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Deb Foskey Needs You

By che 23 September 2005 39

The Greens have put up an add for a Senior Advisor to Deb Foskey here.

Key skills required include:

Demonstrated commitment to and understanding of Greens principles and policies
Demonstrated analytical, research and investigatory skills involving policy, legislation and administration
Highly developed written, oral and interpersonal skills
Demonstrated capacity to comprehend complex issues, think strategically, and adapt to changing circumstances
Ability to establish and maintain strong working relationships with a wide cross section of individuals and organisations
Demonstrated ability to manage competing priorities and work to tight deadlines in a dynamic environment
Broad ranging knowledge of ACT Government activity

So if you think you have what it takes to be a senior advisor why not throw your hat in the ring and see what happens.

Plus I hear they have good danger pay rates.

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Deb Foskey Needs You
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Thumper 2:54 pm 04 Oct 05

Actually (And stop calling me Ashley), Areaman got it right as well when he stated thus,

‘I believe in actually making a difference when in power rather than just making pretty statements around the edges’

So true….

Thumper 2:52 pm 04 Oct 05

Exactly…. Go to the top of the class, do not pass go….

Chris 2:50 pm 04 Oct 05

Ah, power without responsibility – the harlot’s prerogative, as someone or t’other said – now why does that make me think ‘Deb Foskey’ ??

Thumper 1:53 pm 04 Oct 05


there is a reason for wanting to be a min or party.

For one you have some sort of power, but no responsibility.

Secondly, you can bitch, complain, criticise, scream and shout about everything under the sun, and yet never have to come up with viable alternatives.

refer Bob Browne for the second point.

And so, its probably much easier being in a minority party such as the Greens.

And from this we can deduce that Kermit was lying when he said that it is not easy being green, and we can also deduce that teal is a duck and not a colour.


Maelinar 1:22 pm 04 Oct 05

🙂 It’s their loss on so many fronts, but if they want to be resigned to being a minor party, who am I to disgree ?

bulldog 1:18 pm 04 Oct 05

It was worth a shot Mael, better luck next time.

Maelinar 11:20 am 04 Oct 05

I have an update for you all:

Hi Maelinar,

Well the good news is that you can say what you like on the riotACT front, but the bad news is we are not offering you an interview.

There have been quite a few applications for the position, and Iit became clear from the perspective of the panel who it is being narrowed down to.

I am serious when I thank you for taking the interest in our work and sending us your bio. I trust we can keep it on file if things change here.

I look forward to reading your comments on the web, etc.

Best wishes.

Roland Manderson

I would like to thank fellow RiotACTers for your support and thanks Roland for the opportunity. I spent all long weekend rehearsing just how I was going to tell Deb that as her advisor I recommend she moves out of the public house, and that aside I could still agree to work for her and the Greens.

Actually to be honest I spent the long weekend landscaping my garden, but I think you’ll agree it’s the thought that counts.

I must say that this is the most colourful rejection I have ever received as well.

Mr Evil 5:25 pm 26 Sep 05

Well, she started it!

johnboy 10:51 am 24 Sep 05

guys, Dr Foskey’s policies are fair game but if you just want to hurl playground insults at her maybe you need to go start your own site?

Roland GRNS 4:39 pm 23 Sep 05

It IS just you bulldog. But we never gave it that heading of course, that’s a RiotACT thing.

bulldog 4:35 pm 23 Sep 05

That’s soooo nasty….

Hey, it may be just me, but when I am scrolling down the headines and I see “Deb Foskey Needs You” my reaction every time is “Well; Deb Foskey can get f*cked”.

Mr Evil 3:50 pm 23 Sep 05

I don’t think you can get a cameltoe if you have a really, really hairy pelvic region, so the Greens probably don’t have a policy on that!

Indi 3:32 pm 23 Sep 05

Do they have a policy on camel toe?

Roland GRNS 2:58 pm 23 Sep 05

I’ll do more work on making pretty statements…

bonfire 2:48 pm 23 Sep 05

change ‘cat bans in new residential areas adjoining nature reserves; and’
to: ‘cat bans in all residential areas and nature reserves; and it looks appealing.

areaman 2:38 pm 23 Sep 05

Hell no, I’m a member of the ALP. I belive in actually making a difference when in power rather than just making pretty statements around the edges :).

Maelinar 2:35 pm 23 Sep 05

Areaman, are you going to go for the job ?

I want to know cause they’ll probably recruit you outright, otherwise I’ll give you a call on Monday Roland.

areaman 2:33 pm 23 Sep 05

bonfire, you don’t need to be in the greens to know that, you just got to do some basic research:

bonfire 2:26 pm 23 Sep 05

hey roland, whats the green policy on pet cats ?

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