Dogs in Cafes

johnboy 6 May 2010 43

Dogs in cafes

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There have been rumblings recently that the charming habit of taking dogs to sit in the outdoor areas of cafes and bars could be under threat.

So we asked ACT Health what that’s all about and got the following reply:

Dear Mr Griffiths

Thank you for your enquiry to ACT Health.

The laws concerning the presence of animals in food premises have not
changed. Under clause 24 of Standard 3.2.2 of the Australia New
Zealand Food Standards Code, animals other than assistance animals are
not permitted in dining and drinking areas and other areas used by
customers. These areas include a food premises and any associated
outdoor dining areas.

The Health Protection Service (HPS) of ACT Health has not changed its
approach to this issue, which is treated as any other food safety issue.
The HPS has not planned any “crack down on dogs in the outdoor areas of

Thank you again for your enquiry.



So it appears, given the widespread practice of people taking dogs to cafes which are happy to have them, that we have another bad law being widely ignored.


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43 Responses to Dogs in Cafes
James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 4:13 pm 02 Nov 10

Oh – While we are at it, can somebody answer the following question?

On one hand, ACT Health has declared that dogs in eating places is a Health hazard. What are they doing to protect us from ourselves when we have these dogs lying under the dining table as we eat>

How are they protecting us from the guide dogs, and assistance dogs when they are present at the cafes?

How does a dog earning a piece of paper saying it is trained alter it’s ability to carry THE BLACK PLAGUE….

Surely, it just seems like over protection of the masses by more sad and sorry bureaucrats with nothing better to do than listen to the average whinger!

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 4:00 pm 02 Nov 10

fabforty said :

Leave your dogs at home people. I’m sure they prefer that then being tethered to a chair and expected to sit quietly.

You sound like a person who owns cats.

Cats despise humans – we exist simply to open the tin of food.

Dogs, on the other hand *love* to go places – and if they are well trained, will sit, quite happily while you enjoy your cuppa, then — Where do we go now????

For the record, I own both Cats and Dogs, and while I *love* the amusement that putting a cat on a lead and dragging its sorry ass to the shops, I actually enjoy taking my dogs for a walk.

Erg0 Erg0 3:48 pm 02 Nov 10

By which I mean “bizarre non sequitur”, obviously.

Erg0 Erg0 3:47 pm 02 Nov 10

Is there an award for “bizzarre non sequiter of the week”?

Oscillate Wildly Oscillate Wildly 3:24 pm 02 Nov 10

At least dogs don’t pick their nose and wipe it on the table like I saw a kid doing the other day…

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 3:21 pm 02 Nov 10

Lick, my own nuts, that is. I already like them. A lot.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 3:21 pm 02 Nov 10

Look, if I could like my own nuts I would, but that doesn’t mean people want to see that shit when sitting at a cafe trying to enjoy a coffee.

mywords mywords 2:57 pm 02 Nov 10

Listen Feebee,
Why the hell are you looking at a dog when it is licking its crotch? leave it in peace when it needs to do that. But in any case they don’t usually do that when at a cafe.
I have the opportunity to travel the world and see countries that are so happy with dogs at cafes, they are quiet and enjoy a moment outside with their owner in an new environment instead of always being at home. Dogs calm a lot of people and send out a soothing energy. It’s proven that dogs help people with ADHD and ADD, anxiety, depression, stressed and sick (cancer…) when you see a dog most people unconsciously smile and there spirit is uplifted.

When you’re at a park you get tired and want to sit down for a coffee and the dog for some water. So why is it such an issue for you. Are you that close minded and old fashioned about everything in your life?

How about we ban more smokers and babies/toddlers and children whilst we are at it! They stick their hands in their bottom and touch everything, you are more likely to get ill with a child who are more insolent then dogs. Yelling, crying and running around. Children are a health issue as well! However seeing as the human kind are so selfish with every action they only think of banning dogs and not Grubby little brats!!

feebee1965 feebee1965 4:03 am 19 May 10

We need to appreciate that dogs are animals and even if they are trained , you cant stop a dog from licking its butt, or scratching and that is disgusting for a diner to look at. They maybe better trained than kids but they are still animals and we should really stop treating them like acccessories. Rather take them to the park for a good run , which is more nat

Fiona Fiona 9:50 am 08 May 10

I don’t find them ‘filthy’ I just find them irritating if they’re not trained properly, as others have said.

