Eye surgery for presbyopia?

Gardnerz 5 February 2011 6

I have ageing eyes, apparently, perfect long distance, hard to read the phone book, script +1.5, has anyone had corrective surgery for this type of problem?

How many years does it last for? Any complications? Where did you have it done and how much?

By the way, I think glasses look Hot, so many nice designs, but cannot wear a multifocal.

Thank you


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6 Responses to Eye surgery for presbyopia?
Kath Kath 9:43 pm 06 Feb 11

I know someone who had great results with having one eye done at least 10 years ago – she now has one with long focus for driving, etc, and the other short focus for reading. Sounds mad but her brain adapted quickly, not sure what her age was at the time.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 9:02 pm 06 Feb 11

jeez…”…and there is currently no remedy…”

LSWCHP LSWCHP 9:01 pm 06 Feb 11

I started suffering from presbyopia about 5 years ago (early 40s). I got by with chemist shop readers for a while, and then eventually went for prescription multifocals for work. This was because I do a lot of computer work, and my screen is a different distance to where I read paper, so I was constantly changing specs at work.

The optometrist who did my prescription said it’s a normal part of ageing, it happens to most people starting in their early 40s and their is currently no effective surgical remedy.

This is, of course, a real pisser, and a much greater handicap than you’d imagine if you haven’t experience it. I have perfect long range vision, but I can’t read *anything* without specs. If I leave them behind when I go somewhere, and I need to read anything from a map to a price label in a shop, I’m stuffed.

So, it’s just something you have to put up with as you get old. And honestly, I don’t mind getting old. It beats the hell out of the alternative.

fabforty fabforty 8:13 pm 06 Feb 11

I had laser eye surgery when I was in my early thirties. I am now in my *ahem* early forties. It is still the best money I ever spent. It was with Vista.

While I don’t know enough about your age and eye problem, all I can say is that if you qualify (there are conditions) please have it done. It is easy, painless and pretty much immediate. You won’t know yourself.

My optomitrist was Mark Feltham who is a lovely man and great at his job.

Davo111 Davo111 11:04 am 06 Feb 11

why not have “reading” glasses as opposed to multifocals?

The only issue i can see is driving, of which there are many cars with large digital speedometers (yaris is the best example).

shadow boxer shadow boxer 3:14 pm 05 Feb 11

I had my eyes checked by an opthamologist recently and asked a similar question, he referred to it as more a young persons surgery and as you age the effects dont last long enough to make it worth your while.

Let me know if you get any different advice though…

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