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Daylight savings finally ends

By johnboy - 1 April 2011 20

After a long March of dark mornings Chief Minister Stanhope reminds us daylight savings is coming to an end on Sunday morning.

Driving to work in light and home in the dark might unsettle some of you and he wants you to be prepared.

(Clocks go back one hour)

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Daylight savings finally ends
RegGrundies 2:06 pm 03 Apr 11

It is Greens policy to extend Daylight Savings for the entire year

“Energy saving”

Deref 1:00 pm 03 Apr 11

astrojax said :

so, with extended daylight savings, we must have saved a whole lot – can we use it when the mornings start getting too dark again? oh…

Nonono – they’re not saving it for US. They’re going to sell it. Probably to one of those commie Scandinavian countries where they don’t have enough of their own.

astrojax 7:56 am 03 Apr 11

thanks for the discourse mr g, but mebbe, in such a dissertation, leave the adjectives to the reader..? it is of some advantage to many in the community to have a period of daylight following their day’s toils, when it would be less advantageous to them prior to their labours. simply because it doesn’t suit you does not make it ‘unnecessary’ – oh, and the same ‘crazy’ daylight occurs at southern lattitudes; australia simply isn’t placed thus to experience it as say, is greenland. get thee to tierra del fuego, good sir.

Listers_Cat 1:14 am 03 Apr 11

54-11 said :

We need a 30-minute permanent adjustment

+1. Daylight savings is BS. Pick one time and stick to it… Having said that, the end of daylight savings heralds the start of winter running season for me (yay!)

Mr Gillespie 11:36 pm 02 Apr 11

“Daylight Saving” is just unnecessary fiddling with the clock really, to create an artificial timezone one hour late than normal time (even when the days are already long), Daylight Saving just makes the day artificially longer by one hour, at the expense of morning daylight.

People forget that we are lucky here when compared to high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, where they get crazy daylight hours (Daylight Saving or not).

astrojax 8:39 pm 02 Apr 11

so, with extended daylight savings, we must have saved a whole lot – can we use it when the mornings start getting too dark again? oh…

pandaman 2:05 pm 02 Apr 11

Ahh christ I’m agreeing with Gillespie. The world is coming to an end. But seriously yeah, it’s gotta end at some point, otherwise there’s a lot of people starting work in the dark!

Mr Gillespie 1:36 pm 02 Apr 11

& may I remind you Mr Stanhope that it is safer to ride on the footpaths/cycle paths than on the roads in the middle of traffic!

Mr Gillespie 1:34 pm 02 Apr 11

I’m sorry to say this, but I prefer normal daylight hours.

I like how they start Daylight Saving earlier than they used to because of the insanely early sunrises we used to have in October, but to be really honest, I can’t agree with this hideously late end to Daylight Saving. They fixed the beginning but made the end problem worse than it already was. I want a return to the pre-1996 system, when Daylight Saving ended in early March (really it should end in February because the late sunrises start creeping up on us even then).

cleo 12:14 am 02 Apr 11

I prefer longer daylight in the late afternoons.

54-11 3:37 pm 01 Apr 11

We need a 30-minute permanent adjustment

p1 3:32 pm 01 Apr 11

Kind with it wasn’t. I much prefer getting up with it still a little dark, then having some daylight left when I get home, then using up at the nice daytime stuck at work.

JessP 3:26 pm 01 Apr 11

Yah! I am tired of getting up at – what feels like – the middle of the night at 6.30 in the morning. Roll on WInter!

EvanJames 3:18 pm 01 Apr 11

Bugger. I guess it was time. We’ve had a good run.

housebound 3:09 pm 01 Apr 11

Yay. It gives me an easy week of getting up early, until my body catches up tot he new time zone.

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