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DIY Wotz On Guide 21-APR-06

By Kerces 20 April 2006 17

Has everyone recovered from the drinking and chocolate eating excess of last weekend yet? Who’s heading out somewhere exciting this weekend? Or even somewhere boring?

I will be attempting to write an essay that’s been sneaking up on me for the past two weeks, but do tell me what’s happening in the comments below so I can pretend like I’m not stuck in front of a computer.

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17 Responses to
DIY Wotz On Guide 21-APR-06
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dragcity_cowgirl 4:34 pm 21 Apr 06

Mikelangelo and Konrad Lenz [and others @ the Merry Muse @ the Polish CLub this Sunday evening.

I’ve been looking forward to the prospect of these two playing together seriously and live for some years [or so it seems…time goes so slowly and so rapidly at the same time…not sure what to expect but always thought their voices would meld magnificently…not sure what time it starts…s’pose I’ll go early…grab a plate of Polish stodge, a decent seat and start early on those huge Polish beers so I won’t have to worry about cooking beyond breakfast that morning.

Other imminent things for the Merry Muse are Blair in two different incarnations [solo as support for King Curly] and with full band ie Randall-Blair and the Wedded Bliss on another date at the Merry Muse. Check their website for further info as to dates:

Some other dodgy Melburnian is coming to town…Maurice Frawley and the Yardhands…he’ll be playing Toast on Wednesday June 7th.

Maurice is quite a cult figure in the Melbourne scene and I thought he played some fine sets recently including the Harvest festival [see].

Maurice has been in many seminal bands in Melbourne going back to Paul Kelly in his early years, the Olympic Sideburns. The Working Class Ringos [Conway Savage was plucked from this band to become a Bad Seed…and kept involvement in it as a side project…Charlie Owens …yes he of Tex Don and Charlie was also in this band].

Maurice has a new CD, just released in recent weeks and there are two tracks from this on his website:

Dodge the Mekon


Kerces 3:44 pm 21 Apr 06

apparently another protest march in support of the ACT civil union legislation will be held Saturday afternoon at 1.30 in front of the Legislative Assembly followed by a march up to Parliament House (though I have it on good authority that some of the Canberra contingent won’t join in the march because it’s pointless because no one will be there).

FB 3:35 pm 21 Apr 06

Crusty Demons of Dirt East Coast Carnage Tour.

Sat night 5:00pm at Exhibition Park. Adults $60

Absent Diane 1:54 pm 21 Apr 06

hehe…aunty jack reruns used to freak me out when I was little fella

erewego 11:50 am 21 Apr 06

not to be missed: proper dinkum Aussie Yobbo rock
Im not missing it.
heres their press release:
The VeeBees record #3 ‘Crack Us Anotha’ out
now on Ocker Records thru MGM.
This brand-spanka, and the third, from the VeeBees has been
a long time comin’, 5 years in fact. Some might say it’s in the
tradition of Def Leppard’s boast on the ‘5 Years in the making’ of
hair metal classic Hysteria, except the VeeBees only took 4 days
to make theirs (in Fyshwick), as opposed to 5 years, which makes
Def Leppard 456.25 times slower than the VeeBees. And who’s to
argue? Who cares? Who’s got ten legs, nine arms and sucks?
In a modern day world where ‘punk rock’ now means ‘safe
listening tv theme song rock’, and the term ‘rock’n’roll’ now a
metrosexual music marketing angle, nothing to do with outtatune
loud guitars, where does this leave the VeeBees? Out in the
gutter, in the pub dunny, face down in the trough suckin’ on a
lolly. Sittin’ at the bar, chokin’ on second hand ciggies, one hand
on a schooner and one ear in the PA down the local, that’s where.
Fair Dinkum Rock’n’Roll, Grog Rock, Bastard V8 Rock’n’Roll,
Pub Rock, call it what ever you want. One thing for sure is it’s
bloody good fun, and what ever happened to fun!? Neanderthal
music created for like minded individuals, who through massive
exposure to what the world has to offer music wise, have come
to the conclusion that: they don’t care about your inner feelings;
they don’t care about how well you play; they don’t care about
your hair style; they don’t care about the brand of jeans you wear
and they certainly couldn’t give a rat’s arse about which way you
lean politically.
If a band is honest to itself it usually attempts to create what it
wants to hear, right? For fuck’s sake this is a rock’n’roll record,
a recording of 4 dickheads playing loud rock’n’roll music in a
sweaty room in front a coupla mic’s some time a while back.
Coulda been better, coulda been worse, it just is what it is – and
isn’t what it isn’t. Could be the missing link between Ramones,
Motorhead and Rodney Rude. Could be the soundtrack to a back
yard barbie washed down with a coupla cold-golds. Could be the
national bloody anthem. One thing for sure they’re unmistakably
Australian. And how good’s Australia?
Ocker Records

Thumper 11:16 am 21 Apr 06


Tonight at the Canberra Theatre.

