23 January 2006

Do women need to wear makeup to the gym?

| lenny
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After putting on 5 kilos over the Christmas break, (a combination of booze, cheese and jatz) I decided it was time to hit the gym and work away the flab.

So driving to the gym the other morning listening to my radio station of choice – 104.7, I listened as Chris and Sarah discussed the amount of women who wear makeup and have perfect hair just to go to the gym.

Before I heard this, I have to say I didn’t really notice. But after hearing their discussion I started to notice just how true it was. For example, this morning a youngish women was next to me on the dreadmill with full makeup and her hair out and perfectly straight. (*And no she couldn’t have “ Just come from work” this was at 8.30 on a Sunday morning) Every time she went to wipe her sweat away, she would “ dab” in an attempt to keep her makeup in place. By the end of her workout her mascara and eye powder had run down her face, making her look like something resembling a panda and her straight hair was greasy and sticking all over her sweaty face- very attractive indeed.

But this is just one example of the many women I have noticed who put a big effort into their appearance just to go to the gym ( some of them even give Dame Edna a run for her money.)

For me I find it quite difficult see anything while at the gym, let alone check people out , as I have a continuos stream of salty sweat running down into my eyes for the duration of my work out, leaving me with extreme blurred vision and on particularly hot days temporary loss of vision.

But even when my eyes aren’t being burnt by salt I have to say I don’t really take all that much notice of the people around me, ( I am focussing more on breathing )

So the thing I am very interested to know is, how many of you actually check women out while at the gym, or are they going to all this effort for nothing?

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nobody cares whether one wears any make up or not ! atleast not those who are into doing hardcore workout.
oh wait , those dudes who care are not there to work out ! Guys, you need to find a better place .

Following the comments on Perth’s Weld Club – punters may wish to note that said club’s currently under attack by the state govt (including the equal opportunity commissioner) over it’s men-only member policy.

On women/makeup/gyms – yeah more power to you. Not just the chicks though… much to my amusement, I’ve seen guys toting tubs of hair product as part of their pre-workout grooming regime

what makes me giggle the most is the types that wear makeup and long dangly earrings to the gym.

Mostly because they pay a fortune to work out, but then refuse to put the effort in because its unattractive to be hot and sweaty with your hair all over the place.

Personally, I’d rather be unattractive at the gym (ie, messy hair, no makeup and sweaty) if it means my bum stops wobbling. IE more attractive for later times where I might be wearing makeup and regular clothes.

barking toad – you fish a lot for comment!

any man who hands his money to his wife for better fiscal control is deluded.

barking toad11:59 am 24 Jan 06


Why not? Especially if they are tEh hOtnEsS. In fact if they are HOT it should be compulsory for bottomless leotards and brazilians.

This does not apply to fat chicks though – fully covered neck to knee, loose fitting garments only.

And ugly fat chicks – I’m thinking full burkha.

In fact, for fat ugly chicks, Fernwood should be the only option!

Hey, Mael, I’m just pointing out that the dictionary meaning of the word “suffarage” is about the right to vote. If you’re going to rewrite the dictionary, then fine, but don’t be surprised when people ask “what the hell is he going on about”?

The phrase you’re probably looking for is “genuine equality”.

I don’t think the representation of men on tv has anything to do with feminism, it’s all about marketing. The corporations do their research and suck up to whoever has the spending power – and if involves making them feel smarter by portraying someone else as dumber, well, that’s what they’ll do.

Given the history of representation of men and women in media, it’s probably just a matter of turnabout is fair play. Sure it’d be nice to have a media that only provides positive images of everyone but it probably wouldn’t be as funny.

Simto, men’s suffrage won’t be about the right to vote.

It will be a fight to remove advertising on television that portrays males as the ‘dumber’ or the ‘lesser’ species, the insignificant other half, the docile bum, the good for nothing father figure.

Look at any given advertisment on TV recently, and males are portrayed as bumbling baldric figures under the dominating-all-knowing-female-is-right figure.

It’s cutsey but I don’t buy it.

