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Drew9 1 November 2009 13

Hi -Does anyone know if there’s any drum circles in Canberra?

It would be fun I reckon.

Do they exist here in Canberra or do I need to head North to Nimbin or somewhere like that??

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13 Responses to Drum Circle
ex-vectis ex-vectis 1:04 pm 17 Feb 10

I’ve got a mate who goes to the drumming circle. I used to take the p**s out of him for going (load of ex-hippies sitting in a circle drumming?! – weird!) but he reckons it’s a great stress beater and its ‘normal’ folk who go along! Fair play, whatever.

Anyway, is that Soul Yoga place in Torrens new? I thought there used to be an Estate Agents there? They’ve got a few things going on there, including Chair Yoga (whatsthatabout!!??)! Its on their website http://www.soulyogacanberra.com.au under Weekend Workshops…

I keep meaning to give Yoga a try, but its finding time! Does anyone on Riot-ACT do Yoga? If so, is ‘Soul Yoga’ any good (as its quite local to me)?

pbajic pbajic 7:16 pm 22 Jan 10

There is a drum circle at Soul Yoga Studio Torrens shops every second tuesday night, 8-9pm. Recommences 9th feb.

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 3:31 pm 02 Nov 09

You can join a drum circle with Peter every second Tuesday at Soul Yoga – here’s the website


Also goes on to say: “research has found that the rhythmic sounds of drumming, which has the power to activate all brain centres, can achieve similar results to that of acupuncture & massage”. So there you go!

Trunking symbols Trunking symbols 2:55 pm 02 Nov 09

“Can you hear the drums Fernando . . ?”

deye deye 12:20 pm 02 Nov 09

You don’t have to be a hippy to like drumming and geesh what a way to welcome someone new to the site and to Canberra. No wonder people from out of Canberra have such a high opinion of the place.

PBO PBO 8:55 am 02 Nov 09

Head up the Federal highway for a few hours back the way you came from and you might find one there, you can cry about your father on the way. Hippy!

Drew9 Drew9 10:13 pm 01 Nov 09

thanks for the advice, cheers

deye deye 7:35 pm 01 Nov 09

Head to Commonwealth Park on a Sunday (or maybe it’s Saturday) afternoon. Down near the amphitheatre and castle. I think it’s mid afternoon. There are two groups that I’ve seen in that general vicinity. Just hang around there for a while and then head for the sound of the drums.

gingermick gingermick 4:44 pm 01 Nov 09

I agree with the toad.

bloodnut bloodnut 3:40 pm 01 Nov 09

good luck to you my friend – just do it far far away from me.

Local lass Kate is heavily involved in beatiung things with sticks. Sure she can point you in the right direction… you’ll find details at the site below.


lucy79 lucy79 12:19 pm 01 Nov 09

There’s a drum circle who drum at the Baptist Church in Kingston. Think it might be a paid class type thing tho.

harvyk1 harvyk1 11:52 am 01 Nov 09

They do exist in Canberra, not sure exactly where though (above Griffith shops springs to mind) or who you need to contact.

barking toad barking toad 9:52 am 01 Nov 09


Nimbin please.

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