Cricket in Canberra – 07/08

barney 23 September 2019 8

Just had a quick squiz at the site (don’t know why). I navigated to the fixtures page ( which gives Canberra 3 opportunities to get out to Manuka and do the thing (whatever that is).

Feb 12 2008 – India v Sri Lanka. Commonwealth Bank Series 07/08 International
Jan 10 2008 – ACT XI v India
Jan 30 2008 – PM’s XI (Rudd’s / Howard’s / Costello’s XI) v Sri Lanka

If you feel you need to correct some bowling issues, have a great day supporting Canberra/Australia or just get extremely sun-burned, you’d better turn up 😉

Cross out the previous sentence. Who isn’t gonna be at these games :S The ACT XI v India will be bloody awesome. And what better opportunity to get out and vent ya spleen !
Not forgetting the One-Day Series match, which speaks for itself.

If ya haven’t got tickets yet, go get em now. I’ve missed out on the last 2 PM’s XI’s due to sellouts ! I can’t see why any of these matches would be any different this time.

Deciding on what will be the best match is hard for me. But I will have to go with the ACT XI v India. Whoever plays on the Indian side is irrelevant. The chance to see us hit ‘hit em for six’ would be brilliant.

PS: I’m sure many a folk have already got their tickets already. Who could say 😉

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8 Responses to Cricket in Canberra – 07/08
Cameron Cameron 8:39 pm 07 Nov 07

I’ve been in the Bradman stand for a few PM’s, and Johnny has stayed for much of the game, and has been there to present the Man of the Match award at the end.

Nevertheless, I agree that a new PM won’t make one iota of difference. Except for the 70% unionist thing…

audere et gaudere audere et gaudere 8:12 pm 07 Nov 07

Though I’m a cricket heathen I’ve been taking a mob of youngin’s yearly to PMs XI since 1999. John Howard skips in briefly over lunch to rub shoulders with Internationals then buggers off. Will a change of PM make a bone of difference?

VicePope VicePope 1:46 pm 04 Nov 07

Am I the only person in the world dumb enough to think that Manuka might be a good venue for matches in the milk-related four day interstate championship games that can’t draw a crowd anywhere, despite being very high quality? Yeah, I know the ACT isn’t in the comp. But some tragics would go out there and watch.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 7:24 pm 03 Nov 07

Onya barney, thanks for the heads-up!

We get one of the one dayers…. awesome!!!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:45 pm 03 Nov 07

“Imagine how crap a rudd’s pm’s IX will be, Australian cricket will be in ruins!”

I wonder if 70% of it’ll be made up of Union officials? 🙂

BenMac BenMac 11:48 am 03 Nov 07

What makes you think Howard know anything about cricket?? Have you seen him bowl?

barney barney 10:07 pm 02 Nov 07

I can’t see that it would be bad at all.
I was thinking maybe the political stuff would come later. Oh well. Howard. Yes well his XI is quite enough …

bd84 bd84 9:39 pm 02 Nov 07

Imagine how crap a rudd’s pm’s IX will be, Australian cricket will be in ruins!

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