In the Military, there is a large percentage of soldiers who give their entire paypackets to their spouses ‘because they know how to spend the money more wisely’, again a steriotyping of males as the lesser. (infact in those cases, you’ll most likely find that the wife/spouse does not work at all, the entire income stream is from the male and centrelink).

I can go on with more examples…

Is this how males are to be represented ? I stand by my term male suffrage, because it’s not simply about the right to vote, but the right to impose equality on the other sex, as the womans suffrage movement has done.

On second thoughts (and a perusal through the second half of this month’s Cleo), it is obviously a girl’s duty to wear make up at all times, especially when she is highly likely to look unattractive (eg hot and sweaty). It should be punishable by jail to appear in public without makeup! Otherwise how’s a girl supposed to land a man?

Spot the wog9:36 pm 23 Jan 06

There was a story from Victoria about a male only gym that put up the opposing argument that there are female only, why cannot there be a male only and the gym was owned by a woman after that i cannot remember.

Damn those liberationalists make life hard for the rest of us even with the comrade and bracksy throwing money at those groups like the “Left Legged Lesbians Front” (Example only i do not know if there is a group with that name, i sure hope not) that can be used somewhere else more promising (Policing WOW!! what a big move) And help the community get back in order.

Funny i’m getting images of the Groups like the ones out of Monty Python’s Life of Brian

“NO BLACKMAIL” Salutes with fist and thumb pointed downward

lol bonfire. Good call.

thanks ORL, i knew i was right. im hoping to get a gig as a shock jock. to be a shock jock you have to be male im told.

“all the girls walk by, dressed up for each other.” I think that is true the majority of the time, even if you are not at the gym.
Guys have no taste, so if you impress a girl you know you have done something right….!!

I usually don’t go out without some make-up on but I think that if you are actually at the gym to get fit then you don’t give a shit what you look like.
I know I don’t care as I’m concentrating too much on not passing out on the treddie….

But there are quite a few girls and guys that go to the gym to check each other out and look for prospects while “worknig out”. I have friends that go for the gym just for that.
And if you are going to meet someone you can’t look like you just rolled out of bed and slapped on last seasons gym gear!

I agree xman about women getting dressed up mainly for other women (would also like to say I’ve never been to a gym in my life, with or without makeup). Other females can be a hundred imes more judgemental than men, and they’re not afraid to let you know what they think.

Taken from this website: http://www.equalopportunity.wa.gov.au/faq2.html


Can clubs state that they are ‘women only’ and ‘men only’?

Yes, there is an exception under the Equal Opportunity Act that allows for single sex clubs. “

Shut up Bonfire.

well OK, thats ‘one’.

You do realise that “suffarage” is the right to vote, right, Maelinar? And therefore your statement about “Men’s suffarage” is kinda nonsensical?

Having said that, yes, women are still a protected species in our society. That’s our leftover chunks of chivalry hanging in there.

Not Sydney or Melbourne, but in Perth there’s the Weld Club. Exclusive men’s only club.

Slightly back on topic…

There’s a line from an old Van Morrison song “all the girls walk by, dressed up for each other.” My partner assures me that this is the major reason for getting dolled up to go to the gym. Seems most could care less what the men think, but don’t want the other women looking down the nose.

Bodichitta, the reason why Fernwood are allowed to get away with it is because the Male Liberation movement has never gotten off the ground.

Put simply they can discriminate all they like and there’s not a thing that can be done about it until men’s sufferage is enacted.

I wouldn’t wear makeup to the gym. Mind you, these days I can’t be bothered wearing it anywhere.

And yes, I’m a Fernwood member – but my reasoning is proximity to the bus interchange considering I don’t have a car.

LG, the Masons are forbidden by law to exclude female membership.

The Masonettes, however would not be forbidden by law to exclude male membership.

Please excuse my intentional making up of the name, however I’m sure you get the drift.

Given that the Masons however are a secret society, I’m not privy to their recruitment figures, although I’m sure if they were audited they would be able to justify their requirement to not discriminate against sex for the purposes of membership.

