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Creative police beat the airport traffic

By ant - 5 October 2007 23

Yesterday morning, heading into Canberra from the East, I was coming down the hill and looking at the airport spread out before me.
Lately, the cops have been hanging around Fairbairn a lot. I think they have some kind of facility there. And on this occasion, as I trundled past the dying arboretum, there was a cop car hoping to enter the traffic on Pialligo Ave, from Fairbairn (the old RAAF base). Sitting there, waiting for a gap to make his right turn.

Well, he had buckley’s. Heavy nose to tail traffic in both directions, as normal, and it would become a mobile carpark closer to the airport entrance. Sucko, thought I. Enjoy the daily traffic.

Well, the police evidently felt a sudden need to be moving again, because suddenly their lights lit up, the siren started, and they moved out onto the road heading back towards Canberra. Fascinated, I watched as they wove around traffic that was pulling over for them, wondering how long it would work for, and they disappeared.

Can I get me some of those lights and a siren at Supercheap Auto?

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Creative police beat the airport traffic
ant 5:53 pm 08 Oct 07

I’m quite sure the authors of all the venemous replies here would have been jumping over themselves to let the cop into the traffic! It’s plain to see that they save their venom for the ‘net, and are model citizens on the roads.

So, if you see a cop, or any other public official misusing their power for gain, you’d give them the thumbs-up? And there’s no way such events are news. You’re quite right.

And for the vicious little nasties who think everyone drives like they do, the cop did indeed hop into the very large gap I’d left. He fired up his lights to get across the NSW-bound lane.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 10:06 am 08 Oct 07

Wow nice news article. Why didn’t you call ACA and get them to launch their own independant investigation? This is outrageous!

I don’t understand how everyone has to be a greedy asshole. If someone took 5 seconds to let this copper in, I wouldn’t be wasting 5 mins of my life reading and replying to this stupid fucking article.

Mobsta 11:07 pm 07 Oct 07

There is a field next to the airport that the cops train their dogs, forensic team, etc.

It’s just a training oval basically as far as I know…

Special G 10:07 pm 07 Oct 07

Get your hand off it Mikey. Where else do people slow down to let others in. Load of crap.

The most courteous drivers I’ve ever seen was on the South Island of New Zealand.

b2 3:56 pm 07 Oct 07

maybe he got a call on the old radio and had to go somewhere. maybe there an accident had just happened somewhere. so he used he flashed his lights and no one knows why, who gives a shit. chances are they were doing their job.
And as to why the cops were at Fairbairn, maybe just maybe its because the ESA hq is there.

mikey 9:01 am 07 Oct 07

Gee, imagine what would have happened if someone had just slowed down for a second or two and let them join the traffic. Pretty much what drivers around Australia seem capable of most days, except here in Canberra.

KevinPepper 6:52 pm 06 Oct 07

The airport traffic is a complete disgrace to Canberra. I spent six months working at f***ing Brindabella Business Park. Everyday involved fighting massive traffic jams. That was on top of the outrageous $6 per day parking fees for parking out in the middle of nowhere.

The anti competitive airport cronies only have themselves to blame for this mess. What did they expect would happen after reclessly building all those new office buildings before the building of adequate roads? Canberra is now paying for their corporate greed. Here’s hoping they lose that lawsuit trying prevent rival developments in Fyshwick. Anti competetive bastards!

Mike Crowther 6:23 pm 06 Oct 07

Well, we don’t know why he was going where he was going. Perhaps it wasn’t urgent when he started out, but became so in the interim. I doubt that he activated his lights and siren because he got tired of waiting. Had he done so and had an accident in the process, he would be in deep, DEEP shit. Not worth one’s job I would have thought. Sometimes you just have to trust that public servants are doing their jobs and not try to micro-manage them (any more than they already are.)

Mobsta 5:00 pm 06 Oct 07

Oh come on seriously! What if he actually did get an emergency call that required lights and sirens??

Even if that wasn’t the case, i’m sure you’d do the same if you were a cop…hell I know I would! and hey at least its one less car that will block the traffic near the airport!

el ......VNBerlinaV8 11:29 am 06 Oct 07

Indeed – And here I was thinking that this was a mature photography discussion forum!

Sammy 8:17 am 06 Oct 07

OMFG! This is a news item. Holy crap RiotACT is becoming ridiculous. Why don’t the powers-that-be just replace the site with forum software, and be done with it.

jemmy 8:02 am 06 Oct 07

Police have to have a reason to use lights or siren. It increases the danger to other road-users.

Special G 7:58 am 06 Oct 07

How is this even newsworthy.

I saw a Police car. It had its lights on. Wowee, woopty f-ing do.

ogrex 7:18 am 06 Oct 07

I thought that this was universal among police worldwide? Every cop I’ve ever known didn’t hesitate to turn on the lights when they needed to move. Some might cry foul, but I suppose the other argument is that they’re sitting in traffic wasting tax dollars rather than getting on to whatever they’re supposed to be doing.

asp 4:00 am 06 Oct 07

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