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Election poster vandalism in the inner north

By xcskier - 2 September 2013 29

I travelled to Dickson Saturday morning from Lyneham to see a variety of election posters set up intact along Mouat Street. 

However, travelling the same route on Sunday morning, I noticed that Simon Sheik’s posters were slashed or defaced.

The other posters remained intact.

Anyone else have a similar story of vandalism whether of the Greens’ posters or other parties’ posters?

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Election poster vandalism in the inner north
xcskier 10:16 am 03 Sep 13

I don’t mind TAMS going around removing posters that impair traffic views etc, but slashing or writing racial comments on a poster (see the other RIOT ACT item on Simon Shiek’s poster and ‘Arab Proofing’ the senate) is disturbing.

housebound 9:11 am 03 Sep 13

Alternatively, there may be no conspiracy or teenagers. Just zealous TaMS rangers.

Thumper 9:03 am 03 Sep 13

There’s a heap of signs knocked over along Barry Drive eastbound. No ideas which party as they were flat.


housebound 9:00 am 03 Sep 13

In the outer north, everyone’s signs were removed over the weekend, except for Andrew Leigh’s smaller posters. The Green’s and Katter’s posters had been replaced by lunchtime.

Election posters usually have a life-expectancy of about a week. The Greens should be happy theirs lasted so long.

OverLord 8:26 am 03 Sep 13

Holden Caulfield said :

I saw a poster with a fetching Mexican-style moustache on Kate Lundy’s face. IIRC it was heading towards the city on the GDE.

The same mo is on a slew of Elizabeth Lee posters on Horse Park Drive. That and Zed with sunnies, and the Rise Up! party all rockin’ pipes.

Deref 7:52 am 03 Sep 13

Obviously the Greens have someone terrified that they might succeed. They must be doing something right.

Spiral 7:25 am 03 Sep 13

On Saturday morning I noticed a whole heap of signs were missing along Drakeford Drive and Johnson Drive. When I drove along there, the only ones remaining were for the Greens.

thoughtpod 6:06 am 03 Sep 13

How can people who do this not realise that their actions reflect badly on other parties?

So, Liberal/Labor supporters are the type of people who try to undermine the machinery of democracy? Great – that really makes me want to vote for their candidates (not).

BimboGeek 11:51 pm 02 Sep 13

I am fascinated by the thought process at work here. This person has decided that the golden rule does not apply in this situation, that there is some greater principle than basic empathy. This is ethically valid in a utilitarian context where the individual is forced to be unpleasant to one person for the good of many (eg a judge doesn’t let prisoners free just because he would want to go free if accused).

Apparently letting individuals choose their own leaders does not suit the utalitarian goal? So this person thinks he knows better than everyone else and is afraid of the power of the people. What a narcissistic whacko!!

This is fun; who else wants to play amateur psychiatric profiler?

Sandman 9:31 pm 02 Sep 13

The Liberals are doing it. That’s what my 7 year old stepson told me today.

bd84 8:57 pm 02 Sep 13

Holden Caulfield said :

I saw a poster with a fetching Mexican-style moustache on Kate Lundy’s face. IIRC it was heading towards the city on the GDE.

Almost every poster on Horse Park Dr of every political persuasion has a candidate with a moustache drawn on, one is smoking a pipe. I think they have better things to do (or more people to annoy) than defacing their opponents posters..

JoeDempsey 8:47 pm 02 Sep 13

I’ve seen a bunch of racist defacing of Simon Sheikh’s signs as well. I called the office and they said they have volunteers who go out and replace them regularly – sounds like it’s been going on a lot.

peitab 8:05 pm 02 Sep 13

Same on Belconnen Way (between the GDE & ANU). The Simon Sheik signs were fine on Saturday, but on Sunday at about midday I saw a guy replacing slashed signs. Signs for the other parties appeared to be fine (maybe already replaced?).

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 7:40 pm 02 Sep 13

Some bright spark a couple weeks ago had spray painted over Simon sheiks signs changing abbot proof the senate to Arab proof the senate. Then on the other sign just a large stabs pray painted across it.


Holden Caulfield 6:38 pm 02 Sep 13

I saw a poster with a fetching Mexican-style moustache on Kate Lundy’s face. IIRC it was heading towards the city on the GDE.

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