Dog burial in Canberra nature reserves?

Ben_Dover 21 May 2020 10

We had to have our old mutt put to sleep before Xmas.

A combination of ill-health, blindness, and the heat of the season, reduced his quality of life to the point where it was kinder to have his troubles ended. We had him cremated, and have his ashes in a pot. As we spent many happy times, many, many, good times walking at the Pinnacle Nature Reserve, I’d like to bury his ashes there. I’d also like to put in a tree, a native species one, to mark the spot. (Yes I know, I’m a soft sentimental old bugger.)

Is this permitted by the powers that be, or will I have the wrath of the parks authority down on me?

Where can I buy small native trees for planting?

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10 Responses to Dog burial in Canberra nature reserves?
LSWCHP LSWCHP 10:24 pm 14 Jan 13

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Ben. And a great idea to put him in a favourite place. Good Karma for everybody.

Ben_Dover Ben_Dover 9:33 am 13 Jan 13

Thanks everybody, some great advice and encouragment there!!

Girt_Hindrance Girt_Hindrance 4:13 pm 12 Jan 13

Excellent idea- I also agree that asking will only lead to a long period of waiting for approval.
If you want to get it done in this weather, it’s best to dig a fairly wide cup shape into the ground (1.5m diameter by 75 cm depth should do it) and also mix those water absorbent crystals in there (also make sure you’ve soaked them up to size first). Mix crystals with the soil you put in there, put the plant in and once covered with soil, chuck leaf litter and stuff around so it’s not so obvious an excavation. My apologies for pointing out the obvious…
The cup shaped hole helps with rain permeating the soil you’ve put in there/dug over, and the theory is the dug over bit drains the soil down to the root system over the hard ground already there.
The Yarralumla nursery is also a great suggestion, although Bunnings stocks a large range of natives as well. Probably better to go with Yarralumla tho because that’s a nice local business.
Also worth stating that a lot of trees/saplings available for sale are grown/stored under shade cloth style conditions, and may have a nasty shock if being planted into full Canberra summer sun.

Best of luck!

Spykler Spykler 12:51 pm 12 Jan 13

Just go for it, i would suggest the Yarralumla nursery might even give you a small native sapling..If you go through official channels, the tree would be a 14 metre high monster by the time the ACT Gov has gotten around to approving the memorial for your dearly departed.

blimkybill blimkybill 12:30 pm 12 Jan 13

If you really wanted to check for permission, I would contact the Friends of The Pinnacle (Fotpin). They have a website. The website might also be of some help in finding a suitable species which is local to the area.
Apart from that, I strongly recommend waiting until well into autumn to plant – perhaps April or May. A new tree will probably die in the hot summer weather even if you water it regularly.

Madam Cholet Madam Cholet 12:29 pm 12 Jan 13

Lovely sentiment. Agree with other posts, just do it. I know I’m going to be in pieces when our little mate pops off. Good on you for recognizing his time had come. And Yarralumla would be your best bet for native trees.

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 11:15 am 12 Jan 13

Why didn’t you just go ahead and do it? The authoritahs don’t need to know everything.

Morgan Morgan 11:09 am 12 Jan 13

Don’t ask, but try to ensure you plant a local native, that is one which should be there anyway not an inappropriate one.

If you ask someone will have to make a decision.

Duffbowl Duffbowl 11:08 am 12 Jan 13

poetix said :

Yarralumla nursery, and just go for it!

Plant the tree a little away from the tracks, so it will be less obvious to the passing stranger and less likely to be incidentally damaged.

poetix poetix 10:33 am 12 Jan 13

Yarralumla nursery, and just go for it!

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