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Cyclists and zebra crossings?

By Gungahlin Al - 22 May 2009 74

What is it about some cyclists in this town that they don’t understand the laws around zebra crossings?

Just one trip got me two cyclists charging across zebra crossings in front of me today, risking their skins on my reactions.

So let’s just get something straight here – if you have wheels under you, it’s a vehicle, and therefore you are not a pedestrian.

Sorry for the Friday bleat.

What’s Your opinion?

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74 Responses to
Cyclists and zebra crossings?
Deckard 1:28 pm 22 May 09

I’d be more worried about the fact brought up on another thread that 1 in every 50 drivers are drunk. And judging by all the smashed beer bottles on the side of the road they litter as well.

How many times does a cyclist inconvenience you? I’d say for me it would be no more than once a month maybe. But in a 20 min drive to work you’d probably pass more than a few drunk drivers.

Sith Lord of the Nor 1:27 pm 22 May 09

I would like to know where these nice and well mannered Push bike riders are, I only see one’s who hog the road thinking they are in the Tour de France.

But the part that gets me, which has happened to me twice this week, is that when one is walking on a FOOTpath your hear some pushy come along and say cyclist, implying that I move out of the way for them, some of these FOOTpaths are very small so there isn’t enough room for both of us, why can’t they ride on the grass and go AROUND me.

the second time it happened to me this week I yelled back Pedestrian and stood still say they had to ride around me, I love it when they gave me a huff!!!!

Oh yeah Lycra is not a good look on a person who is a little overweight.

I think I ticked off enough people today

BenjaminL 1:09 pm 22 May 09

Yes p1, i know. I was being funny 🙂 , but when it comes to cyclists, Riot-Act is serious business, hardly a week goes by without someone posting a cyclist thread. It’s kind of getting old, but at least you can count on it.

I ride a motorbike, if i turn off the engine and pretend to pedal, can i go on the ped walkway in peak times?

Danman 1:04 pm 22 May 09

Al, as a cuclist of +100km a week, I fully concur.

I approach zebra crossings with caution and expect to not be waved through.

Sometimes I am, sometimes not, in any case, road traffic, as oppose to pedestrian path traffic always has right of way

Gungahlin Al 1:03 pm 22 May 09

Cheers Thumper – my point exactly.

AH: “If this is all you have to worry about you’ve got a pretty decent life.”

It’s one thing that the cyclist may have little regard for their own safety, but if I as a driver take someone out (a) I get to live with the ‘guilt’ of having maimed or killed someone, (b) given the way the law often seems to go, will probably cop a ‘share’ of the blame, and (c) a lesser consideration, lose the use of my vehicle during repairs and maybe cop an excess/claim hit.

Barely a week goes by in this little town without hearing a report of a ‘collision between a car and cyclist’. And we all know who wins those little incidents…
It’s a life and death thing Angry Henry, and *that’s* why I think it’s something worth worrying about.

p1 1:00 pm 22 May 09

…and 42.7% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Sgt.Bungers 12:59 pm 22 May 09

Bikes are vehicles, I agree. Though as someone who rides occasionally I have to admit that it’s quite embarrassing and off putting having to dismount, then walk across a road, taking up those few seconds that every motorist seems to value above and beyond the life of their first born. That said, I always slow to a stop, or near stop before entering a pedestrian crossing on my push bike, only to make sure people driving cars have seen me and are stopping… before riding across.

I agree that those cyclists who fly out onto a pedestrian crossing at 30km/h from behind a bush, are darwin award candidates… and unfortunately, when they cause a crash and kill themselves, it is going to ruin the motor vehicle drivers life, even if the motor vehicle driver is not found at fault.

That also said, pedestrain crossings where a bike path intersects a road is poor, lazy planning by the ACT GovCo. Push bikes are legally considered vehicles… bike paths must then legally be considered “roads” rather than footpaths for wheeled traffic as they are at the moment. Imagine coming across a crossroad in your car where you have right of way, but must legally get out of your vehicle and push it across… how likely is that rule to be ignored by the majority of the motoring population? Extremely.

Where bike paths intersect roads, there must be fully marked out traffic intersections, with give way/stop signs facing traffic on the bike path, or traffic on the general road. That’s how Bunnings in Belconnen did it where a cycle path intersects their entrance. Why cant the ACT GovCo get their arse into gear and do the same?

Perhaps pedal power could organise a protest. Imagine if a few dozen regular cyclists were to meet with their cars, then drive down some of Canberra’s busiest roads one peak hour, all of them stopping at every green light, getting out and pushing their car through the intersection, to get back in on the other side. I dare say that would create one or two waves 🙂

BenjaminL 12:44 pm 22 May 09

99% of cyclists give the rest a bad name


dvaey 12:42 pm 22 May 09

Thumper said :

Totally agree Al.

However, I have no problem with cyclists riding across zebra crossings as long as they slow down to walking pace and have a look.

You hit the nail on the head.

Theres no problem with sensible people or kids riding across the zebra crossing while paying attention to the surroundings, but this issue seems to be about people who just dart straight across the crossing at full-speed without looking, which I believe is a serious issue.

Then again, if a police officer caught them doing it, whats the worst that can happen, maybe a $20 fine, and a ‘dont do it again’? Not like theres any accountability for cyclists who break the law anyway, so its a moot point, just let them break the law and accept that theres nothing you or anyone else can do about it until natural selection takes them out on a crossing.

phototext 12:34 pm 22 May 09

What is it about some car drivers in this town that they don’t understand keep clear areas ?

There is one on Barry Drive, Moore St, that every bloody morning some nuff nuffs block up the area, oblivious to the huge effin KEEP CLEAR and big yellow X on the road.

Thumper 12:23 pm 22 May 09

Totally agree Al.

However, I have no problem with cyclists riding across zebra crossings as long as they slow down to walking pace and have a look.

AngryHenry 12:22 pm 22 May 09

Yep it takes twice as long to wait for someone to walk across.

These cyclist debates strike me as sh*t-stirring for the sake of it.

If this is all you have to worry about you’ve got a pretty decent life.

Go out and live it.

aronde 12:08 pm 22 May 09

Yes agree with Jim especially on the small crossings on the ‘turn left at any time with care’ slip lanes. When I started cycling in Canberra I used to hop off and walk these as required by the ‘law’ but I stopped after an agro driver yelled at me to ‘hurry the f.. up’ because I took up 15 seconds of his time and it did get kind of annoying having to dismount all the time for these. Better all round for everyone to make eye contact, ensure the cars are stopping/slowing down then zoom across.

Jim Jones 12:01 pm 22 May 09

I’ve got no problem with cyclists riding across pedestrian crossings (it’s quicker and more convenient for everyone). But it is *essential* that the cyclist ensure that this is only ever done in a safe fashion (i.e. making eye contact with the driver and only crossing when it’s obvious that s/he is going to stop).

People that don’t follow this rule are giving the bulk of responsible cyclists a bad name.

ant 11:58 am 22 May 09

Spot-on, Al. Pedestrian = walking. Bike = vehicle. Zebra crossings are for pedestrians.

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