Sssanta 10:52 am 21 Apr 06

where is auntie jack thumper?

terubo 10:51 am 21 Apr 06

Thumper, nice ad for Aunty Jack but the words “where” and “when” somehow occur to me…?

Thumper 9:10 am 21 Apr 06

And on Tuesday it is the real Australia Day, that being ANZAC Day.

Remember kiddies, this country is as good as it is and we can sit here and bag out governments and whatever due to the sacrifices made by our ex service men and women.

The dawn ceremony is not to be missed. Especially when the sun rises over Mount Anslie and the cockatoos start calling and the bugler plays the last post.

Very moving folks, very moving….

Thumper 9:01 am 21 Apr 06

The Aunty Jack Show is back – in a live ‘Tell All’ stage show with Grahame Bond and Rory O’Donoghue, touring Australia in 2006 after premiering at the Big Laugh Comedy Festival. The Aunty Jack Show burst on to Australian television screens in 1971. There had never been anything like Aunty Jack. Grahame Bond’s outrageous character, the bikie and self proclaimed “Queen of Wollongong”, was the antithesis of television presenters – a mustachioed hostess who threatened to jump out of viewer’s television sets and “Rip their bloody arms off.” Aunty Jack and her cast of characters, Thin Arthur, Narrator Neville and Flange Desire, brought a new sense of humour to our screens – irreverent, bizarre, and full of original music (a rarity for a comedy series) and uniquely Australian. Now The Aunty Jack Show is back – with the DVD of the first series released on December 1, and in the live stage show. Grahame and Rory are Australian comedy legends. Together they wrote the incredibly popular music for the show – ‘Farewell Aunty Jack’ being one of Australia’s most loved songs. In The Aunty Jack Show … and Tell expect to hear death-defying tales – Thin Arthur’s suicidal stories of life in the sidecar, Aunty Jack’s near death experience with Colin the rogue elephant, the threats that came from Wollongong, the threats that came from the ABC and rude moments from Nude Radio. And there are the answers to those nagging questions – What did Aunty Jack wear under her inflatable frock? Did Thin Arthur go on a dangerous fad diet? And who is Narrator Neville and Flange Desire’s love child? Grahame and Rory are going to tell it all – the naked truth … with their clothes on. Grahame Bond has won numerous awards, including a Logie for Best Australian Comedy (Aunty Jack) and an Awgie Award from the Australian Writer’s Guild in Recognition for his Contribution to Australian Comedy. Rory was awarded an AFI Award in 1981 for his and Grahame Bond’s music in the feature film Fatty Finn and in 1983, Rory composed the music for the documentary Australia on the Breeze which he also narrated.

90 minutes, no interval, so don’t drink too much before the show….

7.00 pm

A Reserve: $65.00
B Reserve: $55.00

And it will definitely not suit children.

And I’ll be there!

schmerica 6:51 pm 20 Apr 06

Blamemonkey its my birthday too!! Yay for old !

Blamemonkey 4:49 pm 20 Apr 06

It’s my birthday on Saturday, hooray for turning old!!

toriness 3:19 pm 20 Apr 06

Thanks for that Blewy – I would have been cranky to front up at 2pm to discover I’d missed half the game!

Blewy 1:37 pm 20 Apr 06

It’s 1.10pm on Sunday for the Westcoast and Kangaroos game. Don’t be late!

Absent Diane 1:16 pm 20 Apr 06

oooh west coast…. might have too tee that one up… could be a good hang over cure…
Anyway Barrel of Monkeys saturday night at Pete’s… should be brilliant

toriness 12:13 pm 20 Apr 06

Kangaroos vs West Coast, 2:10pm, Sunday, Manuka Oval

(I care not for either team, just love AFL)

Kerces 12:00 pm 20 Apr 06

And for those with time, these things are happening of Friday night:

ANus, Nate, Draz, Dee Q at FM’s Functions Night Club
DJ Goldfinger at The Soul Bar
DJ Maka, Justin at Quatro Cafe Restaurant
The Dawn Collective with The Fumes, From the South at The Greenroom

Antony S (UK) at Corvo’s Wine & Oyster Bar
Matt Chavasse & Lan Shannon at Cube
ANus, Nate, Draz, Dee Q at FM’s Functions Night Club
Groovelounge de Plastique at Holy Grail – Civic
Superman Steve at Insomnia Nightclub
Steve Lind at Knightsbridge Penthouse
Matt Chavasse & Typhonic at Lot 33
Nash T at Three Degrees Lounge Bar

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