Door-To-Door Oil Paintings

kermit 22 May 2008 48

I just had a visit from a gentleman claiming he was from overseas and was here selling oil paintings from fellow university students. “Art For All” was the name of the scheme If I remember correctly.

He was selling the paintings from about $150. I purchased one (Silly maybe) for $175, mind you it looks great and will definately put it up. He said a framer will give me a call in a few days to arrange a time to frame it for an additional fee (to cover materials).

I decided to look up this so called “Art For All” and couldnt find anything except for a few things about scams of people selling cheap chinese ripoffs and getting commission from the sales.

Keep an eye out for him in the next couple of days.

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48 Responses to Door-To-Door Oil Paintings
theblues theblues 4:42 pm 23 Aug 13

We got ‘hit’ in Forde in early August. Two young French students selling art from a van turned up and conned us. We only made a part payment and informed crime stoppers but they did not seem overly interested. They wanted us to either seek a refund or leave it as is.

Be very careful everyone.

spinact spinact 11:06 pm 19 Sep 11

You people have all been sucked in by a scam! I can’t wait until my cheque arrives from the Nigerian bank so I can retire to my island get away and never have to read such sorry tails ever again………

montana montana 8:08 pm 19 Sep 11

Just had a guy from brazil claiming he was an art.teacher trying to sell these paintings
In harrison area.

They were nice but I didnt buy any. At first he makes out that he merely wants your opinions
On thestudents paintings but then at the end he tries to sell them.

ori israel ori israel 4:16 pm 12 Jun 10

#45ori israel
16:12, 12 Jun 10
Quote Previewed comment:

first of all, those oil painting are 100% hand made for sure!!!! i’ve been in those places where the artists make them and you have no idea how talanted those artists are (each painting start from a blank canvas and made by ONE artist without any envolve of any machin)it doesn’t matter where are the artists from, you’ll find the SAME paintings exactly that made by the same artist in any art galleries for thousends of dollars, some people just take the story to far and say that they did the paintings. i don’t think it’s matter.
as long as you love this painting and it makes you fill good it was wors the money you paid for them. no one forced you to buy anything. it was youre chois, i was working as well few years ago in one company in California, i sold a lot of paintings and made a LOT of money!!! i never lied about anything, i never sayd i made the paintings, i allways said that i’m en art diller and i was the best!! i have more than 25 people that i’m still in touch with them and we r really good friends and they all know aventualy about those paintings and every time i talk with them they remind me how lucky are thay that i came to their door and how much they love the paintings!
those paintings are AMAZING!!! and they stay for very long time (more then 40 years at least)
sorry for my english mistaks. i’m from Israel and it’s not my lenguage…

sheyrl sheyrl 11:27 pm 14 Apr 10

“My mum bought an oil painting from the “starving artists” group of oil painting door-to-door guys about 20 years ago. turns out that today the painting is worth a lot of money because the artist is now a well known Aussie artist with paintings often going to auction for $5K plus. So…you can get lucky from this kind’s of thing. I reckon if you like the painting, go ahead and support the artist by buying it.”

Well that’s half your luck! Mine were not valued at that much…haha.

Postalgeek Postalgeek 7:30 pm 01 Apr 10

Just had a visit in Griffith from a young bloke from a ‘famous French art school’ with a ‘French’ accent selling art door-to-door for $300 per piece. He might’ve been legit, but I don’t think so 🙂 Certainly didn’t look like any style the Sorbonne would lay claim to. Several of the pictures had that distinctive sponged foliage that Chinese knock-offs so lovingly embrace. But, art is in the eye of the beholder, and if you do buy his stuff, let me know and I’ll show you my collection too.

jenn jenn 9:46 pm 27 Oct 09

A guy named ‘Uri’ turned up to my house in Franklin this evening with the same sales pitch. He had some sort of accent and was around 5’8″, short dark hair and glasses. I even got his mobile number!

I had a feeling it was dodgy, so jumped straight on the internet once he left. Thanks to this discussion, I have been able to identify several of the paintings he showed me on and have called the police to let them know he is in the area. Not sure if they care but at least I have tried to help.

sheyrl sheyrl 2:59 pm 10 Sep 09

i tried ordering one the paintings from overseas…I received it very late and I was hit by a large quarantine inspection fee. Plus it did not look like the They may look cheap but it costs alot to bring them in if you only get a couple! Be careful, they seem cheap to buy but you will be paying alot to get past quarantine inspection.

You are better to buy them from the people who knock on door or from a respectable website.

The ones from overseas do not come framed either. Make sure you get them framed or you end up with another unexepted cost…that’s why I would prefer to get them from sales people or an australian website.


ceepee1 ceepee1 9:35 am 09 Sep 09

Newcastle, NSW, Australia
They are everywhere. I had a young man come around last night at 7:00pm. My wife looked through the paintings for approximately 15 minutes (and that signals bad news for my wallet).
She called me out and the young man introduced himself as an artist from Russia selling art works completed by him and other struggling artist. I asked if they were originals and he said they were. He even told me how many layers each one was and where each artist was from. I asked which ones were his, and he told me it would be biased to disclose this.
My wife had selected 4 paintings for $95, $105, $135 and $145. Total $480. I asked him if he would take $300 for the 4 and without pausing said yes. I paid by cheque!!!
After he left I Googled ‘door to door art’ and found many forums such as this. I contacted the local police who mentioned that the sellers are being investigated by Crime Stoppers and themselves for fraud and unlicensed selling, In Australia there must be a contract when selling door-to-door and a 10 day cooling off period. I quickly cancelled my cheque; and will return the paintings to the man if/when he returns.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife loves the paintings but it was the blatant lies and the scheming done by these people that changed my mind about giving them money. I did a search this morning and found all 4 paintings online; 2 from Mexico and 2 from china. Even with posting it is cheaper. And paid with PayPal so guaranteed to be what I paid for i.e. beautiful oil painting REPRODUCTIONS.

