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Election ’13 – A call for questions

By Barcham - 7 August 2013 54


Every election RiotACT takes your suggestions for questions, finds the best 10, and then sends those questions to everyone running in the upcoming election.

Quite a few of them answer too!

It’s fun and informative and we want your questions!

Let us know what you want to know in the comments below.

[Image courtesy of Derek Bridges (CC BY 2.0)]

What’s Your opinion?

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54 Responses to
Election ’13 – A call for questions
Chop71 1:47 pm 07 Aug 13

For years Australia prospered through Agriculture, then through mining …. what will be our competitive strength in 20-30 years and how will you work towards achieving that vision? or will we just bumble along and see what happens?

poetix 1:45 pm 07 Aug 13

What is your position on gay marriage?

neanderthalsis 1:36 pm 07 Aug 13

Would you be willing to cross the floor on matters of strong personal conscience or of significant concern for your electorate?

A nice hairy one, especially for ALP candidates.

Thumper 1:29 pm 07 Aug 13

What is your theory on Brontosauruses?

And is it yours? Yours alone?

Ben_Dover 1:17 pm 07 Aug 13

1. What will you do to help make Canberra less boring?

2. Will you use your influence to help prevent the ACT Govt. wasting $$$$billions on a light rail system which is not supported nor needed?

3. The introduction of Siberian wolves into the ACT nature reserves would help reduce kangaroo and rabbit numbers in a green and eco friendly manner, while providing more excitement for the ACT population, are you in favour?

p1 12:21 pm 07 Aug 13

Do you believe you are the best person to hold the position you are running for? Follow up question – isn’t that attitude a little arrogant?

Holden Caulfield 12:16 pm 07 Aug 13

Do you think cyclists should be registered?!

How much longer do you think our taxes should prop local car manufacturing in the face of ever declining sales?

Why was there a public outcry when 1200 Ford workers got a three year advance notice of their sacking when, in contrast, nobody seems to care that several thousand Canberra-based APS could be sacked, starting as early as next month?

When do you think Australia will be grown up enough to have one of its own citizens as its head of state?

Do you the union jack is appropriate on the Australian flag?

beardedclam 12:14 pm 07 Aug 13

What is your stance on widening the tax requirements for organizations currently exempt from paying tax, specifically religious groups, considering the amount of revenue that could be raised by doing so to pay for community initiatives such as the NDIS?

Holden Caulfield 12:06 pm 07 Aug 13

To me the NBN seems like a great idea, can you tell me why you think it’s ace/a dumb idea.

arescarti42 11:45 am 07 Aug 13

Recent polling (Auspoll) shows housing affordability to be a critical issue for a majority of Australians, with 84% of respondents saying it was important to them or their families, putting housing affordability ahead of issues such as education, border security, the NBN and NDIS.

The same poll also revealed that 84% of respondents also believe that Australia is not performing well on housing affordability.

Australian Governments are failing badly on this issue of critical importance to Australians.

What would you do to improve housing affordability?

johnboy 11:44 am 07 Aug 13

Are you comfortable with the distribution of wealth in modern day Australia?

goggles13 11:07 am 07 Aug 13

What do you see as the priorities for the ACT in the coming term of Government?

johnboy 10:45 am 07 Aug 13

Only questions suitable for all candidates will make the list.

joingler 10:37 am 07 Aug 13

Apologies if this is a double post. A few from me

What are your views on euthanasia?

Do you support a High Speed Rail Link between Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne. If so, when do you think is a reasonable date for completion?

If elected and you were given a $1 million cheque to be spent in any way you see fit in your seat, what would you do with it?

Jerry Atric 10:32 am 07 Aug 13

Why does the Coalition want to build 6000 extra illegal immigrant places on Nauru if they are turning back the boats?

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