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Darling Harbour-isation of Canberra concerns

By Gungahlin Al 20 February 2007 33

The Canberra Times is reporting growing concern about the plans the NCA has for Canberra and the Lake area in particular, with a lead landscape architect comparing the likely outcomes to turning the foreshore into a Darling Harbour.

He has a very good point, from the various artists’ impressions we’ve seen in print the last few months…

The article points to a round table of “key stakeholders” on Friday that sounds like a who’s who of the development industry. The Walter Burley Griffin Society will be there, but otherwise no community representation.

Who are these NCA people that they have so little regard for the people who actually live here as stakeholders?
To quote:

“NCA chief executive Annabelle Pegrum said the professional view of the plan was that it was extremely well researched and balanced…”

In the professional view of those who stand to profit very handsomely from the outcome that is…

[ED – Darling Harbour you say? Bring it on!]

What’s Your opinion?

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Darling Harbour-isation of Canberra concerns
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bonfire 10:59 am 22 Feb 07

and i dont think its an accident that all the highways in australia have ‘rest stations’ positioned so that you can drive up to the window of a multinational fast food chain.

bonfire 10:59 am 22 Feb 07

you are kidding – 5 bucks ?

im still getting used to paying 3 bucks at some cafes locally.

especially when a friend who owns a cafe told me a cup of coffee costs him around 40 cents and everything else is profit.

Thumper 10:53 am 22 Feb 07

Never been to Starbucks in my life.

It’s against my religion to pay five bucks for some hot water, a teaspoon of coffee and medicine vial of milk.

bonfire 10:37 am 22 Feb 07

i have been to starbucks once (in NY, i was desperate for a real ‘coffee’ and was disappointed) and hadnt eaten at mcdonalds for over 10 years until this yeart when on a road trip the driver pulled in. faced with starvation or eating that rubbish, i chose the latter.

but as a rule, avoid those places.

miz 10:49 pm 21 Feb 07

I like being able to see the water, and I am pretty saddened by the Kingston foreshore development that has wiped out the vista for those who don’t live there. I watch the ‘progress’ (less and less public view, more and more private space) from my bus window daily.
Sure, Darling Harbour was a big improvement on the run-down docks that used to be there, but that’s a different scenario to what we have. We currently have a first class, free, PUBLIC space. Maintained by the NCA, ie not completely run to shit like the ACT govt areas. Maybe they just need to make it more accessible with signage, etc, but it’s gorgeous and I don’t want that messed with.

GnT 8:21 pm 21 Feb 07

I love how so many people seem to be against Starbucks and Maccas, yet they continue to be international successes. Someone must like them! (Or are people against them in theory but find their low prices and fast service hard to resist.)

Meconium 4:33 pm 21 Feb 07

I second the underwater pub idea. Imagine the hordes of alcoholics flocking to the nation’s capital in anticipation!

justbands 2:44 pm 21 Feb 07

Not’s too far out of the city. We need lakeside development near the city. Of course it has to be done sensibly, but I’m a firm believer that it has to happen. Our fine city lacks something at the moment. I love jogging around the lake or enjoying it with my family…but a section where I could also enjoy a beer, have a coffee or a meal, or even enjoy some live music at would be fantastic.

Absent Diane 1:44 pm 21 Feb 07

dial-a-dub water taxi and food deliverys

Absent Diane 1:42 pm 21 Feb 07

What about fitting out a vw so it can swim… and have a dial-a-food delivery service for people picnicing on the banks of LBG?

Thumper 1:23 pm 21 Feb 07


yeah, kingston foreshore would seem the logical place to do it.

Thumper 1:22 pm 21 Feb 07


I mean a big ship like the one at darling harbour.

And I want flying boats as well, converted to pubs.

Kramer 1:09 pm 21 Feb 07

I think they would be far better off doing this sort of development over near the Kingston foreshore. They will have heaps of nearby residents, and it will be close enough to attract the yuppies from Kingston and Manuka. Then they can leave this area as a nice green area in the parliamentary triangle.

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