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Continued disappointment in Gungahlin

By T1G3R - 17 November 2009 32

So I recently moved to Gungahlin with my family. Lovely place, lots of people I know in the area and a decent enough town centre. I then decided to arrange to connect the internet, I got my line transpositioned with Beagle. I did expect it to be slow but everynight between 9pm and 11pm the line drops, cannot establish ppp server connection. I’ve been told many times it’s my router which i think is untrue, unfortunately i’m yet to test it as now I have to buy  another $200 router just to “test” this one. Even if it’s faulty the ISP that sold it to me won’t give me a refund which again another pain in the butt. Anyway I’ve moved on and i’ll try figure it out and fix it later, i might even have to change it to an ADSL1 line which is just as expensive.

I used to live in Melbourne and I love the herald sun as it has news that was relevant to me and that I can enjoy.  I called the Canberra times since I had no idea where to start to try get a subscription. They then told me call my local news agency. I called and they then told me “No we do not deliver because of the odd times the paper gets delivered”, fair enough. I then proceeded to call another news agency close by to the Gungahlin area. Turns out they are happy to deliver but it’ll just be a day late but they only service their area, such as Watson, Dickson and Lyneham. I then called the local news agency in Gungahlin to be told “no, no we just can’t do it”. Not really an acceptable answer to me. Unfortunately for me I’m still suffering from severe anxiety with other mental illnesses and I cannot leave the house without supervision, so picking up the newspaper is out of the question, even though that’s what I used to do almost every day.

At first I was excited to be moving out to Gungahlin with but now I see it as one big headache. I also heard Dunlop has similar connectivity issues. When will life start getting a bit easier? I already know that Telstra  is just going to sit on their hands and not fix any infrastructure in the new suburbs but instead place FTTH (fibre to the home). which again is a very EXPENSIVE service to have. In my eyes our capital is missing a fair bit that the big cities have. What I see is neglected nature strip, poor infrastructure and no light rail for an ever expanding city. I know this sounds more like a rant than an article but I just wish our capital was an easier place to live. I believe we just need to speak up and someone will listen.

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32 Responses to
Continued disappointment in Gungahlin
ACT_Broadband 3:03 pm 17 Nov 09

Thanks Grrr and El for linking my site.

Welcome to Gungahlin T1G3R.

We are all frustrated with the level of service in Canberra’s North. I have a campaign going to try and fix it. Feel free to go to and drop me a line. I will help where I can.

To all out there thinking of moving to Gungahlin or to any place new there are a two tools you can use to find out what Broadband coverage is like. can show you what ADSL sync speeds are like in your area. They have a heat map which plots ADSL sync speeds.

They also show a heat map of ADSL port availabity on CMUX/RIMS. You will quickly be able to determine if where you are moving to is covered by RIMS. is another great tool for broadband issues. If someone has had an issue it will be posted there. You can view posts by provider if you are looking to switch or use the search function to locate details on certain exchanges or areas.

I have mapped the RIM deployment to streets in Gungahlin the diagram can be found at

Anyone in Gungahlin having Broadband issues should contact me russell “at”

anonymous gungahlian 2:51 pm 17 Nov 09

We live in Harrison, and our broardband is ok, but slow for broardband. Our neighbours who moved in at the beggining of the year have got it tough though- aparently there are not enough “slots” in the area so they have to use a really slow dial-up. The thing is that we were one of the first few families to move to our street so we got in early.

With the newspaper problem, we had a subscription with the Canberra Times and the Newsagency (at Gungahlin Marketplace) where it gets delivered daily; but since my dad brings the paper home from work every day, he decided to cancel our subscription months ago, thing is that they still deliver it daily even though we’re not paying anymore, my Dad phoned up to let them know but apparently the Canberra Times is delivering it for the rest of the year as some sort of promotion.

It would be helpful if we knew where in Gungahlin you lived because different areas have different explanations of why the internet may not work. Also The Newsagencies will only deliver the Newspapers to certain suburbs and certain distances from the store.

T1G3R, I hope that you get this issue sorted out soon and enjoy living in Gungahlin.

babyface 1:19 pm 17 Nov 09

gunghalin is hell

H1NG0 1:13 pm 17 Nov 09

fnaah said :

Why not go for a 3G wireless connection?

Telstra? Is that you?

Holden Caulfield 12:09 pm 17 Nov 09

fnaah said :

Why not go for a 3G wireless connection?

3G. Gungahlin. Amusing.

el 11:39 am 17 Nov 09

Internet issues in Gunghalin have previously been covered here and here.

3G wireless is slow, expensive, unreliable and has the same issues with congestion when used in ‘peak’ periods as the OP has written about above.

I’m sorry to hear about your anxiety issues, BTW.

Ari 11:02 am 17 Nov 09

The Canberra Times does deliver.

Ring (02) 6280 2222 and ask for subscriptions or email

Or is your illness so bad you can’t walk out to your front yard to pick it up?

rosscoact 10:26 am 17 Nov 09

I don’t have any problems with drop outs using ADSL. It’s slow but doesn’t drop out.

I get the canberra times delivered 7 days. ring their subscription department.

fnaah 10:21 am 17 Nov 09

Why not go for a 3G wireless connection?

Grrrr 10:11 am 17 Nov 09

Yes, the ADSL situation in Gunghalin is dire. To see what you can do about it, check out

If you want half decent broadband you are going to have to pay more for it than other regions. At least you have options, inc FTTH from TransACT (assuming you’re in one of those suburbs), and wireless such as 3G (from the usual suspects; telstra, optus etc) and Netspeed Longreach perhaps.

Hopefully TransACT realise how poor value their service is and lower prices across the board – inc FTTH – but given their behaviour the previous 8 years, I wouldn’t count on it happening before the NBN rolls past your door.

Bosworth 10:06 am 17 Nov 09

I live in Ngunnawal, and have no internet problems. I have ADSL1.

icantbelieveitsnotbu 9:37 am 17 Nov 09

We’re not missing a fair bit in Canberra, i mean yes we don’t have huge sporting events/ concerts etc like Melbourne and Sydney… but we have it pretty damn good here. I would go so far as to say we have the best living conditions in the country. If your biggest issues at the moment (despite your anxiety and other mental illnesses, of which i am deeply sympathetic) are your internet connection and your newspaper delivery, then you’re not doing too bad.

H1NG0 9:34 am 17 Nov 09

I lived in Wanganeen Ave and I couldn’t get ADSL because of transmission loss. Telstra simply said “too bad”. I found it amusing when Telstra would knock on my door and try to sell me broadband. I’d say “sure! give it a go, it won’t work” and sure enough, it would fail. Luckily I moved into my own house a few blocks away and can now get a good 512k connection through TPG.

I love living in Gungahlin though. The positives far outweigh the negatives.

hetzjagd1 8:16 am 17 Nov 09

Don’t forget to add poor customer service and ridiculously light court sentencing

Eby 7:18 am 17 Nov 09

I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad time moving – however these challenges seem to be more associated with moving generally, rather than moving to Gungahlin specifically. I’ve never had a problem with Internet connection or with getting newspapers delivered – although I’m quite centrally located. Anyway, I encourage you to stick with it! Gungahlin’s quite a nice place to live once you get used to it. Welcome!

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