Adding to the list, Womens Refuge, where men aren’t allowed past the doors – justified by the ‘risk’ that all men wish to break through and smash the place up looking for their estranged/hiding/runaway companion.

You can have a Gay bar that accepts Gays and Lesbians, but you can also have a Lesbian bar that only accepts females and no males.

I’m sure it could digress to the lower cultures of female only knitting circles, support groups, and a myriad of other semi-organised groups.

However there is not one men only establishment by virtue of it being illegal because of the perceived inequality as seen by female liberationalists.

/end rant

There were a few mens clubs in Sydney at one point, but I believe at least 3 of them were taken to court and forced to open thier doors to women.
I have often wondered how Fernwood get away with it…I tried to persuade my partner to allow us to try to join Fernwood when looking for a new gym, but she wouldnt allow me…bugger

well name them, astound us with your researched argument.

Have never heard of a women only bank (that sounds a bit stupid to me) but there are a number of “clubs” in Sydney and Melbourne that I am aware of, where women are not allowed. I also believe that the Masons don’t allow a female membershipe.

Should we now talk about the number of clubs where women are not welcome?

Actually…what are they? I don’t know of any…seriously. Whereas I know of Fernwood & another gym (I think it’s called Curves) that exlude men & also a womans only bank in Victoria.

no lg because at a woman only gym they would be trying to pickup other women.

name the clubs where women are prevented by law from attending.

Well cheers Maelinar, thanks for that. (ahem http://mondaysunset.blogspot.com ahem if anyone’s wondering – and big apologies for going so far OT)

I was waiting for someone to react to Bonfires thoughts on women and gyms – given the sometimes pervy nature of gyms, I get that women probably would appreciate their own space and I’d just like to take this opportunity to accuse Bonfire of political correctness gone mad. 🙂

As for the makeup thing, I don’t get it personally but hey, each to their own. And while I’d say that the majority of people who gym do so for their own health, I’m sure that for every woman who does it for guys there’s a guy doing it for the ladies.
(Funny that libraries don’t work the same way)

Col, I was listening to you the other day, not too bad a selection bud.

On topic, I don’t go to gym’s to pick up women, although a perve is a perve, no matter where it is.

Generally speaking though, I wouldn’t look at the face…

You wouldn’t go there anyway bonfire. They allow breastfeeding. Should we now talk about the number of clubs where women are not welcome?

And as for going to the gym to meet men or make themselves more attractive to men? I don’t know a single woman who does that.

except fernwood advocates discrimination.

wonderful to exclude people isnt it!

its fab!

soon they will exclude blacks, jews and people with red hair!

its so wacky!

Go to Fernwood. No one wears makeup there. No one gives a shit. It’s fab!

I usually find that when I get sweaty at the gym, there’s nothing better than swigging back a tasty Gatorade, now available in 5 flavours (including the ever popular blue). This both restores my salt levels and gives me the energy I need to break through that wall, to the max.

Speaking of which, when I have noticed women with streaky makeup on the treadmill, I’ll usually tell them about the new range of Max Factor no-streak eyeliner and base.

(Just a gentle piss take, I swear)

When I get off my fat lazy arse and make it to the gym, there’s usually no-one else there (bless the work gym) and so I get to play my own mix cds (as featured on my Monday arvo slot 4-6.30 on 2XXfm – 98.3), which offer a far greater range of variety than the commercial shlock on other stations. 🙂

yeah the money is rolling in..

i knew a girl from texas who said she was shocked when she came to live in oz and would see women going to the supermarket in trackie daks and no makeup.

women mainly go to the gym to meet men or to make themselves more attractive to men.

and you wonder why they wear makeup ?

But Che, what do you think about women dolling themselves up to go to the gym?

I gotta say Lenny, you’re coming across on this site very much like a viral marketer. The way you drop in a line about your favorite radio, the way you write a restaurant review that isn’t glowing and gushing, but just enough to get people interested, and then doing an advertorial for McDonalds??

Are you getting paid for the stories you write?

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