Delicious Mag’s reviews on canberra in 2007

Ally-J 30 November 2007 13

4 places got a mention.

‘A Bite to eat, a drink as well’ eggleston cres Chifley and ‘The Lachlan court cafe’ brisbane ave barton were voted fave Cafe’s in 2007 by the readers.

The Silo in Kingston and Pods in Pialligo got a mention in their “Cafe food 2008 must have recipe book from great Australian Cafes”

I must say really cool to see the ACT get included, but has anyone been to these? Ive been to Silo, I worked for Leanne when I was a teenager and I appreciate her passion for cooking but keen to hear about the others…….

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13 Responses to Delicious Mag’s reviews on canberra in 2007
johnycomelately johnycomelately 2:40 pm 11 Dec 07

Silly SILO! They act like the curing cancer! Let me just point out that they are bakers, not doctors. Yes, their work is good and tastes good but there is no need for the attitude that comes with the experience. They make you feel like it is a privilege to walk in there let alone eat there. The guy who owns it never looks happy and never makes eye contact, no wonder the staff are’nt happy! Let’s put it into perspective Silo boys, it’s baking – not brain surgery!

bunnycoat bunnycoat 2:11 pm 06 Dec 07

Booking at Silo is a good idea – if they will deign to accept a booking. Also we have tried booking for lunch and been told that we MUST order a meal – no light options eg sandwich, coffee, cakes acceptable!

Ally-J Ally-J 4:54 pm 05 Dec 07

How are these places (Pod, A Bite to Eat and Bees & Co) as far as getting in the door on the weekend for brekkie? Ive been past Silo a few times but not into waiting an hour to eat so gone elsewhere. Would you need to book?

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 3:39 pm 05 Dec 07

A bite to eat is great, they have great fresh juices and pretty good food.

Pod is also very good. I’ve only had lunch there, but they also do breakfast. Ask Andrew if he is happy about the election result, haha!

I’m not a huge wrap for Silo, it’s good that the menu changes regularly and the food is generally very good, I just find it’s the bits of Melbourne and Sydney that Canberra doesn’t need (ie. I reckon it is a bit pretentious).

Caffe Della Piazza would be my fave for restaurants of this ilk.

jill jill 10:50 am 03 Dec 07

Silo – good food – bad attitude, same goes for Bees and Co. @ Yarralumla, excellent food but the staff are always bitching about customers and giving attitude no matter how nice you are to them! I still go there though as the cakes are devine and good coffee.

ant ant 10:01 pm 01 Dec 07

Silo’s like a bloody cult or something. We tried to get some cakes for a morning tea there once, they were already sold out… at 10am! So we went to the Vietnamese normal bakery down the street, and got some excellent cakes.

Hecaterin Hecaterin 8:29 pm 01 Dec 07

Silo is expensive, but the food is very good. I’ve never had a bad experience there, even when I’ve asked a lot of annoying questions about the bread and pastries and ordered items to share. A friend of mine did have a bad experience in the cheese room, though.

Mælinar Mælinar 6:00 pm 01 Dec 07

Silo is over-rated unless your wallet is bulging with too many notes in it.

bunnycoat bunnycoat 10:04 pm 30 Nov 07

I’ve been to both Silo and POD quite a few times. The problem with Silo is that while the food is pretty good I feel that they think they are doing you a favour if you actually get to purchase some bread – the wait staff have seriously bad attitude much of the time. I have had good lunches at POD when Andrew Haskins was cooking and a terrible lunch when he was not there….also a bad experience trying to book a private function for 50 people for dinner… calls not returned so we went elsewhere. This is sad because the POD venue is very nice. Silo could do themselves a big favour by being open on a Sunday and closed instead on Tuesday.

ant ant 8:45 pm 30 Nov 07

Pod Food is one of the best kept secrets in Canberra. And it ain’t no cafe. The food is full-bore fine dining. I think it gets called a cafe because they don’t open for dinner. The bloke who runs it is fanatical about his craft. The food’s expensive but some of the best you’ll find in Canberra. a favourite with the Canberra press gallery too, I’m told.

emd emd 4:32 pm 30 Nov 07

A Bite to Eat is worth driving across town for. Good food, good atmosphere, local beer (Zierholz), and the courtyard is nice on a warm day.

Haven’t been to Silo or Lachlan Court for a while, but both were nice last time I was there. Never heard of Pods though.

Typsy McStaggers Typsy McStaggers 1:18 pm 30 Nov 07

A bite to eat is fantastic. Love the decor and relaxed atmosphere as well as a great menu. Even those lacking a sweet tooth should try a dessert (bread and butter pudding is lush).

Also a great place for breakfast or just a coffee.

Seems out of place at the Chifley shops.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 12:58 pm 30 Nov 07

A bite to eat: have been there a few times, good food, good atmosphere, quirky settings…well worth a visit…I would go back again

Pod: a couple of visits, great for lunch and did a superb job catering for a large function

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