Drivers’ strike to impact bin collection in 23 suburbs

Dominic Giannini 28 October 2020 59
Waste collection in the ACT

Waste collection services will be disrupted on Monday next week. Photo: TCCS Twitter.

Household waste and recycling collections will be disrupted on Monday (2 November) due to industrial action by drivers employed by collection contractor Suez.

Missed collections will not be caught up as it would cause too much disruption to other suburbs, the Transport and City Services Directorate said.

Green waste bin services, bulky waste collections and the wheeled bin assistance service will continue as normal.

Rubbish collection will be affected in:

  • Chapman – waste
  • Chifley – waste and recycling
  • Coombs – waste
  • Curtin – waste
  • Denman Prospect – waste
  • Duffy – waste
  • Farrer – waste and recycling
  • Fisher – waste
  • Greenway – waste and recycling
  • Holder – waste
  • Kambah – waste and recycling
  • Lyons – waste and recycling
  • Mawson – waste and recycling
  • Oxley – waste and recycling
  • Pearce – waste and recycling
  • Rivett – waste
  • Stirling – waste
  • Torrens – waste and recycling
  • Uriarra Village – waste
  • Waramanga – waste
  • Weston – waste
  • Wright – waste
  • Yarralumla – waste.

Houses affected by the strike will be able to dispose of up to three large garbage bags for free at the following sites between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm from Saturday, 31 October to Sunday, 8 November:

  • Waramanga – Walpiri Place, off Namatjira Drive
  • Kambah – 66 Springbett Street, near the tennis courts
  • Gowrie – 7 Finlay Place, near the Scout hall
  • Weston – Hilder Street, at the Weston Neighbourhood Oval.

Alternatively, three large plastic garbage bags can be disposed of for free at Resource Management Centres at Mugga Lane in Symonston and Flemington Road in Mitchell between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm on the same dates.

Canberrans will need to show proof of residency when dropping off waste at these Resource Management Centres.

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Recyclable materials can continue to be dropped off for free at the ACT Government’s 24/7 recycling drop off centres at:

  • Jolly Street, Belconnen
  • O’Brien Place, Gungahlin
  • Baillieu Circuit, Mitchell
  • Botany Street, Phillip
  • Scollay Street, Tuggeranong.

For up-to-date information, visit City Services.

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59 Responses to Drivers’ strike to impact bin collection in 23 suburbs
Stephanie Carey Stephanie Carey 10:01 am 02 Nov 20

I’ve just been through Pearce and it seems quite a few recycling bins have been collected!

Capital Retro Capital Retro 4:17 pm 30 Oct 20

“Joshua Andrew Morgan if you’re going to drive that distance, passing the tip on the way, why not just take it to the tip..”

That’s a problem because residents are not allowed access to the tip face. Even if you do get in with a large truck you will pay about $110 a tonne.

Acton Acton 12:45 pm 30 Oct 20

“Missed collections will not be caught up as it would cause too much disruption to other suburbs,”
It is not acceptable to to disadvantage southside suburbs just so northside suburbs are not disrupted. This is grossly unfair treatment of all southside residents.
The obligation on the ACT Government is to ensure garbage is collected from all suburbs, not to expect southside residents to dispose of their own waste simply to save the contractor the inconvenience of rearranging their schedule to catch up on the missed collection/s.

Stephen Finnegan Stephen Finnegan 4:59 am 30 Oct 20

Southside again.

Shaun Salminen Shaun Salminen 10:20 pm 29 Oct 20

Good we need a strike and stop how much it cost to go tip

Joe Sesh Joe Sesh 8:59 pm 29 Oct 20

Tom Keogh trash daddy

    Tom Keogh Tom Keogh 9:49 pm 29 Oct 20

    Dolla Bill bro can I borrow your wheelie bins for a bit?

    Joe Sesh Joe Sesh 8:09 am 30 Oct 20

    Tom rubbish together, recycle together, wheelies boys for life

Jackson Bond Jackson Bond 8:04 pm 29 Oct 20

There are plenty of unemployed people out there would be happy to earn 100K a year in a cushy comfortable job. If the current drivers don't want to do the job that's fine, they are quite entitled to look for work elsewhere. Give the jobs to people who want them.

Steve Jones Steve Jones 6:16 pm 29 Oct 20

These drivers sook over anything. They drive a rigid. They start after 530am. They are home every night with their families.

Guys driving B-Double fuel tankers don’t even get paid this much.

Just remember these guys are paid by YOUR rates.

Jaimii-Taylah Burge Jaimii-Taylah Burge 12:44 pm 29 Oct 20

Janine Burge Lyons is on there

Alice Lee Ruckschloss Alice Lee Ruckschloss 11:20 am 29 Oct 20

Bibien Lee no bins for you

Jodie Nicholls Jodie Nicholls 9:45 am 29 Oct 20

Craig Nicholls I wish the cat had not been so good at catching mice this week!

ssek ssek 9:37 am 29 Oct 20

Get rid of them all and hire contractors on individually negotiated hourly rates.
Unions are so tiresome.

    JS9 JS9 3:43 pm 29 Oct 20

    So your happy to work for $2 an hour then ssek and be reliant on food banks, like so many do where individual contracts rule the roost.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    ssek ssek 4:17 pm 29 Oct 20

    I work as a contractor now, in a union free industry. I make a heap more than on a workplace agreement where under performing layabouts get the same as good workers. You are telling a blatant lie.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 6:02 pm 29 Oct 20

    Nobody works for $2 per hour. I think you are getting over-emotional.

Kim Robson Kim Robson 9:11 am 29 Oct 20

Jenna J Fit heads up

Kelly Hughes Kelly Hughes 8:00 am 29 Oct 20

Brad Hughes funny looking bus’s 😂

Tasha Lilley Tasha Lilley 7:21 am 29 Oct 20

Gucy Libson we cant go through too many bottles Friday.. your bins aren’t being collected on Monday!

Tasha Lilley Tasha Lilley 7:20 am 29 Oct 20

Claire Leahey-Butler Dean Hunt heads up!

Darron Marks Darron Marks 5:57 am 29 Oct 20

Wait what are the striking about anyway it isn't mentioned in the article ?

    Kitty Fredricks Kitty Fredricks 6:58 am 29 Oct 20

    exactly my thoughts.

    Kitty Fredricks Kitty Fredricks 7:05 am 29 Oct 20

    ...according to a clip on the Transport Workers Union page, one of the things they’re asking for is severance pay to be increased back to 3 weeks pay (it was reduced to 2 weeks last EA). Important, as drivers have to reapply for their jobs every 10years.

    And Enterprise Bargaining is happening: current agreement lapsed in February.

    Darron Marks Darron Marks 8:50 am 29 Oct 20

    Seems like a fair request was there anything else above said they wanted an hourly pay rise of $40 up from $37 an hour ?

Grace Emily Grace Emily 2:49 am 29 Oct 20

Sarah Finnigan I’ll go dump our recycling on friday. Glenn Archer is there any recycling that needs dumping from the old place?

Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 10:05 pm 28 Oct 20

This wouldn't worry me particularly most of the time, because usually I can go for weeks without enough rubbish to need to put the bin out. Easy solution to this for people; reduce the amount of rubbish you produce.

    Nate Mooré Nate Mooré 10:25 pm 28 Oct 20

    Julie Macklin family of 5, can easily last two weeks without a bin being emptied. People are precious

Stephanie Galic Stephanie Galic 9:53 pm 28 Oct 20

Rhiannan Knight-Moore this effects you xx

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