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grumpyrhonda 13 July 2008 11

Hi all,

 Could someone please recommend driving instructors?  My teen needs to have lessons to acquire a licence (God help me!) and rather than pick one out of the yellow pages, I’d like to hear personal recommendations or warnings! Manual or automatic. Northside or Gungahlin area.

Thanks in advance.


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11 Responses to Driving Instructors
astrojax astrojax 11:21 am 14 Jul 08

teen should learn to ride a motor bike before driving a car – will make a much better road user. s’my advice, anyway, though i guess too few will agree.

bike riders need to do proper rider training courses which were some of the best instruction you can get regarding being a road user. was ‘stay upright’, not sure if they still have the contract..?

the key should be an instructor who will be able to instil a good attitude, as well as teach the mechanical aspects of actually manouevering a vehicle.

johnboy johnboy 10:31 am 14 Jul 08

I think the big point is that the kids need to work well with the instructor.

The best instructor for me might not be the best one for you, so don’t pre-pay right away.

And make sure your kids know they can change at any time for any reason until they get the instructor who’s the right fit for them.

shanefos shanefos 10:29 am 14 Jul 08

Ruby Wednesday said :

I just got my licence a month or so ago (I’m a very late starter!). Ron Hayes was wonderful…

I agree. Ron at Pinnacle was a fantastic instructor when I got my licence a few years ago.

Far better than the dodgy guy (name escapes me) I had once that yelled abuse at someone out the window (someone kinda-maybe looked like they might not give way at a roundabout if memory serves me right, but certainly nothing to get so revved up about). This was midway through the lesson and he kept b!tching on and on and on about it.
Earlier he’d yelled at me for not understanding his overly complicated instructions on how to hold the steering wheel, but then again, people under the influence of crystal meth can be hard to understand sometimes!
Needless to say I only had one lesson with him!

SheepGroper SheepGroper 10:14 pm 13 Jul 08

Apex Driving School, they don’t pass you until you’re ready. When I was looking for a driving instructor a couple of years ago I asked for recomendations and the guy who recommended Apex had all his kids taught by them and was very pleased with the results. My instructor made a reasonably safe car loving driver out of an automotive luddite.

smee smee 10:04 pm 13 Jul 08

A friend of mine runs Apex Driving School, http://www.apexdrivingschool.com.au/ and teaches in a WRX. If he’s still teaching when my kids are old enough (5 years or so…) then that’s who I’ll send them to.

bigred bigred 9:53 pm 13 Jul 08

Someone gave that Samuel dude a licence. Don’t go to who he used.

Cameron Cameron 8:58 pm 13 Jul 08

Back when I did the whole logbook thing, my instructor fell asleep during my lessons on more than one occasion. I’d be happy to steer you away from that one if I could remember who it was. *shrug*

bubzie bubzie 8:42 pm 13 Jul 08

i got my p’s like a mounth ago or so, through city cross, (by the sounds of it, it also exists over your side..)

I was with road ready, but the instructor was hopeless..trained monkeys could do better!!

Tank Tank 7:58 pm 13 Jul 08

gday, i got my licence through a mob called road ready driving school and was happy with their education.

bd84 bd84 6:22 pm 13 Jul 08

remind me to keep off the footpath
lol sorry!

I think it’s more of a personal preference as to who is good or not and if you like the instructor. I did mine more than a few years ago with city cross I think the company is called? one instructor wasn’t that good and the 2nd was good. I think the company is still about and they operated on both north and south sides.

Ruby Wednesday Ruby Wednesday 5:54 pm 13 Jul 08

I just got my licence a month or so ago (I’m a very late starter!). Ron Hayes (Pinnacle Driving School) was wonderful. I think it took me nine or ten lessons in total. I bought two of the six-lesson packs, and I was refunded whatever I didn’t use. I learned automatic, though the school does teach manual as well. The log book is definitely the way to go.

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