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Extra money going to buses

By GnT - 14 November 2007 67

The ACT government earned more money than predicted this year, so they’ve released a second budget promising $75 million to fix the public transport system.

There is no doubt ACTION needs it, after the government massively slashed bus services and completely stuffed up the system last year. Ther’s also little doubt the public would prefer better services ahead of tax cuts, as demonstrated by a comprehensive survey here on RiotACT.

However I’m a little confused. Only 18 months ago the territory was in dire straits financially and had to close 39 schools. What is the truth about our financial situation?

What’s Your opinion?

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67 Responses to
Extra money going to buses
nyssa76 9:45 pm 14 Nov 07

DMD, well la-di-da.

Weren’t you a ‘good boy’?

If the child has to ‘catch a bus’ for a school FOUR suburbs away, wtf does that say about our education system and 2020? Wtf does it say about the PE push in primary schools – what a waste of money, especially when the kids could have walked.

As a little kid, I had to catch the bus from West Ryde to Carlingford, as my mother moved us to West Ryde but didn’t change our school.

Mind you, I had a lot of ‘big’ streets to cross (had I walked) and last time I looked, no one wants to cross Drakeford Drive during peak hour in a car, let alone on foot.

Why don’t you start up a school bus system like they have in the US? Perhaps an hour or so with school kids will shut your yap?

bd84 9:41 pm 14 Nov 07

My dad did too Deadmandrinking, he also got up at 4am did his 20km paper run on his bike, got home in time to make everyone breakfast and iron his uniform then trekked his way to school.. I think it’s the token story of the 50yo+ man lol

Anyway ACTION + new buses = good. Mentioned above that they haven’t sold any buses since the budget got cut, true.. but they got rid of too many buses expecting that funding would come, which is now why services don’t run when a bus or two break down..

As for school closures there is no doubt that some of the schools closed were just too small to be viable, i.e. melrose primary and the other few schools which had

Deadmandrinking 9:01 pm 14 Nov 07

Well they can catch a bus, can’t they.
Stop whinging. I used to live 30km from my school as a young-un. It really isn’t that hard for a kid to catch a bus.

Nemo 8:27 pm 14 Nov 07

Our closest school is 4 suburbs away. Every child in our street attends a school more than 10kms away.

Your simplistic idea that kids are just going to the next suburb is wrong.

Deadmandrinking 7:39 pm 14 Nov 07

Or maybe little chubs can walk an extra suburb, Nyssa

boomacat 7:12 pm 14 Nov 07

What a shame that they cut bus services so badly in the first place, driving hard-won bus passengers back to their cars. Now Action will have to start all over again.

Really, I thought this schools issue was settled? The school situation in the ACT had to get real and consolidate. I think it was a good thing.

JC 7:06 pm 14 Nov 07

Well actually Sepi the buses they sold off were old and were replaced by the current batch of Scania’s that are on the road. Since the service cuts last year they have not sold ONE bus at all. So clearly the new buses are additional capacity.

As for the school issue you guys need to get real. They needed to be closed. We in Canberra were spoily by being run by the feds, the reality is it costs us way too much. School rationalisation may be a bitter pill to swallow for some but it was needed. There is only a finite resource (money and teachers) they need to be sent to where the students are, which now days is in the Tuggeranong Valley and Gunghalin. Clearly schools in Belco, Woden and Western Creek have to close or merge at some point. And yes it is to save money but if the government spent too much you would all be up in arms too. The government can never win regardless of what they do.

nyssa76 6:38 pm 14 Nov 07

DMD, instead of *gasp in horror* walking to their local school and thereby assisting in LOWERING the obesity rate of school aged children.

Deadmandrinking 6:10 pm 14 Nov 07

Well, $75 million for public transport is always good in my book, and to be honest, many of the schools that closed down were getting pretty useless, considering proximities to other schools.
Now the kids will have better buses to catch to the *gasp in horror* next suburb!

Mike Crowther 6:00 pm 14 Nov 07

The real answer is that the Stanhope government has deemed us, and I mean all of us, too irredeemably stupid to be worth talking to. The Costello report, which details the Territory’s true financial position has been sealed by cabinet and we voters are not allowed to know what it says.

O, and S4anta, the performance of schools had absolutely nothing to do with their closure, it was always about selling prime real estate to provide a war-chest for Stanhope’s run at getting re-elected in 2008. The bread and circuses started in the last few weeks in case you hadn’t noticed.

Pandy 5:49 pm 14 Nov 07

“ACT Light Rail are disappointed that yet another opportunity has be squandered with no announcement of funding for a proper feasibility study into light rail in the Territory,” stated ACT Light Rail Deputy Convener, Jonathon Reynolds

“As the primary mass transport in the ACT, buses have repeatedly and conclusively proven to be an ineffective and unattractive method of primary transport for commuters,” Mr Reynolds concluded.

The Federal Candidates present at the forum all agreed that light rail in the Territory was the only viable long term option for the ACT in its future public transport requirements and needs.


sepi 5:23 pm 14 Nov 07

Well pity about the busses they sold off to save money – now they’re having to buy new ones…

Simplfying the nightmare timetable system is a great idea though, and keeping all route numbers the same at all times – good idea.

Thumper 3:51 pm 14 Nov 07

They were going down the gurgler due to financial mismanagement and pet projects, thus the selling off of schools to sdave money, and, in the long run, make money from the inevitable sale of subsequent unused land and ovals.

caf 2:41 pm 14 Nov 07

This bit of the article seems worthy of picking out, given the complaints that we’ve seen aired here on the matter:

There will be direct services to the airport’s Brindabella Business Park from Gungahlin, Civic and Woden. There will be more frequent services to the Parliamentary Triangle and Gungahlin.

S4anta 1:54 pm 14 Nov 07

Simple. Shutting the schools have seemed to have enabled them to place funds going to underperforming schools into others area of the ACT economy that may need a kick along.

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