I’d prefer not to have one at the table next to me, I think dogs may still make me slightly anxious, but the ones that do start to invade your space, or bark at passing dogs etc. Hard to have a rule for some and not others.

emd emd 11:22 pm 07 May 10

justin heywood said :

If it’s OK to eat with other people’s animals….I have a pet pig. He’s my friend and he is cleaner than most dogs. Why can’t I bring him with me to a cafe?

Because you’ll put the carnivores off their bacon.

Hank Hank 1:07 pm 07 May 10

mutley said :

Don’t ban kids, ban the parents if they won’t control them. Same with dogs.

Very ture!

Pandy Pandy 9:43 am 07 May 10

Ban cafetans from Manuka more like it.

lobster lobster 9:19 am 07 May 10

Can we just ban all cafes? Surely this would solve all the problems.

mutley mutley 8:24 am 07 May 10

Don’t ban kids, ban the parents if they won’t control them. Same with dogs.

BimboGeek BimboGeek 8:21 am 07 May 10

It’s already outside. So the floor of the cafe is actually just the pavement, maybe even dirt if it’s a garden cafe. In this context the addition of a dog on the ground doesn’t really contribute a hygeine hazard. I suppose it could be a tripping hazard though, particularly if it wants to move around, and if it’s licking other people then it’s a real problem.

Besides guide dogs being a “necessary evil” and therefore a reasonable occasional exception, they are actually a zillion times better behaved than most dogs, even the very good ones. So I think the rule of thumb that everyone should apply is to just ask yourself whether your dog is as well behaved as a guide dog.

I don’t mind dogs being in my presence but I do mind them interacting with me. I like to get to know humans before I get close, and I feel the same way about other animals!

Pandy Pandy 12:10 am 07 May 10

Sunday skinny latte at the Front or Tilleys, reading the paper outside in the sun, a water bowl close by for your excited mutt to have dribble in. Bliss.

Don’t like it? Move to Cooma and go back 50 years.

bd84 bd84 9:46 pm 06 May 10

Dogs are less of a health hazard than smokers. There are no hygiene issues with dogs being in cafes, as long as they aren’t leaving their business on the floor, not eating food off tables and not cooking the food in the kitchen. In most cases, this doesn’t happen.

I’d also agree with the sentiments that it would be far better to ban children, a large percentage of them run around getting in the way of everyone with no control from their parents. Add in the inability of parents to teach the same children table manners and to cover their mouth/nose when coughing/sneezing and you have food poisoning waiting to happen.

I will second Pommy Bastard’s resolution.

AstralPlane AstralPlane 9:11 pm 06 May 10

There have been, in this thread and the earlier one, some comparisons between children and dogs. I find this offensive and stupid.

The comparison is offensive because there is one big difference between the two types of animal – one is human and the other is a dog. I mean, really, the human deserves some respect and some leeway that generally we don’t give to dogs. Children are people with less developed social skills and we have to live with them as they are. Otherwise where do we stop? Maybe other people with different social skills to yours should be banned from cafés. For example, would you compare someone with downs syndrome to a dog and say you’d rather a well behaved dog than a noisy disabled person? Shame on you if you would, but I suspect not. Why? Because we’re talking about a human, like you, who deserves the same respect that you do. Ditto children, even the feral children about whom you complain.

Here’s some other thoughts:

1. Children need to be civilised. For the benefit of all of us, we all have a part to play in that. As well as paying taxes so that children (even other people’s children) get educated and grow up to be well rounded, capable, individuals that you will be happy to have looking after you in the nursing home, sometimes that means being in the same room as other people’s children while they’re working out how to be civilised. Like at a café. It’s just not the same for dogs.
2. You can leave your dog at home alone. For one reason or another, you’re not allowed to leave a two year old at home alone.

The comparison is stupid because the basic issue for both is the same. Bad behaviour is unpleasant for others whether it’s a dog or a child. I say bring your dog, but don’t let it get around being friendly to everyone because some people find it annoying, or sometimes downright terrifying. If you can’t do that, don’t bring your dog. I say bring your kids, but don’t let them tear the place apart and poke other people’s eardrums. Obviously from what I’ve said above I think our tolerance level for people with different social skills should be higher than for badly behaved dogs. But, like dogs, there comes a point where if you can’t sort your children out the polite thing is to drink up and leave the café.

So, sorry, that was a long way of saying people should be polite and tolerant, which is all it is about. The dog thing is just a non issue. By talking about it here we just run the risk that the guverment will think it is an issue and decide it has to do something about it. Now that would be genuinely annoying.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 9:11 pm 06 May 10

Awesome. I want a coffee with justin’s pig.

“Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does…”

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