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Darling Harbour-isation of Canberra concerns

By Gungahlin Al - 20 February 2007 33

The Canberra Times is reporting growing concern about the plans the NCA has for Canberra and the Lake area in particular, with a lead landscape architect comparing the likely outcomes to turning the foreshore into a Darling Harbour.

He has a very good point, from the various artists’ impressions we’ve seen in print the last few months…

The article points to a round table of “key stakeholders” on Friday that sounds like a who’s who of the development industry. The Walter Burley Griffin Society will be there, but otherwise no community representation.

Who are these NCA people that they have so little regard for the people who actually live here as stakeholders?
To quote:

“NCA chief executive Annabelle Pegrum said the professional view of the plan was that it was extremely well researched and balanced…”

In the professional view of those who stand to profit very handsomely from the outcome that is…

[ED – Darling Harbour you say? Bring it on!]

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Darling Harbour-isation of Canberra concerns
teddy bear 7:32 pm 20 Feb 07

I like the lake the way it is. If I wanted Darling Harbour with its noise, lack of parking, crowds, souvenir shops garish lighting, etc, etc, then I would simply go up and visit it (which I do from time to time).

aelliso 7:08 pm 20 Feb 07

I attended the National Capitals Alliance Conference in January this year. This development was a hot topic and very much talked about. If you go to regatta point you can see a model of their plans called “The Griffin Legacy” Monty_67 hit it in the nose when he mentioned the basin. There will also be a lot of development along constitution Ave and around the city circle. And don’t worry futto as I understand it, none of the ‘Boulevard’ plan affects the south side of the lake.

Go here to see more:

seepi 6:53 pm 20 Feb 07

A Southbank type spot would be lovely.
BUT there are huge numbers of people that walk around the lake (bridge to bridge) around lunchtime and it would be a shame to block access with shops and cafes. (a pleasant path around the back would do it.)

No starbucks/maccas please!

sim_m_o 5:38 pm 20 Feb 07

Perhaps it will enjoy the same runaway success as brand depot! Oh….wait.

Hasdrubahl 4:59 pm 20 Feb 07

I would urge you to support the as yet unannounced plans for our own Water World, with performing dolphins in summer, and seals and polar bears in winter.

Monty_67 4:57 pm 20 Feb 07

Its a man made lake for a start but there is enough foreshore not to impede the parlimentary triangle. The area near the ferry terminal and the museum is rife for development and Canberra certainly needs more attractivr development. I would like to have my coffee looking over the basin and back to the museum.

Poindexter 4:17 pm 20 Feb 07

I could think of nothing *worse* than a Darling Harbour-esque development at the lake. Darling Harbour, to me, is nothing more than acres upon acres of sterile boring paved touristy rubbish.

Something like Southbank in Melbourne would be alright, though.

futto 4:05 pm 20 Feb 07

I rollerblade arould the lake every weekend. On some days, i might only pass 10 people or so (cooler sundays usually).

It’s not a place that should be there to make money…but a place to be proud of.

Development on the lake is a slippery slope. The thought of a Hungry Jacks and Starbucks next to the high court or blocking the view to parliament house is a disgusting thought.

Ralph 3:54 pm 20 Feb 07

I agree with Thumper. The lake is too ornamental and sterile as it is.

Let the developers pay for it.

poptop 3:20 pm 20 Feb 07

Was it only last Friday that ACT Planning Minister Corbell wanted the Feds to be involved in metropolitan planning? Damn they’re quick.

As I recall Princess Annabelle used work for the ACT Government, so she’ll understand their issues. Mwhaahaahahaha.

snahon 3:12 pm 20 Feb 07

Put a coffee machine there and people will come.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:42 pm 20 Feb 07

Is there sufficient $$ in this town to pay for it? That’s the question that needs to be answered.

Absent Diane 2:18 pm 20 Feb 07

no thumper I agree bring it one…

Definately sounds like a good idea to me…

Thumper 2:11 pm 20 Feb 07

Bring it one?



Thumper 2:10 pm 20 Feb 07

Bring it one!

I for one have always put forward that LBG should have a Darling harbour like area with restaurants, coffee shops, a floating restaurant, shops and wide paved promenades by the shores.

Can’t come too soon.

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