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Dey see me rollin’, dey hatin’

By johnboy - 27 June 2011 92

lowered ute

GerryBuilt has snapped this tribute to automotive excellence at Belconnen Mall this morning.

Thoughts as to legality appreciated as always in the comments.

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92 Responses to
Dey see me rollin’, dey hatin’
harvyk1 12:21 pm 27 Jun 11

Thoroughly Smashed said :

The suspension is height-adjustable, therefore not legal.

Really??? I had a subi which was factory fitted with adjustable ride height… I pressed a button near the steering wheel and the car would raise up a little bit, the car would drop back down if you exceeded 80km/h

It had AU compliance plate, and was first purchased in AU…

Furthermore I seem to remember some Action Buses have or had the ability to drop the left front wheel down to make it easier for wheelchairs \ prams… I’m pretty sure such mods won’t done in me neighbours brothers garage…

Maybe you shouldn’t sprout stuff you don’t know about…

As for the topic at hand, I’ve seen it around, looks stupid, but I can see how it would be a massive advantage for loading \ unloading things like bikes etc…
The only thing I’d do different is make it so it only dropped down when required for loading \ unloading…

Holden Caulfield 11:57 am 27 Jun 11

Thoroughly Smashed said :

The suspension is height-adjustable, therefore not legal.

Plenty of people with coilovers breakin’ the law out there.

Solidarity 11:40 am 27 Jun 11

Thoroughly Smashed said :

The suspension is height-adjustable, therefore not legal.

It auto-levels to a predetermined height (determined by the engineer and signed off by the RTA) when the handbrake is released, and is legal.

If you don’t know, don’t comment.

Thoroughly Smashed 11:32 am 27 Jun 11

The suspension is height-adjustable, therefore not legal.

shirty_bear 10:46 am 27 Jun 11

Boring_Name said :

Obviously the ute isn’t designed to be driven like that. I hope that your implication isn’t as much.

Trouble is, a fvcktard when stationary is likely still a fvcktard when in motion. Deserves all the derision we can muster, and then some.

Gerry-Built 10:46 am 27 Jun 11

to be fair, the photo was taken purely for the yak value…

He has, like a bazillion pipes in the tray, which obviously are used to raise to ride height; but that still looks damned funny – and you can easily picture it in your mind, driving like that; a dog with worms 😀

Solidarity 10:46 am 27 Jun 11

It’s used for moving dirt bikes, has Territory steelies on it because the 20’s are illegal and no good on dirt tracks, it’s engineered and passed by Dickson in order to get registered, the tray is in primer because its just been shaved.

Has full ACT rego and is comprehensively insured by AAMI.


dvaey 10:26 am 27 Jun 11

Classified said :

Looks retarded.

Looks real easy to get a load into or out of. I imagine pushing a dirtbike into that tray would be easier than the average ute too.

Classified 10:22 am 27 Jun 11

Classified said :

Looks retarded.

Especially with those wheels.

p1 10:18 am 27 Jun 11

The real question is if the (rather obvious) vehicle modifications have the appropriate engineering approvals.

Which is quite likely does, since it is the sort of vehicle (at least while parked) which draws attention to its self. I guess it would be a simple thing for the person who snapped the photo to send it with the rego number to the RUS and have them check the rego records for the Engineers Cert.

Boring_Name 10:09 am 27 Jun 11

Obviously the ute isn’t designed to be driven like that. I hope that your implication isn’t as much.

Honestly, is this how you operate? It seems to me that you believe anyone who doesn’t share the same interests as you deserves to be ridiculed in a public forum for their said interests.

I’m not an enthusiast, but I know that these kinds of modifications tend to be quite expensive and require an engineering certificate to be driven on the road. I’m not going to speculate as to whether this vehicle in particular has been engineered or not, but it would only be a matter of time before it would have to be, lest the owner wants to be stung for lack of registration, as well as a defect notice.

These modifications also tend to make the vehicle much heavier, and thus much slower. Throw in the amount of money it costs to fix and re-engineer damage to a vehicle modified like this, and you’ll find that the owners are generally more careful when driving on the road. Compared to some of the other (and more prolific) ways that a vehicle can be modified, this is actually making the vehicle less dangerous to other road users, but clearly that is not the thought of the camera wielding, ivory tower dwelling photographer.

I’m no fan of this kind of modification either, I have very little interest in cars period. But I can at least appreciate the effort that somebody has put into their own interest, weather I share it or not. I sincerely hope that the photographer here has a mean spirited photo taken of them while they are engaging in something they are passionate about.

Classified 10:07 am 27 Jun 11

Looks retarded.

Very Busy 9:55 am 27 Jun 11

Has airbag suspension. Will be pumped up when driven. Not illegal.

Disinformation 9:55 am 27 Jun 11

A lot of them have remotely adjustable suspension, so as long as they’re legal ride height on the road, it’s rather irrelevant what they’re doing when parked.. Unfortunately, looking stupid at any time isn’t yet unlawful. I can appreciate the engineering required, but I still think the end result is one of the dumber automotive fashions that have appeared.

Gigantor 9:52 am 27 Jun 11

Either hydraulic or air bag suspension – allowed to do this while parked however still need to adhere to the 100mm ride height limit while moving

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