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Eastman fit to burst after plea ruling

By Kerces 11 October 2005 18

A judicial review has found that “convicted police killer” David Eastman was fit to plead his case and instruct his lawyers back in the 1990s.

After this finding, Jon Stanhope as Attorney-General recommended that the ACT Government have nothing more to do with the matter.

For those that don’t remember all the ins and outs of the case, the Chief Minister’s press release has a timeline of events at the bottom of it.

Gwen Winchester, widow of Colin, said she is relieved the whole affair is finally over.

“It’s been a long, long time coming,” she said. “It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, a weight I’ve been carrying for 17 years. And it’s not only me, but the rest of the family has carried that as well.”

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18 Responses to
Eastman fit to burst after plea ruling
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Thumper 3:02 pm 13 Oct 05

It might….

You can never be sure….

Kerces 2:39 pm 13 Oct 05

Chris you must have your password or at least your computer has it because YOU’VE LEFT COMMENTS HERE and you can’t do that without being logged in.

So go on, be brave and hit the bloody “submit news” link.

It won’t bite, I guarantee it.

Chris 2:15 pm 13 Oct 05

PS – and I thought of a good heading too – Judiciary thinks breastfeeding sucks….

Chris 2:08 pm 13 Oct 05

Sorry Kerces – i did try that, but ‘ve forgotten my password, (don’t use it very often) so it didn’t fly – sorry – I did want people to know about this, though – only I can’t post without the password….

Kerces 12:08 pm 13 Oct 05

Oh and one last instruction: hit the save button below the “post” box.

Et voila, one story.

Kerces 12:06 pm 13 Oct 05

Chris: copy your comment, hit the “submit news” link at the top of the page, paste your comment into the big box (called “post”) at the bottom of your screen as you look at the page and think up some kind of heading to go in the “title” box.

Breastfeeding has nothing to do with Eastman so get off your arse and make it a new story ok?

Chris 11:14 am 13 Oct 05

Did anyone else catch this morning’s 2CC call from the young mum who’d been told not to breastfeed her baby in court by some pompous judicial bully ?
He apparently told her she could not feed her crying baby because he wanted her to concentrate on what he was saying. The ACT justice system has been a standing joke within out without our borders for some time now, but this is really outrageous.
I think this man deserves censure by the community and his own peers in the legal fraternity for sheer bullying arrogance. The woman from the Breastfeeding group that Jeffreys asked for a comment said the young mum in court should not have asked permission (which is what she had done) to breastfeed, she should just have gone ahead and done it – then hizzoner would have had have to publicly reprimand her and some alert reporter might have a story.

Kerces 9:11 am 13 Oct 05

More about Eastman in today’s CT.

Here he vowed exclusively (I think) to the Canberra Times to continue his fight as long as it takes.

And this one is about the government’s moves to evict him from his public housing place.

Jazz 8:51 am 13 Oct 05

he would have had to be in breach of his tenancy to be kicked out. he wasn’t and therefore….

oh, also heard something on the radio the other day indicating that he was in a tax payer funded house. yes – if you consider it’s owned by the govt, otherwise eastman wasn’t on an subsidised amount. he was paying market rate.

johnboy 6:22 pm 12 Oct 05

ABC News last night was making the point so I don’t know if we can claim all the credit.

Kerces 6:02 pm 12 Oct 05

Jacqui Burke obviously reads RA; she’s put out a release calling for the government to look at what the hell Eastman is still doing with a public house.

Thumper 1:41 pm 12 Oct 05

I’m not convinced either way but his bizarre behaviour ensured that he’d be pinged for it.

bonfire 12:54 pm 12 Oct 05

yeah, but you cant jail someone for being a fruitloop.

the jails would be overflowing.

eastmans problem is that because of the way he acted, he prejudiced his defence.

afp probably rubbed their hands with glee when they selected him for the murder/manslaughter charge.

missing from the whole case is ‘motive’.

and the guy who sold the gun allegedly used to whack winchester did not id eastman.

im not convinced he’s guilty.

Thumper 11:47 am 12 Oct 05

to be fair to the Government they are now beginning proceeding to have eastman’s lease terminated.

What a strange society we live in when the landlord has to take the lessee to court to kick them out even when they’ve been in gaol for yonks and are unlikely to get out for quite a while.

Anyway, the guy is a fruitloop.

Maelinar 11:31 am 12 Oct 05

I think they should tell it to the homeless guy at Kippax shops. He’s still around, although I should go tell him to hang out in Yarralumla, there’s some nice houses there that people are paying ‘market rent’ for.

Although I don’t think he likes the new entrance to the shops, can’t be that good for begging, he doesn’t show up too often these days (or maybe he’s just scoping out his summer residence)

bonfire 10:05 am 12 Oct 05

i still reckon he’s a patsy.

Indi 8:48 am 12 Oct 05

The issue of him maintaining his house provided by Housing will no doubt end up in court – in this case, Mr Eastman’s human rights will no doubt take precidence over the need to provide someone who is homeless with a place to live…

johnboy 8:14 pm 11 Oct 05

And for all of those 17 years ACT Housing has kept his free house waiting for him.

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