Family and Community Day – the verdict

GnT 7 November 2007 32

The idea of a public holiday for a horse race in Melbourne is a joke. However I’m not one to look a gift racehorse in the mouth and I enjoyed my free day with my family and community. I forgot to watch the race, but plenty of Canberrans had a flutter with ACTTAB reporting no change in takings on previous years.

So what did everyone get up to? And do you declare the idea of a public holiday on the first Tuesday in November a great day to bond the community together, or a waste of time when we could have been getting work done?

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32 Responses to Family and Community Day – the verdict
Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 7:54 pm 08 Nov 07

I’m guessing that if you’ve got a cool room chockers full of chickens, you’re probably regretting ordering the same as last year!

As far as restaurants go, really how many high-brow places are open, and if they are, busy, on a regular Tuesday night? I be a liar if I said last Tuesday was outside of the trading range for anyone who opened for business.

Sure there’ll always be a few butt-maggots squealing about how the world will end and their children will be orphaned but in the end, and without exception, they’re just a minority of annoying little pustules on the shaft of reality … still clinging to the “squeaky wheel” principle in the absence of being able to think of anything better to fat-mouth off about.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:31 pm 08 Nov 07

chicken shop -owner-.
Nobody else except that one poor deranged individual seemed to want to defend the chickenmen, so it seems to have been an isolated case, unless we see a headline that chicken sales were noticably down citywide for the same day last year.

dalryk dalryk 3:00 pm 08 Nov 07

I lazed around the house till midday, then did some shopping in the afternoon, then went round to a friend’s place for some drinks.

As has been mentioned once or twice; for all the hype about canberra being a ghost town, the Canberra Center was doing a roaring trade and Glebe park was full of people.

I don’t know about the restaurants on Tuesday night, but we went out for dinner on the Monday evening and everywhere seemed pretty busy. Much busier than they would have been if everyone had to work the next day.

All in all, it seems to me that the world didn’t implode and business coped just fine. Individual chicken shop owners may have been ruined for life, but other businesses got a boost, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the economic outcome was neutral at worst.

bd84 bd84 8:59 pm 07 Nov 07

Make it the Monday instead, then we can still waste half a day with the office stuffing ourselves before watching the horsies for 3 minutes.

I think the holiday went to people’s heads though. I nearly cleaned up two morons driving to work this morning who think the give way laws don’t apply to them. maybe not such a good thing??

audere et gaudere audere et gaudere 8:52 pm 07 Nov 07

Doomsayers want to pull the pin on the holiday. Do they begrudge other sectors profiting? We rushed retailers; bought shoes/hats/frocks.Kids crafted fascinators. Friends’n’all stampeded races. We’d have partied on but on radio head of restaurants association said, “Nothing’ll be open”. Good luck to restauranters. They deserved family time too. Manuka will recover during “Canberra by the Sea”. It’ll be saturated with Sri Lankans and Indians with 3 International Cricket Matches on 10-12, 30 Jan, and 12 Feb.

Workaholics and obsessive money-makers screw up their lives and kids. Who wants to end up a cardiac cripple anyway?

Carpe Diem! Enjoy the break.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 8:36 pm 07 Nov 07

Hey Shiny, how were the trails at Stromlo? We were thinking of a ride yesterday but were worried about stuffing the trails after this rain we’ve been getting.

shiny flu shiny flu 8:15 pm 07 Nov 07

I rather enjoyed it, slept in. Went to work. Not busy, very few customers. Got paid lots of $$ for just 4 hours of my time. Went for a nice long ride out at Stromlo.

kylearaus kylearaus 7:53 pm 07 Nov 07

Crowded House Concert – Sydney Entertainment Centre and Wednesday to recover and drive through the pouring rain back to Canberra. Excellent

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:21 pm 07 Nov 07

“But MkII? So there was a MkI Mini Maelinar, and a revision or improvement has been made?”

Shouldn’t that be v1.2?

Congratulations, mate. I hope you’re not giving them NZ citizenship! 🙂

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:51 pm 07 Nov 07

Hooray for Lord Maelinar, whom I have never met and wouldn’t recognise unless introduced.

But MkII? So there was a MkI Mini Maelinar, and a revision or improvement has been made?

SamTSeppo SamTSeppo 3:49 pm 07 Nov 07

Ditto to DarkLadyWolfMother. The ANU was actually fairly busy, though it was all us foreigners. Overall, a f–king retarded holiday. If you’re gonna give off Tuesday, make Monday a holiday, too.

lemaChet lemaChet 3:15 pm 07 Nov 07

congrats maelinar.
I spent the evening before with family.. and the day itself at extended family’s house. Whether or not they were there, is irelevant.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 2:33 pm 07 Nov 07


OzChick OzChick 2:33 pm 07 Nov 07

Went shopping at Woden Plaza and the Canberra Centre…

Lord Mælinar Lord Mælinar 2:22 pm 07 Nov 07

I am pleased to announce Mini Maelinar Mk II was born on Family and Community Day. In response to the question, I was in the maternity ward at the hospital all day.

DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 1:10 pm 07 Nov 07

I ended up at work anyway. The only difference was I was the only one there, so I actually got work done.

Works for me.

BigDave BigDave 1:07 pm 07 Nov 07

I had a marvellous time just relaxing. And why shouldn’t we have this day? We work like bloody trojans all year round just to be told that this has cost the economy a vast amount of money. Well, all you whinging business owners can go kiss a smoking dog’s turd for all I care. You make enough money out of us all the rest of the year (including shoving your prices up at Xmas, Easter etc. etc.), so shut up! Life’s tough, deal with it!
If they do away with it next year, I’ll just go sick anyway. See? No saving!

Blewy Blewy 1:06 pm 07 Nov 07

I would have preferred to be at work. You work till 12, have lunch, sit around eating more food, drinking champagne until the big race hits and then spend the rest of the afternoon drunk, giggling to customers. It’s a great work day. I missed all that this year. Sat on the couch watching the race. Still a nice day with my wife, but would have definately preferred to be at work for half a day and have another day off in August or something like Eftb mentioned.

les les 12:58 pm 07 Nov 07

the racecourse was pulling in a decent income yesterday. pity they were so disorganised and didn’t seem to realise that a public holiday would mean bigger crowds than normal. 45minutes in line for a portaloo is not my idea of fun. neither is waiting 1 hour for a drink. But it was still a fun day out. lots of families having picnics and stuff.
Dickson restaurants were doing a roaring trade in the evening. much better than a normal tueday night, all the punters out celebrating over dinner and more drinks. A pity some businesses decided to believe the hype about a ghost town and not open, there was less choice than usual but everyone packed into the restaurants that were open.
I’m all for public holidays, especially ones that break up the week and make the working week shorter.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 12:42 pm 07 Nov 07

Interesting to note – the ACT Chamber of Commerce and Industry were closed on Monday as well as Tuesday. I’m sure their struggling small business members would have been pleased to hear their subscription fees allowed everyone in that office to have two days off!

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