Cook your own steak at the Dickson Tradies – Restaurant Review

johnboy 6 August 2005 2

Tradies Bistro
Where: 2 Badham St Dickson
Cost: $14 (exc booze)
Phone: N/A
Date Reviewed: 05-AUG-05

Just a short review of the new cook-your-own grill at the Dickson Tradies. While these things can be a bit daunting to the novice it’s a satisfying way to eat, saves you a whole dollar, and it occurs to me that the Ladies out there looking to meet people could do worse than to give it a go. So while some of you know exactly how it works I’ll explain it in detail here for those who’re a bit nervous about the whole business.

Firstly a note on the rennovations. While they have removed a tram to give a view of Badham street and the Woolies Servo (which is actually a lot more pleasant than is sounds, thanks mostly to the trees and passers by) the new layout does incorporate a number of trams, so no need to panic.

The grill dominates the bistro section and overlooks a sunken row of tables that are down on street level I actually quite like what they’ve done.

The signage, of course, has not kept up with recent events but if you approach the pokey kiosk there is a laminated list of the grill prices taped to the counter.

$14 got me an enormous T-Bone completely covering a plate, another plate for putting my cooked T-Bone on (important for hygiene), the run of the salad bar, and chips which I was invited to request whenever i felt my grilling was sufficiently advanced to warrant them.

The salad bar is small and un-interesting, but interesting salad bars are very expensive things indeed and very rare.

The grill itself is of unusual design, with one side higher than the other. This is a clever variation because the high side will be a bit cooler (suitable for lamb, pork, chicken, ribs and sausages) while the low side is hotter (ideal for steak and anything you want seared on the outside and still pink in the middle).

There’s a selection of herbs and spices at the grill. I kept it simple with a sprinkling of ground rock salt and some pepper over both sides of the steak and then straight onto the hot part of the grill.

This is the bit where you stand around, sip your drink, and talk to the other people around the grill. As it’s mostly blokes doing this bit I suspect women on the pull would do rather well with the shy retiring types that are men in Canberra.

Keep an eye on your steak, what you’re looking for is blood bubbling up through the meat. If you’ve got a T-Bone then you’re looking for the blood to come up through the bone in the T.

That’s your cue to flip it over. Now’s the time to take your clean plate to the counter and ask for your chips. The bistro sells a lot of chips so they’ll have some waiting. My came back completely covered in chips.

I knew the steak was done when the blood came back through the other side. As it was still as big as the plate there wasn’t much hope of having them share space so it went on top of the chips.

With the bronto-steak still sizzling I tucked in and enjoyed it thoroughly, even if I didn’t finish all my chips. No time spent with your steak waiting for you on a counter somewhere getting cold, a sense of mild achievement, and the opportunity to meet new people.

Bon Apetit.

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2 Responses to Cook your own steak at the Dickson Tradies – Restaurant Review
johnboy johnboy 5:03 pm 06 Aug 05

It’s a commercial grille so designed to be in minimal contact with the meat.

Certainly it was clean when I got there and I would hazard no more or less likely to be covered in other herbs and spices than a grill hidden away in the kitchen.

The tongs are shared (long handled too), i suppose you could lick them if you really wanted to, but they do get exposed to the heat the grill so i’m not too concerned about disease.

Other places give you a pair of your own tongs when you order the steak as I recall.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 4:56 pm 06 Aug 05

Do you have to clean down the grill after use or what? What about tongs – were they freshly washed or could you have licked them and returned them to the BBQ area?

I know my wife absolutely hates any spices or herbs or whatever on her steak, so when I cook em on our BBQ at home I have to cook em on totally separate places….

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