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Claim of pack rape at Cotter camp site

By papadoc 3 April 2008 68

Just ripped this from CT’s homepage.

Police are investigating an alleged pack rape of a 15-year-old girl by three men in the Cotter camping ground on Sunday night.
The girl was camping with a group of friends aged between 15 and 19 at the time.

The alleged victim told The Canberra Times that the rape occurred after she got into the men’s car when they went to buy cigarettes.

Police were called on the emergency phone at the Cotter camping ground after friends found her.

A spokesman confirmed an investigation into an “alleged assault of a sexual nature at the Cotter on March 30”.

“Three persons were interviewed in relation to the alleged offence but no one has been charged at this time,” he said.

“Given the nature of these allegations, police will always uphold a duty of care to ensure there is systematic attention to detail in this process.”

When police arrived, the alleged victim was taken with a friend to the AFP’s Winchester Police Station about 5.30am, where she was questioned until 11.30am.

The alleged victim’s mother said she had been called by police at about 7am.

The alleged victim said she had not taken the advice of her friends when she got in the men’s car.

“I decided to go with them … they had some sort of van thing. The petrol station was back in Canberra,” she said.

“[Then we] headed back to around the forest, on this dirt road thing that leads to the camp ground. It was about a five-minute drive from the campsite.

“They said they were going somewhere else so they said I had to jump out of the car. They drove off and then they came back and that’s when it happened. They drove off after it happened. [There were] three of them.”

The mother of a friend of the alleged victim said she was upset no one had been arrested.

“A teenage girl has been raped horribly, she was left on the side of the road and so on. A lot of teenagers go out there on the weekends, the weekend is coming, and I’m worried about it happening again and I think the public should be warned.”

The woman said the trip had been the last planned before colder weather set in.

“But there are a lot of kids who are still going out camping every weekend.”

I don’t want to start anything and I do feel sorry for the alleged victim, but why is a 15y.o girl out camping with friends on a Sunday night? Isn’t Monday a school day?

What’s Your opinion?

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Claim of pack rape at Cotter camp site
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qtpie111 5:29 pm 03 Oct 08

no there has been no contact made by the police and she is still in the dark about what is going to happen the 3 men who did it were from sydney down for work and they were fired from there place of work no charges have been made she will soon be contacting the police to find out what is oging to happen next.

BoB B 4:45 pm 04 Jul 08

Sorry that third last paragraph should say

Society is quick to side with the victim of sexual related crimes. The majority of us are so disgusted and abhorred that something like this can happen that we seem to ignore normal reasoning and instantly want to hate the alleged perpetrator/s.

BoB B 4:42 pm 04 Jul 08

I missed this original post in April, Has there been any more reported since then on the incident?

Before I get flamed by the hordes I would like to say that I think rape is one of the most horrible and reprehensible crimes ever. If this is proved then I agree that the mongrels should burn. Any victims of sexual crime (not just those directly involved) need all the support and understanding that can be offered.

But you must remember that these are just allegations. 5 years ago I was in similar situation. While drunk and stupid one night me and some mates played a horrible trick on a girl we’d only met that night. At the time we thought we were being funny and genuinely had no malice on our minds. The girl was never injured, touched or embarrassed in any way but she was genuinely frightened. We made a mistake. After the incident she claimed we had raped her. We didn’t, we didn’t even touch her! For many weeks we were the most hated people we knew, friends were openly hostile and even our families who supported us had doubts. Eventually (after 2 months) with lack of any physical signs of rape or injuries and some evidence to prove the contrary, and realising the devastation she was causing, the girl revoked her claim. She was eventually charged with making a false police report and was given a warning. We were charged with a few things relating to the original incident, (which we had willing told the police from the start)admitted to and plead guilty. We were all fined and given good behaviour bonds. It could have gone the other way. We did eventually get an apology from the girl in question. She said she made up the allegations in anger and once things had started she didn’t know how to stop them.

Society is quick to blame the victim of sexual related crimes. The majority of us are so disgusted and abhorred that something like this can happen that we seem to ignore normal reasoning and instantly want to hate the alleged perpetrator/s.

Innocent until proven guilty is not the case with general opinion and unfortunately these things can stay with us for a very long time.

Now qtpie111 & person22 before you go accusing me of accusing you of lying, I am not. Nor am I saying these things didn’t happen. Re-read the first paragraph. I am just giving everyone a view from the other side.


Mælinar 2:54 pm 04 Jul 08

but it does highlight the need for smarter thinking – thad wout make u a smardar thinkerer.

Unfortunately most teens don’t seem to realise that saying things like “I didn’t mean…” and “don’t judge me…” mean nothing when it comes to the real world.

It was a sad thing thing to happen for sure, but it does highlight the need for smarter thinking.

And FWIW, I don’t think that any 19 year old who allows (and semi-supervises) drinking by a 15 year could be called responsible.

peterh 1:32 pm 04 Jul 08

Mr Evil said :

qtpie111 said :

… just frop it because your really starting to hurt her you dont think she has been through enough?

I assume you mean “just drop it”?

Good English – you dun got learneded real gooderer, eh?

school isn’t to blame, maybe they could turn on the spell checker?? works for me…

gooderer! classic!

p1 12:46 pm 04 Jul 08

Yup, if there is one thing I know from personal experience with this site, when there is a thread attacking you personally, it is best to let it die, even if it means that you don’t get to have the last word…

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