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Elliott to bugger off to Penrith next year.

johnboy 20 February 2006 15

ABC Online are reporting that, after what seems like an eternity of coaching the Raiders to mediocrity, Matt Ellis Elliott is going to Pentrith next year because his family wanted to live in Sydney and Penrith is as close as he can get.

Any tears in the Raiders Community? And will the next guy do any better?

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15 Responses to Elliott to bugger off to Penrith next year.
Thumper Thumper 9:54 am 22 Feb 06

I find it interesting that the Raiders are going to keep him for this year. His intentions are clear, he doesn’t want to be here for whatever reason.

Therefore I say get rid of him now and instal a caretaker coach. Either way, its doubtful that the Raiders are going to set the world on fire and it could be a good way to blood a new coach into the ranks of first grade.

And in Elliot’s defence, he really didn’t have the cattle to work with and one must also remember that they were running first for six or seven weeks last season until half the team got injured.

Good luck to him, its a professional sport so he needs to go where the money is and it probably isn’t here at present.

bulldog bulldog 4:52 pm 21 Feb 06

I say NO to ricky returning to this fair city.

Did hear that Chris Anderson from Bulldog’s noteriety is looking at the job. Still, doesn’t matter who they have at the helm, you can’t sculpt with more shit than clay.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:08 am 21 Feb 06

there has been rumours of ricky wanting to return for ages….nothing to validate…

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 8:02 pm 20 Feb 06

The ABC put forward Dave Furner, Kev Walters, and Smelma Finger. Can I jsut remind the Raiders management was an absolute dud Mal was at coach first time around, and there aint no Laurie Daley in the team to make him look decent this time…

Big Mal’s a Coaster – only half a coach

bonfire bonfire 6:10 pm 20 Feb 06

i didnt even know missy elliot played rugby.

the sheriff the sheriff 6:03 pm 20 Feb 06

personally, i think it’s time for him to go. the raiders kind of surprised everyone when we made 4th in 2003 with their simple game plan but i’m not quite sure why they stuck to it the following two years when the other teams already knew what we were doing. lets bring in someone who wants the team to play some exciting football.

can anyone add to the rumours that ricky is sick of phil gould interfering at the roosters and he wants to come back to the raiders?

lenny lenny 4:34 pm 20 Feb 06

Jumping off the sinking ship, good move

David Heidelberg David Heidelberg 3:26 pm 20 Feb 06

When Elliot first came on the scene, he spoke in detail about his five year plan.

Well at the end of the 5 years, what have we got? A team full of nuffies and rejects that are odds on for the wooden spoon. Congratulations Matty, you fucking tool.

bulldog bulldog 1:55 pm 20 Feb 06

Good point swaggie – that is no reason to leave Canberra – especially for Penrith. Anyone who has been there would surely have to agree. A Penrith education would be unlikely to compare to a Canberra education.

If the kids lived in the city and Matty was travelling in and out from Penrith on a daily basis he will miss Canberra all the more.

Sorry to see him go, but I’m a bit dissapointed he doesn’t come out and say that he wants to win a premiership and he has far more chance of doing that at the Panthers.

Swaggie Swaggie 11:47 am 20 Feb 06

Elliott has laid some foundations which any incoming coach is going to reap. I don’t get this ‘living in Sydney’ bit though – the place is a shithole apart from the harbour. He’s quoted in the CT as saying his kids want a Sydney education – can anyone really say Canberra can’t offer as good an education as Sydney???

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 11:38 am 20 Feb 06

In defence of Matt Elliot, he really has had no cattle to work with for the last few years.

He was always a voice of reason, wore responsibility for his sides performance and seemed a nice bloke a well.

I wish him well – and hope that Brian Smith decides Canberra would work for him…

Realistically though, Kevin Walters would be the next best bet – he knows the city, he’s been learning from the best, he has international experience and could tap into the Queensland player market and get the young up and comers that the Raiders have been missing.

The Raiders may go alright this year – Wiilam Zillman could be a superstar, and assuming that the Club is not decimated by injuries again, sneaking into the 8 is not out of the question.

bulldog bulldog 10:54 am 20 Feb 06

IMHO Matt Elliot will be a big loss to the organisation. He has backed his players, not gotten involved inthe whinging or the politics of the NRL and Canberra will hurt without him.

I predict yet more shitful preformances from the Raiders and flagging support from the populace inthe year to come – I pray it is otherwise, but I fear it is inevitable.

che che 10:44 am 20 Feb 06

I meant Penriff of course

che che 10:37 am 20 Feb 06

do you mean Matt Elliot the coach or Matt Ellis the singer is off to Perth???

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:36 am 20 Feb 06

I’m not unhappy too see him go…. it will interesting to see if it is the team thats shit or the coach thats shit… I suspect it is the team though!!

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