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Chifley Choofers?

By a lot is two words - 12 November 2009 21

I’ve recently moved to Chifley and every night around 8pm there is a strong smell of cigarette/marijuana smoke that fills our house. It’s quite bizarre. We can close the windows but the smell is still really overpowering.

It could be the neighbours but my partner thinks it’s too strong to be one smoker.

Has anyone else smelled this around the Chifley oval area?

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Chifley Choofers?
PBO 3:04 pm 13 Nov 09

Since we have not even determined whether or not it is actually pot (For all we know it could be jenkum) and it seems that you are not a THC enthusiast, you should get a subject matter expert to come along and verify your claims of neighbourly naughtiness.

I used to have neighbours in Sydney who would start stinking up the place at about 4 in the afternoon and for months we thought that they were smoking skin flakes that they found in their socks until we found out it they were actually cooking some of their native dishes.

a lot is two words 2:41 pm 13 Nov 09

oh no emd – once it starts and I have to literally put something over my nose – it’s definitely some sort of very strong (funny) smoke from outside. You’re right though, I smell it more than my partner – though he definitely smells it too (but thinks it’s some sort of burning). You can’t miss it! Lasts about an hour. I’ll go for another walk tonight when it starts…

anonymous gungahlian 2:41 pm 13 Nov 09

Are your neighbours stoners or do they seem like them? Maybe there are people on the oval smoking. What emd said too, when pregnant your sense of smell can become more accute. You should probably find out soon and prevent it so it doesn’t harm your baby.

Muttsybignuts 2:15 pm 13 Nov 09

emd said :

Also, smells can seem abnormally strong when you’re pregnant. Do other people notice how strong the smell is?

Good point. Maybe the cooks at A bite to Eat @ Chiffo shops slip out for a well deserved cone after the dinner time rush.

emd 1:42 pm 13 Nov 09

Does the smell get stronger after you close the windows etc? It could just be lingering in the curtains from the previous tenant. I lived in a rental like that once, life was much more pleasant after I took down the curtains and packed them away.

Also, smells can seem abnormally strong when you’re pregnant. Do other people notice how strong the smell is?

a lot is two words 1:39 pm 13 Nov 09


Actually, it’s been boiling in that house – could be the stoners’ remains slowly burning up there…

PBO 12:17 pm 13 Nov 09

Muttsybignuts said :

Have you looked in your roof cavity?

He he, Stoners in the Attic!

Police: Maam, we traced the call to Domino’s

A lot is two words: and?

Police: Maam, the call came from inside the attic.


Muttsybignuts 12:02 pm 13 Nov 09

Have you looked in your roof cavity?

a lot is two words 11:45 am 13 Nov 09

Well those days are well over for me I’m afraid… Could be a Bucket Bong – but every night?! Damned age – I need my remaining brain cells.

Ahh knuckles – the memories! I’m not so sure those exhaust fans can mask it so I think your parents were just cool.

dr phil I’m not sure how much is too much – but this is overpowering and goes through the whole house! If I wasn’t having a baby I probably wouldn’t worry but it’s making me ill! Nothing last night though so I was very appreciative 🙂

luther_bendross 10:18 am 13 Nov 09

Cigarette/marijuana? I have heard they have very different smells, so this really could be anything…. unless Mr. Mystery Smoker is also a massive tightass and is spinning his cones.

PBO 8:47 am 13 Nov 09

If this is happening every night and you are obviously noticing it and it is affecting you, shouldnt you return the favour and at least slip them a tenner??

Up The Duffy 12:06 am 13 Nov 09

Bucket Bong party near by.

dr phil 5:46 pm 12 Nov 09

A. How much is to much for one person?
B. Is the house stand alone or duplex, may be a bong party next door.
C. If it is free and not doing you harm and you are not breaking the law ENJOY! now whats the address?

knuckles 5:38 pm 12 Nov 09

Do you have adolescent children? I remember when I was a kid smoking the odd spliff in the bathroom and blowing the smoke into the exhaust fan. I dont know if my parents knew what I was doing but they never said anything.

fnaah 5:34 pm 12 Nov 09

Your partner seems to know a lot – too much, you might say. Maybe they are the mystery choofer.

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