city bus interchange. I think I recall seeing one near the Cafe Guru.

Sammy 3:12 pm 03 Nov 08

My tax return was in my account (via direct debit) within about 4 days of submission back in early July.

A bit of planning pays off.

poptop 3:10 pm 03 Nov 08

Hopefully he will think to use the EFT refund option next year, rather than all this faffing around.

papadoc 3:07 pm 03 Nov 08

It’s his tax cheque. We took it to NAB and they were like “nah, 3 days”…

ant 2:59 pm 03 Nov 08

From memory, I think if you take it to the branch of the bank the cheque is written from, you can have it cashed (used to be the case anyway).

Or, you can go to your bank and pay extra to have a “special clearance” which is an extra-fast clearance.

but if it’s Federal Gov’t, try your own bank, they should cash it, if there’s risk with a Reserve Bank cheque, we are all broke!

AG Canberra 2:56 pm 03 Nov 08

Yep – his bank should be able to cash it on the spot.

Mine initially said that it would take 7 days to “clear” – but when I pressed them they agreed that our Gov is probably good for it and providing the cash then and there would be OK….

You could always take it somewhere really unusual, like, say, a bank.

justbands 2:39 pm 03 Nov 08

I’m sure there was a place in Civic…in one of the Syd/Mel buildings.

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