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Could this be a real solution to stop drink driving?

By harvyk1 - 8 October 2008 54

For anyone who listens to Hack on Triple J, they have just had a story about drink driving. One of the listeners has called in and suggested that they provide free transport not only from the venues, but to the venues as well.

Considering for the most part Canberra has one central area for night spots would be to run a free bus service to and from venues after say 6pm on Friday and Saturday nights which then run throughout the night be a good idea? They could even arrange it like a “dial a pickup” service.

The situation for me right now to get from the city back to my place I’m looking at minimum of $50 and it’s usually closer to $70 in taxi fares. This is potentially more than I’m spending on grog on a night. Alternatively I can risk driving home whilst drunk because chances are good I won’t be pulled over.

Making two ways means that I’m less likely to drive there in the first place, which means when I’m drunk I have no option but to use the service or take a taxi, also using buses means that they can wait until a bus is full. If they used their midi buses it would be putting them to good use rather than sitting around the depot. If a car crash really has the cost impact which the police and health services keep on claiming, wouldn’t a bit of preventative measures be better, especially as the current scare tactics don’t seem to be working, and we can tell they are not really working as people are still getting done for drink driving. It would also show the local government as serious about taking drunk drivers off the road, as it gives people a realistic option, rather than just been told “your really really naughty”.

What’s other peoples thoughts on such a service?

What’s Your opinion?

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54 Responses to
Could this be a real solution to stop drink driving?
sepi 9:48 pm 08 Oct 08

Late buses is definitely a good idea.

It amazes me the amount they spend on tv ads about not drink driving, but they don’t put any money into actual alternatives.

Anyone who is a student or a part time worker just can’t afford to go out if they don’t drive.

And in Canberra with the lack of taxis driving is almost the only way to get home.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:29 pm 08 Oct 08

Alternatively I can risk driving home whilst drunk because chances are good I won’t be pulled over.

Because killing yourself and/or somebody else doesn’t even come into it.

What is it with deadbeats wanting the taxpayer to support their miscreant lifestyles? And always with the veiled threat – “you’d better cough up those dollars now, or you’ll pay later when I do untold damage.”

Here’s an idea – we build a dragway, we put on free beer, and then when everybody’s rocked up, we nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

ant 9:09 pm 08 Oct 08

I was listening to that edition of Hack tonight. It’s always a good listen, even for oldies. It was good, too, how some of those people were all evangelical about not drink driving because of all the people you could kill, and they’d had bad smashes while drunk, and the host gently reminded them that their attitudes hadn’t changed until they’d smashed themselves up.

Some kind of public system would be good though. Places I’ve worked in the US had a decent public transport system and you could go out and get plastered and then bus home, no worries. for free, often, too, as local sales tax paid for it.

Sleaz274 8:54 pm 08 Oct 08

Works in tons of places. Better to have the drunks getting taken home rather than all standing around in the cold at a taxi rank for an hour plus chewing on soggy chips and getting rather annoyed at all the people who suddenly find out they have thirty friends who need to push in and get a taxi as well. You wouldn’t even need to get to people’s houses just have set drop off points per suburb and a quick stumble home and in bed…. Job done. Could do inner north, belco, Weston Creek-Tuggers, inner south. So 8 buses, 8 drivers (inbound and outbound to reduce waiting times) and to raise a bit of revenue clubs could be allowed to advertise or have their drink vouchers, free/cheap/priority entry tickets, the bus delivers to their door or whatever given out on the inbound trips. Run it Thurs, Fri, Sat night.

The taxi industry doesn’t have a leg to stand on there we all know they can’t handle the demand at these times and admit it themselves but they can’t put more cars on because there are no drivers and during non peak times they would be losing money hand over fist with more taxis around which is their whole argument about more cars on the road. Cut some of the overwhelming demand at peak times (0100 – 0500) and lo and behold everyone benefits. Lots of small clubs in other towns run the courtesy bus as already described and most consider it part of their responsible service of alcohol and of community benefit.

flying doormat 8:49 pm 08 Oct 08

mouthface said :

Of course they will have a whinge!!! Why doesn’t the governement give you free food, or clothes, or a television so that you don’t have to buy any at the shops you scabs!

Nightrider wasnt for free – you had to pay but it was a better price than what a cab charges. Hardly see that as being a scab but obviously you dont mind being shafted when you jump into a cab

bigfeet 8:28 pm 08 Oct 08

When I lived in Mount Isa, most of the clubs had a similar system. As long as you were a member of the club, (membership maybe $10 per year) you could call up, and they would guarantee to send a mini bus to your house within 30 minutes, and then get you to the club within 30 minutes of that. Whilst cab fares weren’t that much…maybe a maximun of $25 each way from where I lived to the Irish Club, it was still handy.

Obviously couldn’t work in Canberra, i’s too spread out, but it was a great system.

I knew one of the drivers from the Buffalo Club, which was situated right in the centre of town, opposite the main shopping centre. He used to tell me of the little old ladies who were members of the club, would call up every Wednesday, get the free bus into the club, have a glass of lemonade, walk over to the shopping centre, do the weekly grocery shopping, walk back to the club, have a cup of tea, then take the free bus home with all the groceries….

mouthface 8:22 pm 08 Oct 08

Of course they will have a whinge!!! Why doesn’t the governement give you free food, or clothes, or a television so that you don’t have to buy any at the shops you scabs!

grunge_hippy 8:10 pm 08 Oct 08

do what i do… drink at home! cheaper, and much easier and cheaper to stumble to bed!

flying doormat 8:09 pm 08 Oct 08

Nice idea but wont work because the taxi industry will have a good old whinge about missing out on all the fares that the buses took. The nightrider was such a great success that it was going to be implemented Fri/Sat night for mind but the cabbies fired up and it was scrapped. In saying that I guess when you are made by the government to pay $250,000 for the right to run a cab its no wonder the consumer is charged like wounded bull for any trip in a taxi.

SheepGroper 7:58 pm 08 Oct 08

They could use a cattle truck instead, easier to hose out at the end of the shift.

rosie_bubz 7:46 pm 08 Oct 08

GottaLoveCanberra said :

Loading a bus full of drunk people? Not a good idea in my mind.

hmmmm yes i see your point

harvyk1 7:44 pm 08 Oct 08

They did it a few years ago for their night rider services. They ran it for several years but only during the December “holiday” period and NYE.

GottaLoveCanberra 7:41 pm 08 Oct 08

Loading a bus full of drunk people? Not a good idea in my mind.

rosie_bubz 7:35 pm 08 Oct 08

yes if a scheme like this was implemented it would show the government was serious about taking drunk drivers off the road…
if i go out, a taxi to civic costs me $70, and then back again makes it $140!! Ridiculous – i dont even spend that much on drinks or food for a big night.

bighead 7:23 pm 08 Oct 08

Seems like a good idea. I personally factor in the taxi fare whenever I go out. On the topic of drinking though, one thing I would love to see implemented here is free drinks for designated drivers. I have gone out and not drunk for the night because I am driving many times, paying for soft drink (which can cost more than beer at times) is just another reason not to be a designated driver for the night.

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