Corin Dam / Stockyard Spur Trail

Demosthenes 20 June 2012 57

Has anyone been up this trail recently? We went up last year and loved it… lots of snow up the top although there are no reports of any snow recently (even though it seems cold enough).

Either way, a REALLY good walk, really enjoyed it..

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57 Responses to Corin Dam / Stockyard Spur Trail
mcleodwealth mcleodwealth 9:15 am 09 Aug 12

Running up against this Saturday… Hoping to beat my last record – it’s a 1200 metre climb from Corin to Gingera.. Has anyone used the UHF radio repeater on Ginini? I may even be inclined to provide some free financial advice to anyone I meet at the top.. Is that what you call an ‘Open Plan Office’?

Weather is looking pretty favourable

Demosthenes Demosthenes 8:54 pm 17 Jul 12

And WTF is a kangaroo doing in the snow??

Demosthenes Demosthenes 8:59 am 17 Jul 12

I have no idea why Canberra gets such a bad wrap about the ‘cold’ and everything else… I’ve lived in or visited all cities in Australia and I can tell you, Canberra is fantastic.. I’d take a winter here over Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney ANY day, and if you like the outdoors, Canberra is pretty damn good. Maybe it’s a good thing that Canberra gets such a bad wrap, because honestly, we saw maybe a total of 10 people on that trail that day, many of whom I’d organised to go up there. So yeah get out there, there’s heaps… I’m interested in going up around spring now too, to see the spring flowers and so on.

Thanks for fixing up my edits, I don’t have much experience as there are few opportunities to add to the map these days! Mount Gudgenby appears to be un-mapped though – 1750 metres – not sure if snows up there (it’s down south around Yankee Hat) but looks like an interesting hike. Thinking in two weeks, then Stockyard Spur again the week after while its still winter.

On another note, I have the in-laws over this weekend, thinking of a drive up to Khancoban way via Adaminaby / Cabramurra sort of way but I understand the fun police lock up many roads over winter there too.

Glad you guys enjoy the pics 🙂

Qubit Qubit 10:14 pm 16 Jul 12

Demosthenes said :

see for yourself 🙂

Thanks for sharing the photos. Stunning is definitely the word. Makes you think that winter in Canberra isn’t that bad after all. I’m really looking forward to my next trip up there now.

I used JOSM to have a look at your edits. I see what you mean about the parallel road thing. I did a little surgery, and fixed it up for you 🙂

Demosthenes Demosthenes 8:50 pm 16 Jul 12

see for yourself 🙂

I have completed the track, and attempted to correct the road a little but may have borked it up (sorry), by creating a parallel road rather than making it more granular.

May take a while to show up..

Stunning scenery though… Considering Mount Gudgenby (1700 metres) in two weeks – near Yankee Hut trail (far down south) – not sure if that gets snow but should be nice scenery none-the-less and it does not appear to be mapped out yet…

Qubit Qubit 9:30 pm 15 Jul 12

Demosthenes said :

I have extended the track a little on Open Street Map btw, I’m pretty keen to map the rest of it out. Not sure how long the edits take to show up though.

I’m the guy who mapped out a large part of what was there before. Well done for extending it! I would have done so myself if I was fitter.
Did you go up there today? How was it?

Demosthenes Demosthenes 9:38 am 13 Jul 12

consistent above zero temperatures at Ginini but cooler change forecast today… see what happens..

Demosthenes Demosthenes 3:00 pm 12 Jul 12

didn’t know I had a WP email haha, I’ll check it.. fantastic then, I’m really keen to map out the rest of the track for Open Street Map.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 2:29 pm 12 Jul 12

Demosthenes said :

Thinking Sunday, leaving 8am from the dam (not Saturday)…

Sunday it is. Sent some info to your WP mail.

Demosthenes Demosthenes 2:24 pm 12 Jul 12

yeah 4 degrees and (assume) raining on Ginini right now so all the snow would have gone, but should start snowing again tomorrow.. yay….

Demosthenes Demosthenes 2:18 pm 12 Jul 12

yeah you’re right… I’ll just stick to the track and not wander off, and let everyone know where I’m going..

Thinking Sunday, leaving 8am from the dam (not Saturday)…

Jivrashia Jivrashia 2:00 pm 12 Jul 12

Demosthenes said :

Anyone else interested in going up? Let me know… meeting Corin Dam car park around 8am.

Coincidence is sometimes weird…

Yes, was contemplating going up this weekend, although not sure as to which days.
According to BOM neither days is better or worse:

As you say, probably Saturday would be best.

I’ll be travelling light. Can’t really imagine needing much on a well known track. Grabbing this EPRB could cost a fair bit of time (Namadgi Visitor Center, past Tharwa).

Demosthenes Demosthenes 12:54 pm 12 Jul 12

Anyone going up this weekend? I’m going up but will probably be on my own past the top of the hill… should be safe enough? I’ll take an emergency blanket and emergency light.. can you hire EPRBs easily?

Anyone else interested in going up? Let me know… meeting Corin Dam car park around 8am..

Weather report is pretty warm until Saturday so probably just mud and rain until then but should go back to snowy weather by Saturday morning.

Demosthenes Demosthenes 10:51 am 01 Jul 12

Has anyone been up in mid-July and can remember what it tends to be like? Canned the trip today, I’m brave but not stupid, when it comes to even a chance of storms around that type of terrain (I know one guy went missing a few years back on this very track).

So will organise a group in two weeks. Might even go up again next weekend. Just a damn good way to get fit I reckon. I’m determined to go all the way to the ‘end’ and back.

My edit extension of the track on OSM is now visible, but only on the plain and not the terrain (cycle) map for some reason.

Demosthenes Demosthenes 9:58 pm 29 Jun 12

Yeah I guess it’s not a good idea to get stuck up there in a storm is it.. One could get wet, and that with cold… not a good mix is it?

I have extended the track a little on Open Street Map btw, I’m pretty keen to map the rest of it out. Not sure how long the edits take to show up though.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 5:15 pm 29 Jun 12

Demosthenes said :

going up again on Sunday but would probably now just be all muddy and yucky, do you think?

From Mt Ginini forecast.
Sunday 1 July:
Scattered showers developing during the morning, becoming less likely by early evening. Showers falling as snow at times above 900 metres. Isolated thunderstorms about the ranges during the afternoon.

Yeah, I’d stay the hell away. Sounds very unpleasant.

Demosthenes Demosthenes 2:39 pm 29 Jun 12

well it’s been well above zero at Ginini + rain so I guess that means no snow this weekend. I was thinking of going up again on Sunday but would probably now just be all muddy and yucky, do you think?

Grrrr Grrrr 1:06 pm 27 Jun 12

poetix said :

How do you find out the elevation of your own house, that is, how many metres above sea level it is?

Google Maps: choose Map view and then select Terrain to see contour lines.

The cat did it The cat did it 11:26 pm 26 Jun 12

#35- Just look up the location in Google Earth. It gives accurate lat/long, and height to the nearest metre.

shauno shauno 11:20 pm 26 Jun 12

I think there might be something wrong with that AWS station at Ginini it doesn’t seem right to me and its not making any humidity readings and when it does its always up near 100%. To me it looks like it might covered in rime ice and hence the temp not changing much as its insulated by the ice and also why the humidity could be kept high. But I could quite possibly be wrong.

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