Comrade Stanhope’s new love for Private Schooling – Necessity makes strange bedfellows

johnboy 3 August 2005 7

Kremlinologists rejoice, in a clear sign from the London Circuit Soviet that the k-10 mega school debate has been considered beyond the capabilities of the Minister Not Responsible, Katy Gallagher, the Chief Minister has tag teamed into the ring to go a few rounds with Liberal spokesperson, Vicki Dunne.

Amazingly the Chief Minister praises the excellence of private schools as justification for his proposed new system and even goes on to bleed for the poor parents of students at those schools who are having to put up with Vicki’s demonisation of their system of choice. Never mind the 5 years of abuse his government has heaped on those parents.

I suspect it’s more values and discipline that the parents at those schools think they’re paying for, rather than just an enourmous school.

Vicki has responded by calling for a public cage fight with Our Brave Leader.

I can’t say I’m so keen to see either of them in spandex. But if they could do something with masks it might help.

[UPDATED: Vicki has put out an alarmingly literate media release in rebuttal]

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7 Responses to Comrade Stanhope’s new love for Private Schooling – Necessity makes strange bedfellows
johnboy johnboy 12:33 pm 03 Aug 05

ah first the lies, then the damn lies, then the statistics!

And by what percentage has overall funding increased? And how many students are now in private education compared to five years ago?

I can actually see strong arguments for having no government funding for private education. Many people can, but let’s stop the pretence can we?

areaman areaman 12:27 pm 03 Aug 05

Except they haven’t killed it with an Axe. Private/Indipdendant/Catholic schools have significantly more public funding now than they did when the ALP came to power (I can’t remember the exact stat but ACT funding has increased by somethign like 18% and Federal funding even more so).

johnboy johnboy 12:19 pm 03 Aug 05

hmm, i think it was in the first five minutes of my exposure to thd process of government that I realised “renewed focus on other areas” means “We are going to kill it with an axe”

Now if you’re too dumb to read the subtext area man I suggest you shut up.

But I don’t think you’re dumb at all. which makes you at best an enthusiastic user of euphemism. Or what honest folk call a liar.

Maelinar Maelinar 12:06 pm 03 Aug 05

Yeah, but in the wonderful new realm of ‘user pays’, who better to endorse the virtues of private schooling than the people who have to pay for public.

He’s hiding the fact that they’re wasting money like a 17 year old who’s just won Lotto in Fyshwick.

I’m sure that they will be quick to say there are over 1000 students registered in the ACT, they just want the hidden emphasis to be that 900 of them are in private schools and not his responsibility.

areaman areaman 11:56 am 03 Aug 05

Well I can’t say that I read all of them. From what I’ve seen there’s been a focus on Public Education, but that’s fair enough as it’s state responability where as private/indipendant/catholic schools get most of their funding from fees and the Feds. I haven’t seen anything abusing parent’s who send their children to private schools, unsurprisingly as a large portion of the probably vote Labor.

johnboy johnboy 11:50 am 03 Aug 05

Oh please, either you don’t read government media releases or you’re a liar areaman.

areaman areaman 11:43 am 03 Aug 05

How the hell is the headline for this story about “Comrade Stanhope’s new love for Private Schooling – Necessity makes strange bedfellows” rather than “Vicki Dunne has no idea about how schools work, especially those of her constituents”.

Again with more unfounded bad mouthing from JB, I can’t remember any demonising of private school parents by the government, just a renewed focus of public schools ( which is as it should be as it’s their reasonability ). The “worst” thing I can that that the ALP did was remove the subsidised loans scheme, but all the money from that was pumped back into private education.

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