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Cyclists are not people!

By Sgt.Bungers - 2 June 2010 71

That is if you believe the road works sign located at the Flemington Road/Sandford Street intersection in Mitchell:


The definition of traffic being;

  1. The passage of people or vehicles along routes of transportation.
  2. Vehicles or pedestrians in transit

The sign suggests that a “cyclist” is none of these?

The purpose of this road sign is beyond me.  For starters… people on bicycles are part of traffic.  Secondly… any road user, regardless of their mode of transport, shouldn’t need a road sign to remind them to watch for merging traffic… that’s just an everyday part of using our road network.  Signs like this breed complacent road users.

Much like the “Watch For Entering Traffic” signs that can be found on Drake Brokman Drive in Holt.  The sign is redundant… road users should always be looking out for other road users or animals that might be entering the road at any stage of their journey, not just when a sign tells them to.

I’ve digressed… I’m sorry to announce to those who choose to use naturally aspirated forms of wheeled transport… according to Roads ACT, or construction companies contracted by ACT GovCo, when you get on your bike, you are apparently no longer a “people”, your bike is not a “vehicle”, you are not even a lowly “…pedestrian in transit”… you are just a cyclist.

How do you feel?

What’s Your opinion?

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71 Responses to
Cyclists are not people!
la mente torbida 12:59 pm 02 Jun 10

Dammit! … reading this has made me realise that there’s 3 minutes of my life I’m not getting back.

hellspice 12:28 pm 02 Jun 10

OMG, finally one of them has worked it out !!

Thoroughly Smashed 12:25 pm 02 Jun 10

Sweet Jesus.

kambahkrawler 12:12 pm 02 Jun 10

I think his point is that when a cyclist rides on the pavement s/he is not a pedestrian so has to get on the road (with the cars),
when on the road is too slow therefore not a vehicle therefore should get off it (ie mingle with the pedestrians, and not be allowed across pedestrian crossings unless we dismount),
when riding in a a national park IS a vehicle and therefore only allowed on roads (with cars) or firetrails (where 4wd’s and moto’s play),
when thinking about riding a mountain bike in a catchment area is also a vehicle and therefore not allowed even on firetrails because of the ‘contamination’ s/he may cause (despite walkers being allowed).

The end result is that when we’re on a bike and have laws that bounce us around like a pinball, it gets a bit grating.

BenjaminL 12:09 pm 02 Jun 10

Cyclists, like gingers, have no souls. This sign is really just to single you out and warn other soul containing motorists of your presence. You ARE being targeted for being less than human.

Maybe we need another sign that says:

Aurelius 12:02 pm 02 Jun 10

I read the original post three times, and I’m failing to find a point.
If anyone spots it, and can show it to me, that’d be handy.
Thanks. Cheerio.

georgesgenitals 11:24 am 02 Jun 10

“How do you feel?”

I feel like a Toohey’s, I…

astrojax 11:15 am 02 Jun 10

a bicycle is a vehicle, ffs.

the sign simply targets a particular sub-set of vehicles – suggest you pop back to primary school for rudimentary maths…

Postalgeek 11:00 am 02 Jun 10

Richo said :

I think he’s right They aren’t.

They are generally inconsiderate people who don’t know the road rules or choose to ignore them because it suits them.

As opposed to car drivers who continue to prove that speed cameras will never pay for themselves, don’t require law enforcement on the road, and never have accidents or require insurance.

Richo 10:40 am 02 Jun 10

I think he’s right They aren’t.

They are generally inconsiderate people who don’t know the road rules or choose to ignore them because it suits them.

Pommy bastard 10:39 am 02 Jun 10

I prefer the term “target” to “cyclist”, don’t you?

justbands 10:29 am 02 Jun 10

1. Build a bridge

I think you know what “2.” will be.

What a stupid whinge about nothing.

buzz819 10:20 am 02 Jun 10

Umm the exact opposite of you? The sign is there as a warning, it isn’t picking on cyclists, it isn’t doing anything like that.


It makes for complacent drivers? No it makes people more aware, they can be driving down see the sign and say, yeah that’s right even though this is pretty muchily a rural road there might be traffic coming out of driveways.

It’s trying to help people, what the road workers and the government do not need, is people getting up in arms over the most stupid inane things that have no real bearing on every day life.

You have no real idea do you Sgt?

josh 9:51 am 02 Jun 10

is a cyclist not a pedestrian in transit?

how is that different than addressing drivers, and alerting them of potential road hazards?

if nothing else, pedestrian, vehicle or otherwise, I’m sure we can all agree that you’re an abrasive twat just stirring the pot and looking for trouble.

p1 9:48 am 02 Jun 10

Maybe it’s a lycra thing?

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