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Cyclists and zebra crossings?

By Gungahlin Al 22 May 2009 74

What is it about some cyclists in this town that they don’t understand the laws around zebra crossings?

Just one trip got me two cyclists charging across zebra crossings in front of me today, risking their skins on my reactions.

So let’s just get something straight here – if you have wheels under you, it’s a vehicle, and therefore you are not a pedestrian.

Sorry for the Friday bleat.

What’s Your opinion?

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Cyclists and zebra crossings?
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Terrencial 8:12 am 11 Nov 09

i agree with
Thumper said :

Totally agree Al.

However, I have no problem with cyclists riding across zebra crossings as long as they slow down to walking pace and have a look.

But as a cyclist myself i personally always get off my bike, wait till a green
light then try to avoid pedestrians ( while walking with my bike) but still try to get to the other side of the road before the red light go’s again.
Plus if i do (by accident) hit some one even the slightest bit i turn around and say sorry.

But i think the main problem is that everyone has to hurry across the street
and why (well i think everyone knows the answer) because we have to beat the red light or drivers generally start yelling.

so i think that to reduce the number of cyclists riding on the road we should push to make the time for pedestrians to actually cross the road!!

this would make it easier for cyclists that walk the zebra crossing to get to the other side without being yelled at, which in turn will encourage more people to do it instead of riding through.

Sure cars will have to wait a little bit longer but it really wont make that mush of a difference.

also by making the time slightly longer hopefully more people will walk which will in turn help the environment too and if that happens then there will be less cars on the road so the people on the road wont (or shouldn’t) be as impatient.

sooooooooooooo… Pedestrians WIN+ Cyclists WIN + Drivers WIN
by the way guess how old i am
well no im not that old im only 13 (well almost 14 in a couple of months or so)

Well thanks for reading

That was my opinion anyway 🙂

Fishbat 9:32 pm 24 May 09

I remenber when my grandmother tried to cross a cycle path in front of a marauding pack of marathon runners in training – the poor dear nearly wore out the rubber feet of her zimmer frame! She certainly was not appreciative when we explained to her that she may have been at fault and could have waited for the half dozen or so to pass by before crossing. She sobbed untill half way through her second cup of chamomile tea… either way, these fools should be made known so that I can write to the blighters.

Jim Jones 6:54 pm 24 May 09

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

Ultimately, the responsibility for not being a moron needs to fall to the cyclist, because they are the one with the most to lose.

Regardless of who’s at fault, if you smack into my car at speed, you’re the one getting scraped off the road. Accept that and were all good.

And I say this as a semi-regular cyclist myself.


Ultimately, the responsibility for not being a moron needs to fall to the cyclist, because they are the one with the most to lose.

Regardless of who’s at fault, if you smack into my car at speed, you’re the one getting scraped off the road. Accept that and were all good.

And I say this as a semi-regular cyclist myself.

Punter 2:15 pm 24 May 09

Sorry Deckard, as long as there’s discussion about the safety of road users I’ll continue to post my opinion. I hope you, as a cyclist, appreciate I don’t have an ‘us versus them’ attitude toward cyclists, I direct my comment toward those who choose to place themselves in harms way. I have the same attitude toward motorists and pedestrians too. There are bad apples in every one of those barrels.

Deckard 1:45 pm 24 May 09

Get over it guys!!

Punter 1:39 pm 24 May 09

Ant, cyclists who choose to do this will only do it until they are put off the road temporarily or even permanently after they are struck by a vehicle, and they will have a very weak claim for compensation. Unfortunately some people won’t realise the cost until after the event. A harsh way to learn.

ant 10:59 am 24 May 09

Why do cyclists feel that they have the right to ride across pedestrian crossings? They claim the right to use the road as vehicles, so how does it then follow that they can ride across zebra crossings and have cars stop for them?

Punter 12:30 am 24 May 09

Kramer, I don’t know if your comment is made tongue in cheek but I suspect you’ll be needing the replacement undies the next time you dart onto the crossing and not hear the sound of replacement tyres. Not all vehicles are prepared to stop, please be careful. Besides, if you’re shooting across the crossing at such speed, how are you going to be able to read the “LOOK” markings painted on the road? It’s a matter of time before a pedestrian steps onto the road and into a car looking down at the sign rather than looking for oncomming traffic, if it hasn’t happened already.

Gardening Girl, I believe a large number of first time drivers, who are still teenagers lack the maturity neccessary to operate a motor vehicle safely on our roads. It’s like a sort of peter pan mentality not wanting to grow up. They have the attitude that they are the best driver on the road. That being a good driver involves the ability to ‘handle’ a car at higher speed through corners rather than simply being aware of other vehicles and driving to the conditions etc. I share your concern.

Kramer 8:41 pm 23 May 09

I’ll continue to ride quickly up to zebra crossings, do a quick head check, and then dart between the cars at speed, leaving the sound of a driver preparing for replacement tyres, brake pads, and undies behind me ;-D

monomania 6:07 pm 23 May 09

Fishbat said :

I have just finished welding the fishing rod holders onto my bull bar and I will not be paying to much attention for non conformists at pedestrian crossings…

It is about time the road safety community took the modification of vehicles that is the addition of a bullbar seriously. Few vehicles fitted with bullbars would meet the crash test standards they meet in their unmodified form. And that applies to meeting adequate standards relating to collisions with pedestrians and cyclists. Vehicles with them are a menace on the roads and have caused unnecesssary deaths and increased the severity of injury. Your comment just indicates what a tw*t you are. Both a and i fit.

GardeningGirl 2:27 pm 23 May 09

How I read it is

Blingerific said :

I just pick a line and ride around the pedestrian and really don’t care if the poor little petal gets frightened and thinks terrorists are skydiving out of stealth helicopters to strangle their precious Sookums…

and no mention of slowing down, which could be a description of our recent close call. And this only minutes after our perfectly pleasant encounter with the other cyclist, who in fact didn’t need to slow down much but was considerate enough to give an appropriate amount of warning. Is showing consideration for others really that hard? Alright, now I’m just getting repetitive . . .

Getting back on topic, ie crossings, I once had a nasty close call at the school crossing. I had stopped to let some kids cross and as I started to move forward a boy came flying up the gutter and around my bumper bar onto the crossing. Such a lack of comprehension of blind spots and reaction times in someone who looked only a year or two away from getting his L’s was worrying. He seemed to enjoy his “power”, not realising that while I might be at risk of being charged with killing a schoolkid, he was at risk of not living to tell the tale! I’ve seen the same attitude in kids from that school walking at the nearby shops, they step off the kerb at random spots with cars approaching, just because they “know they can”, with smug looks on their faces. Sigh . . . courtesy and consideration . . .

Fishbat 10:35 am 23 May 09

If I wanted to hone my automotive racing skills & endurance, I’d use a dedictated legal facility and pay for it…

Postalgeek 10:33 am 23 May 09

Before they try to slip under the radar, elderly people on scooters and people in wheelchairs also take liberties with pedestrian crossings. It’s outrageous. Some of those scooters really fang it when it comes to crossings. I’ve almost been hit several times by blue-rinse winternats menances. Pedestrian crossings are about heels, not wheels.

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