TAD TAD 8:09 am 25 Mar 09

Same thing happened to me last night in MacGregor.Two young foreign males attended my home claiming to be Israeli art students selling art work from their art college in University to pay for their trip around Australia. They spoke at length about the quality of each piece, showing about 30 paintings, my wife let them in.

I googled and then asked them to leave. Boy was Mrs TAD upset at me, till I showed her the google results.

dorkus mallorkus dorkus mallorkus 5:48 pm 22 Mar 09

We just had an Israeli guy stop in at our place in Kambah as well. My wife – who’s usually far less tolerant of door-to-door hawkers – let him in and encouraged him to do a full exhibition of the portfolio he was carrying with him. I knew I’d read something about art students going from door to door, and a quick RA archive search turned up this thread.

The wife was this close to handing over $165 for a painting of a rose, which is available on that Doupine website for about $10. All the other paintings he showed us were on that same website as well. He was shown the door soon after, with no money having changed hands.

wkomar wkomar 9:46 am 26 Feb 09

ahhhhh RiotACT rox!

We had an Israeli guy come by last night to sell some paintings on Angora street in Harrison. Not knowing much about art we were considering it, he even allowed us to hold on to some of the paintings overnight so he can come back the next day. This just added to my suspicion, and then I find this thread with the doupine website linked, and sure enough the paintings I saw were on there.

The $220 “original” we were looking at is $17.95us + postage from

He will be back tonight, now I’m wondering whether I should call the police…

johnboy johnboy 10:49 pm 10 Oct 08

We’re glad we could help!

noon noon 8:47 pm 10 Oct 08

Had two Israeli guys with their student art work from Israel (representing struggling art students). Said price was for canvas & paint only, explained what the paintings meant and how much effort & heart went into it from the students. Bargained two very large original oil paintings of $680 & $630 each down to $1K for both.

Had to go to the bank, they came back later. In between, found this site and all paintings on – yes from China! They came back shortly later to get paid, told them where to shove their paintings!

Thank you guys for this web site, saved me $1K!!!!


BigDave BigDave 12:43 am 31 Aug 08

Can’t wait for him to knock on my door. I’ve got the cauldron full of boiling hot oil just nice and ready for pouring…

sky2008 sky2008 7:55 pm 30 Aug 08

I just bought two paintings from a french artist / door to door salesman in Sydney (in the Cantebury area) for $180 each. I really like the paintings but now I know they are not original. I didn’t ask many questions and looked on the net later. I read that these paintings sell for $5 in China and are bought by the salesman / “artist” for $75 and sold for around $150.My paintings are signed “Defour” and I was shown paintings of the sea, Paris(black and white and blue and white) , Venice, two of Mykynos, an abstract of a blue woman with gold foil and silver foil on the canvas, an abstract of 2 block figures in orange and an abstract of a fish wife. Look out for these. This was an extravagant buy for me. I would have preferred to give the money to the artist and not some backpacker willing to make money in this manner. I really thought he painted these works.He went through colours etc. I would classify this as an illegal activity.He should be ashamed of himself. I feel ripped off . They all should feel ashamed about what they are doing. Go pick fruit! Australia needs workers not criminals!Go do that in your own country. I hope this info is helpful to someone else.

Mish_Mash Mish_Mash 11:14 am 25 Jun 08

I think i had the same guy come to my door. He seemed really nice and spoke english really well and was quite happy to chat to us about his art and home town. Other than now reading about some peoples dubious thoughts on the paintings i thought they were very well done. I was particulary interested in one and he even held it up to the light for me to see the different layers of paint. So i had no doubt in my mind about it being a print. I was even allowed and encouraged to fell the texture of some paintings with the back of my hand. He was even quite happy to exchange phone numbers with me so i could have a think about my final purchase.

I havent actually bought anything from him yet but i wouldnt be regretting it if i did.

If you think it’s money well spent and you like it then that’s all that matters. $175 isnt much for a decent painting that you like. It just comes down to having some common sense before forking over your money, ie.. have a close look at it.

VicePope VicePope 3:13 pm 25 May 08

When we start worrying about dozens of Chinese artists chained to their easels, should we not also think about this being at least an outlet for some artistic feeling. And shouldn’t we be feeling the same way about the $8 t-shirt we wear, or the $30 frypan we use to cook?

Bungle Bungle 1:53 pm 25 May 08

Maybe to terrorism like other scams?


I have a wonderful self portrait of Osama Bin Laden in my lounge room – well the salesman said it was a self portrait. He said the $50 was going to feed his blind mother.

madman madman 11:04 am 25 May 08


Isn’t this just the same as downloading pirated movies or music from the internet? Maybe free or at a reduced cost?

It’s still supporting ripping off the real artist and putting them out of business… Plus, do you know really where your money is going?
Maybe to terrorism like other scams?

Of course you could still buy it to better off yourself but do you as a person have morals…

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