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Every city needs a bus to the airport

seepi 13 April 2005 14

I have just realised that there is no ACTION bus which goes to the airport.

This seems like a bit of an oversight – surely it isn’t that far out of their way – they go to Campbell Park. Even if the bus only went once an hour people would have a choice as to whether they waited for it, or chose to catch a more expensive taxi (complete with airport surcharge.)

Everything to do with the airport seems to be very very expensive, for no apparent reason. This doesn’t really help Canberra’s tourism trade, or our reputation as a world class city.

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14 Responses to Every city needs a bus to the airport
Chris 2:55 pm 18 Apr 05

Maybe the CT got it wrong all those years ago, but I can remember reading something about a ‘John Stanhope’ – maybe he decided it sounded more trendy to be a ‘Jon’ …?

Jen 8:13 pm 13 Apr 05

Yes I am referring to the Stanhope variety. My Dad was a John – the one without the ‘h’ annoys me too but I am more forgiving of the Stanhopes because his name is actually Jonathan (or Jonathon?). It’s just that Jonathan is a boy’s name, not a man’s.

johnboy 8:03 pm 13 Apr 05

Jen, you’re referring to the Stanhope variety of Jon’s I take it?

I’m fiercely a “John”, with an H, because my parents know how to spell (even if I don’t).

Jen 7:47 pm 13 Apr 05

I think our mate Terry Snow (the rich kid who owns the airport) did a deal with ACTION so he could scam more money out of us poor unfortunates. Write to ACTION & Jon-boy and kick up a stink & they might do something…

che 5:18 pm 13 Apr 05

I wonder if the antagonism between the airport development folks and the ACT Govt has anything to do with it all?

andy 2:47 pm 13 Apr 05

there is no action bus.
I know this, because our department has decided it would be a wise idea to move the entire IT division out there. With no prior thought for the people who need to be able to get there and back.
At least the parking is cheap.
There is apparently “ongoing” discussions between our upper management and ACTION upper management.

The Airport Shuttle costs 5.50 each way, or something similar, and has really crap timings.

There is actually a large number of businesses out there now.. but yea, transport is gonna be crap. I’m not lookin forward to it.

nameless canberra drone 2:38 pm 13 Apr 05

Even the Airport shuttle doesnt run on weekends. A friend of mine had to return to Tassie on Saturday afternoon. All that Action could offer was “Take the bus to Duntroon and walk the rest of the way”…
So this is how we treat our oh-so-valuable tourists!

bonfire 12:45 pm 13 Apr 05

action tried the airport bus thing and it just didnt work. i think they had abot 20 riders a day. im told that even the people that worked at the airport didnt use it.

there is a private ‘airport shuttle’ which runs from the civic interchange, but its only a few times a day.

Chris 12:44 pm 13 Apr 05

Some years ago theer WAS an ACTION bus service to the airport (you could catch it in front of the old Electricity House in Civic)- then the service was cancelled – probably because it was too cheap and easy.

10:30 am 13 Apr 05

Aaaaahhhh the benefits of private enterprise.
Taxi sur-charge??? Is that so that all the cab charges can pay more???

blossy 10:18 am 13 Apr 05

There is an airport shuttle, but its more expensive than a standard ACTION fare. Cheaper than a taxi though.

Ari 10:14 am 13 Apr 05

I hate to break it to you, but Canberra doesn’t have a reputation as a world-class city.

Not that this is a bad thing.

RandomGit 10:00 am 13 Apr 05

Pialligo needs a large hit of deforestation if people are to realise it exists on their way to Aldi.

Kerces 9:49 am 13 Apr 05

and I wish there was a bus to the airport, cos then there mgiht be a stop somewhere near Pialligo, that luxurious suburb to which my work has just moved and to which people without cars cannot get to very easily.

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