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Comrade not sure why we’re in Iraq

By johnboy 20 March 2006 29

For reason’s passing understanding the Chief Minister wants to know why Australia continues to keep a low key security force in Iraq.

He’s not up to putting it online but it seems he’s always able to have a word to his friends at the ABC.

ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has used the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq to call on the Federal Government to explain its continued involvement in the war.

It seems Our Brave Leader is miraculously both so better informed than the government that he knows our presence there is making things worse, and yet still ignorant of the reasons troops remain.

How about this sir: Even if removing a horrible dictator wasn’t sufficient reason to get involved in the first place, we can’t go back and change that decision, so why not respond to the democratically elected government of Iraq’s calls for international forces to help them stabilise the situation?

Surely a spitefull desire to see the original justifications for war proved false isn’t enough to make sane humans yearn for an anarchic descent into chaos in Iraq?

Oh, and happy Canberra Day to you too Mr. Stanhope.

UPDATED: The Chief Minister’s ever efficient staff have finally put his media release online.

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Comrade not sure why we’re in Iraq
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barking toad 1:06 pm 22 Mar 06

So Mal you’re saying that the local mayor is stepping up to the plate to do a job he (or is it you?)considers the elected federal government isn’t doing.

Hahahahahahaha – delusions of grandeur and then some!

Do you work for him?

johnboy 12:31 pm 22 Mar 06

now that’s something they do have, a whokle advertising industry sustained by their poor diet and an obsession with their own aresholes.

Thumper 12:31 pm 22 Mar 06

Defacto conscription?

What the fuck?

Conscription, go and read what it means. Next we’ll hear that they have voluntary conscription.

The US has National Guard, State Guard, reserves, Marines, Army, etc in fact it’s got so many military offshoots its hard to keep up with them all, suffice to say that they are all voluntary.

And what’s the problem with the military pushing it in schools? Surely they can say no? But of course, everyone knows that Bush and his mob secretly hyptotise students so they join.

Fuck me, they join because they want to join, because it gives those in the lower social sphere a chance at a better life. And yes, they may involve going to war, but that’s the price you pay.

defacto conscription… Geez….

Absent Diane 12:26 pm 22 Mar 06

OT – I keep reading “Defacto conscription” as “Defacto constipation”…which amuses my small mind

caf 11:12 am 22 Mar 06

“Defacto conscription” is pushing it a bit far, but the US armed forces do push themselves very strongly in low income areas and schools. As usual it’s a complicated issue, but it should be acknowleged that a kid from the kind of background that most of us have is going to find it easier to make the choice not join up.

bonfire 10:32 am 22 Mar 06

How exactly has the federal govt failed ? i know that softheads arent great fans of democracy, as their nutjob ideas are usually soundly rejected, but you will acknowledge that a federal election has been held since forces were committed to iraq and the howard govt was returned.

im afraid you just cannot argue that ‘the nations will’ whatever that is, was ignored. the ballot box is the ultimate test of accountability.

as to your comments on defacto conscription, i think they’ve been suitably addressed.

is the new issue of green left out today ?

johnboy 9:58 am 22 Mar 06

The US has de facto conscription in that for large sections of the population, the only recourse to a job that will feed their families is to join the military.

What total bullshit. Have you ever spent any time in the US?

Mal 9:51 am 22 Mar 06

It is possible to fix footpaths & show leadership at the same time.

It is true the Chief Minister does not represent the nation. But with the failure of the Federal Government represent the nation’s will on this issue, and the refusal of the conservative media oligarchy to give the Federal Opposition airtime on it (“they would say that, wouldn’t they”), leadership has to come from elsewhere. Its not ideal, but we don’t live in an ideal world.

The US has de facto conscription in that for large sections of the population, the only recourse to a job that will feed their families is to join the military.

Absent Diane 9:50 am 22 Mar 06

What determines that he is not in a position politically… as far as I can tell he is in a position where if he says something in public.. the media are normally interested… I think that is the perfect forum to voice your concerns..

If you don’t like it do something about it next election

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