Election Wrap – 14 September

johnboy 14 September 2008 16


The CT reports that Stanhope, Barr and Gallagher have announced they’d like to stage another Floriade scale festival in Autumn. Here’s a tip people: The punters don’t come for your events management, they come for the tulips.

Jon Stanhope has also been talking to Girl Guides, he thinks they and their rainbow awards are the business.


For those who aren’t familiar with the Mayor of Queanbeyan and candidate for Molonglo, the CT has a bit of a feature.


Zed has announced “A new way of listening”. He means up-gunning the auditor general, reforming FOI, and something about making MLA’s more accessible to the community. There’s even a policy document to go with it.

Jacqui Burke is having a go at a perceived lack of support for Havelock House by Labor.

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16 Responses to Election Wrap – 14 September
squashee squashee 11:55 pm 14 Sep 08

Mr Pangallo knew his friends needed all the help they could get. Only question is “which one did he vote for?” He endorsed three candidates for mayor, and all three failed miserably. Queanbeyan wanted positive change – not a repeat of the past many years. Hopefully the Pangallo Party will only gain a minority of the QCC seats and the Overall party will be able to help grow Queanbeyan. The only sad thing was that Mr Pangallo was too scared to stand up and fight for the job.

Knows Best Knows Best 11:04 pm 14 Sep 08

Pangallo voted ’cause he can’t let go of Queanbeyan. I understand they had to demand that he give the keys to the Mayor’s office back. Pangallo only has one loyalty and that’s to Frank. If ACT residents believe he is running for the ACT elections because of some altruistic sentiment for Canberra you are sadly misled. This is Pangallo’s ego at its best. They were sick and tired of him in Queanbeyan so he thinks he can jump ship and be a pollie in the ACT. If Pangallo is not successful in the ACT elections he will be back in the family home in Queanbeyan with his tail between his legs in no time!!

Bundybear Bundybear 9:15 pm 14 Sep 08

Love looking out for Grannie at the start of a thread, will she be sensitive and caring, insightful and erudite, or just a wee bit wicked and very funny. And then she goes and throws a curveball by being all whimsical (9) and wacky (11). My hero!!

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:11 pm 14 Sep 08

OK so NSW non-residents get to vote too. Bizarre. So retracted on my Pangallo comments.
But stunningly dumb electorally when his loyalty to ACT is being queried for Frank to be seen voting in Queanbeyan…

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 6:50 pm 14 Sep 08

On an Autumn festival:
I thought it was called the Balloon Festival – oh hang on – they stuffed that this year…

On Pangallo:
I too was amazed that he voted in Queanbeyan. He told us he has moved to Narrabundah. One would have assumed that someone as knowledgeable on electoral matters would have changed his registration when he moved.

So was Frank lying when he told Canberra that he is now a Canberra resident.
Or was he lying when he cast a vote as a NSW resident yesterday?
It can’t be both ways Frank…

Granny Granny 5:31 pm 14 Sep 08

They do also have theAutumnats cardboard classic you know! Now there’s an idea ….

Deano Deano 4:33 pm 14 Sep 08

Granny said :

And the carillon – is that not fascinating even as an adult?

I’m often fascinated by how they can completely murder a tune.

It was not so long ago that Floriade was just a pipe dream, and now it is a part of our cultural heritage.

The same could be said for Summernats.

Granny Granny 3:31 pm 14 Sep 08

Perhaps it is because I was raised here, but I still associate many of our tourist attractions with a special childhood magic.

I love the war memorial. Very hard to do properly with accompanying children, but even so. I think I could live in it for a week and still not see everything, even though it is a bit scary. As a child I used to have nightmares of being locked in after dark, and sliding down the wood in front of the mosaic exhibit.

The same with Blundell’s farmhouse. I am still just as thrilled each time I visit. I just can’t believe that anyone could actually live in that tiny little dollhouse, let alone raise six kids or whatever. We could learn a lot about sustainable living from the good Blundells I suspect.

And the carillon – is that not fascinating even as an adult? Not to mention that we often still spend a whole day just at Questacon, although we have been there so many times before.

I still enjoy the train rides at Cockington Green … I know, I know … and I have not yet even attempted the balloon ride thing!!

And what of paddle boating? How cool is that!

It was not so long ago that Floriade was just a pipe dream, and now it is a part of our cultural heritage.

An Autumn festival could be fun, if there was a point to it.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 3:01 pm 14 Sep 08

I thought there is something fundamentally wrong with a presumed ACT candidate who has registered an ACT political party in his own name voting in the NSW local government elections until I carefully read the enrolment criteria on the NSW Election Commission website: http://www.elections.nsw.gov.au/enrolment/local_government_enrolment

I think we can see where Frank Pangallo’s alliance might lie with the following snippet from the CT story:

Yesterday, Mr Pangallo handed out how-to-vote cards for independent mayoral candidates Ann Rocca and Kerry White.
He also put in a good word for Labor candidate Tom Mavec.
”I certainly have been supporting him,” he said. ”I think he would be one of the three I would support for the position of mayor.”

I wonder if Pangallo will be game to openly support the current Labor Mayor equivalent here in the ACT.

miz miz 2:33 pm 14 Sep 08

If they plant long lived deciduous trees with spectactular autumn colour throughout the city (not just inner north) instead of the drab, short-lived and limb-dropping eucalypt fire hazards of the past thirty years, it would make Canberra autumnal heaven.

Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 2:30 pm 14 Sep 08

Hmm – too much of a good thing … ?

I don’t particularly have a problem with trying to attract tourist dollars to the capital, but I do have a problem with attractions for attractions’ sake. (Hmmm – I’m getting flashbacks to the arboretum conversation last week).

If Floriade is a celebration of Spring, and people come from miles around to see the pretty flowers, what’s the Autumn festival going to celebrate? All the pretty leaves falling off the trees and dying? How terribly uplifting!

Not to mention the fact that US visitors won’t have any idea what this “Autumn” thing is, anyway.


Aurelius Aurelius 2:08 pm 14 Sep 08

Deano’s right. But where he put “Once you’ve spent a week in Canberra you have pretty much seen it all” he spelt “weekend” wrong.

Deano Deano 1:58 pm 14 Sep 08

Re: Labor’s Autumn Festival

Why do we persist with trying to build a tourism industry? For a start it is highly sensitive to economic conditions. A slight downturn in consumer confidence and everyone stays at home instead of going out on holidays. As a result the tourism industry and supporting economy is the first to suffer and suffers more.

Tourism is also not a repeatable business. Once you’ve spent a week in Canberra you have pretty much seen it all and there is no point in coming back. Floriade is pretty much the same every year, Parliament House hasn’t changed much in 20 years, most of the galleries in the War Memorial aren’t going to change much since the last time you visited.

This policy of putting on events to attract tourists is just self defeating. Instead of having a constant flow of visitors, these events consolidate visitors into a couple of peak periods which makes the off-peak periods worse. As a result the tourism industry cries poor in the off season and we get policy proposals like this one.

Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 1:54 pm 14 Sep 08

I’m getting apostrophe happy. Of course, I meant “Douglas Adams fan” … L

Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 1:53 pm 14 Sep 08

teepee said :

LOL. That’s the first policy document I’ve seen to quote Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (see pages 28-29)

Now, I consider myself a Douglas Adam’s fan … but you’ve lost me on this one. I think my page numbers don’t match up with teepee’s :S


teepee teepee 12:47 pm 14 Sep 08

LOL. That’s the first policy document I’ve seen to quote Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (see pages 28-29)

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