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Ntp 3 July 2007 33

Just received a rumour that the PM may be calling a National Election early next month. Nothing on the news feeds as yet, any confirmations or denials out there?

[ED (Ntp) – To clarify; my “source” informed me the election date will be announced in six weeks time with the election 4-6 weeks after that.]

As taiyaki states in the comments;

“There needs to be at least 33 days between his visit to the GG and the polling day, so that rules out Aug 4. Usually Australian elections are the minimum (ever since Hawke went of for a long campaign and nearly lost governemnt), so if he were to call one for Aug 11, he would do so next Monday. Possible, but unlikely.”

Most pundits agree.

More info on Federal Elections can be found at the Australian Electoral Commission website and if you haven’t already done so it might be a good time to enrol to vote or update your enrolment if you have recently moved. I’ve printed off the forms for myself just now.

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33 Responses to Election rumours
el el 6:45 pm 05 Jul 07

What? You mean Johnny’s planning to spend his next term living in the Lodge?

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 6:43 pm 05 Jul 07

Oh, you must be referring to the removalist vans seen outside Kirribilli and the Lodge in recent days…

Sasha Sasha 4:34 pm 05 Jul 07

Not sure, Swissbignose, not sure. You could be right. One would have to be in a major department and need to know that stuff … otherwise one would just be speculating. There are, perhaps, other ways to tell without being an insider but I’m not telling!

swissbignose swissbignose 2:45 pm 05 Jul 07

Just a further comment along the themes of what Sasha is (I believe) trying to point out… there is no activity occurring in a major Government department that would indicate that an election is about to be called (and won’t be for at least 3 weeks)

Sasha Sasha 2:26 pm 05 Jul 07

VicePope, it’s a little unsettling that you are able to recognise PMC folk in Manuka or anywhere else, for that matter.

As for the major predictor of an election, I was just thinking that the PMs car driving to the GGs house is usually a good one … but there are others. Your response though suggests that you already know the answer (and it’s not the one you mentioned)!

VicePope VicePope 2:06 pm 05 Jul 07

Sasha – and what is it? Apart from PM&C people suddenly disappearing from Manuka?

Sasha Sasha 10:27 pm 04 Jul 07

There is one good predictor that an election is in the air ….

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 10:14 pm 04 Jul 07

It must be true. Rudd has already been measured for his APEC Dryzabone and Akubra.

Maelinar Maelinar 6:20 pm 04 Jul 07

I disagree, but Howard needs some kind of edgy reason to scare the populace into voting for him. Like some kind of Australian Terrorist being captured or something. Maybe something involved with the stuff going on in England at the moment. Oh wait, there is.

But then he’d need to make a few attacks on Rudd’s credibility, like he did of Latham in the leadup to the election, oh wait, there’s been those rumours surfacing about Rudd’s only a puppet leader…

Time’s ripe actually…

asp asp 5:41 pm 04 Jul 07

This afternoon, Mike from the Driveshow on 2CC was saying that he got word the election would be called soon, stating that his source was The RiotACT. He proceeded to mention RiotACT about five more times. Free advertising, thanks Mike!

Sasha Sasha 4:31 pm 04 Jul 07

I hope the PM doesn’t read this site! I don’t think he’s thought that goats from out of space could threaten our national security but I can tell you that with all this stuff going on, I’m more alarmed that alert. Have you heard that EXTRA police will patrol tonight’s third State of Origin match in Brisbane, following the arrest of Gold Coast-based doctor Mohammed Haneef in connection with terror plots in the United Kingdom. Definitely plausible. Lang park is a national monument after all ….

VicePope VicePope 12:11 pm 04 Jul 07

only if the goat was endangered. or cute (at least, in a goaty sort of way). or apparently intelligent.

Thumper Thumper 11:58 am 04 Jul 07

Yep, that seems par for the course.

Now if only we has a missile defence to stop us being eaten by giant mutant space goat….

The again, the Greens would probably open their loving arms to welcome a giant mutant space goat, before it ate them..

VicePope VicePope 11:52 am 04 Jul 07

Doesn’t the government need to get us frightened or hostile about something before an election. Say a terror plot, involving Al-Quaeda and the ACTU and the Greens.

Thumper Thumper 11:28 am 04 Jul 07

Hey, can I vote for two quotes for the pool room?

“happy friendly little politically correct chardy sipping chattering class black arm band leftist cardigan wearing leather elbow patched democrat voting wankers”


“It must be true, Germaine Greer said it.”

Ah, self promotion, you’ve got to love it 😉

Thumper Thumper 11:26 am 04 Jul 07

Oh well, according to the happy friendly little politically correct chardy sipping chattering class black arm band leftist cardigan wearing leather elbow patched democrat voting wankers, this is all about a land grab so the Commonwealth can use the lands to dispose of uranium.

It must be true, Germaine Greer said it.

Ralph Ralph 8:03 am 04 Jul 07

Indeed. Just the usual muppets.

TAD TAD 7:21 am 04 Jul 07

Move along nothing clever to see here

Sasha Sasha 11:13 pm 03 Jul 07

Dear TAD, no abuse intended! I thought you were being cryptic (or possibly very clever) with your nickname. The acronym has some meaning in this town. My apologies. No abuse intended. Not my style.

TAD TAD 10:03 pm 03 Jul 07

Geez Sasha I’m used to getting abused for my comments not my nickname.

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