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F*** YOU

By frank_parkingattendant - 14 February 2010 53

I am currently a parking attendant at the carpark at hyperdome and what you guys dnt understand is we have a job to do just like all you other people. exiting the carpark with out paying for your ticket is against the law just like any other store you go into. We do have cameras to get your registration so dont even think about running the gate!!! you have two hours free parking and after that you will need to pay. We do give you alot of time to get in and out of the Hyperdome. At the civic mall you dnt even get anything for free. Once you enter the civic carpark you need to pay. When you enter the carpark on a Friday night after 6 you do get free parking, but that is only if you enter AFTER 6!!!

And to all you mother f***ers who complain, f*** ya all you fucking cheap f***ers. its afew dollars so just pay it instead of giving me s***!!!!!

[ED – The stars are mine. I normally enjoy a good flame, but as I wouldn’t be seen dead in the hyperdome car park I’m a little mystified.]

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53 Responses to
F*** YOU
Icepoet 10:29 am 14 Feb 10

Something tells me Frank is about to pop up in a course for ‘customer relations’ very soon.

mikal 10:07 am 14 Feb 10

Limelight do validate tickets.

Swaggie 9:50 am 14 Feb 10

It is automated Punter and to their credit the old girls who used to man the exit booths before automation were always unfailingly civil and polite. Same can’t be said for Centre Management or the brain dead Morons who call themselves “Security”

Tooks 9:37 am 14 Feb 10

Cranky Franky, it might be time for a career change. I thought the Hyperdome was fully automated?

shiny flu 9:23 am 14 Feb 10

Let me help you on the way to a better life Mr. Frank:

The words “do not” can be abbreviated with “don’t” and not “dnt”

Other than that your petty rant (or should it really be called a whinge) was quite good on the spelling front, in fact it’s quite the achievement in comparison to Riot Act’s Ranters Hall of Fame.

By the way, Happy Valentines Day. I would give you flowers/chocolates, but I’m afraid you’ll murder me with a boom gate.

NeedHelp 9:23 am 14 Feb 10

Frank, what actually happened? Details with no regos would be great. Was it a late model Toyota, grass green in colour? Then I’m sorry. I truly am. PMS is my only excuse.

Mathman 9:15 am 14 Feb 10

Punter said :

I was under the impression the Hyperdome was completely automated with ticket machines to manage the car park, no more ‘toll booths’.

I knew it was a bad idea to connect the parking system to the Internet.

taninaus 9:06 am 14 Feb 10

There is one lonely personed booth in the top carpark near Coles – Frank is probably in that one. Frank if they would improve the signage re Fri night parking you might get more joy – if it says entry after 6 it is in very little writing as all I see is Friday night – to me that is anytime after finishing work on Friday!

Glad you could get your frustrations out and I promise I am one of the people who are usually nice to you.

Postalgeek 9:01 am 14 Feb 10

Definitely flame of the month

Punter 8:47 am 14 Feb 10

I was under the impression the Hyperdome was completely automated with ticket machines to manage the car park, no more ‘toll booths’. On the side Frank, does the limelight cinema validate car park tickets the way Hoyts used to?

buzz819 8:40 am 14 Feb 10

Sorry Frank, you gonna have a coronary?

I have a feeling that you don’t really like your job, I can possibly give you a hug next time I’m down there.

astrojax 8:35 am 14 Feb 10

where’d my ‘a’ go? ‘a frank assessment…’

Feathergirl 8:34 am 14 Feb 10

Hahahaha, Frank, you obviously feel strongly on this issue. Let me guess you just served an especially cranky, probably older bloke who asked to talk to your boss, and are still seething with unfairness of it all. Let me just say never work in any type of call centre or government shopfront, Medicare etc or you will really cry.

astrojax 8:34 am 14 Feb 10

this is clearly very frank assessment of the situation – that said, despiTE LACK OF CAPITALs in odd places, etc: flame of the month?

trevar 8:31 am 14 Feb 10

The Horrordome just got a whole lot scarier!

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