Fatal hit and run in Gungahlin NYE?

Felix the Cat 2 January 2008 26

I just caught a quick blurb on the news about this. From the footage it looked like the road that the (unoccupied…) cop shop is on just out the front of the townhouses there. Anyone have any info on this? I tried the online Canberra Times but of course there was nothing there.

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26 Responses to Fatal hit and run in Gungahlin NYE?
Emma Emma 1:40 pm 10 Sep 08

I went to school with Amaranta for 4 years. She was my friend and I loved her. I think that no matter what they were arguing about and how wasted either of them were. This was not supposed to happen. She was a beautiful person with so much going for her. It shouldn’t have happened this way. He would have seen her. He knew she was lying there. It might have been a split second thought that just jumped in his head. and he went thru with it. Now, all her family and friends have to move on and live life with out her. Sadly, its the same for him. I Hope he goes away for this. Maybe not forever. But for a very long time. Her life was taken from so many people. and for what?? Amma isnt even here to tell us her side of the story and thats why he should be put away. He took her from us, Far to early and for all the wrong reasons. Mr Evil. You don’t know her or him for that matter. who are you to judge?? I know its months later. But, Me and all of her friends still think of her. Rest In Peace Amma x x

Thumper Thumper 8:09 am 04 Jan 08

It’s all speculation kiddies, except the fact that lying on a road at night is not the smartest thing possible (as stated by H)

popgoescanberra popgoescanberra 9:19 pm 03 Jan 08

While they were obviously both nutcases, I would suggest Canberra’s awful street lighting played a little part .

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 9:06 pm 03 Jan 08

Perhaps ‘blinkered’ by a prohibited substance sepi.

Either way it’s pure speculation.

sepi sepi 9:04 pm 03 Jan 08

If he was doing 30 he must have seen her, unless he had his lights off.

H H 6:29 pm 03 Jan 08

You don’t lie down on the road to prove a point, no matter how wasted you are. On tele. the driver will always see you and stop and you have a wonderful loving “make up after the fight” moment. In real life you get dead, especially when you are wasted.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:20 am 03 Jan 08

Speeding? The articles I have read he is reported to have said he was only doing about 30km/h.

sepi sepi 9:08 am 03 Jan 08

It is very very sad.

It will be interesting to see what the ACT courts do with this one.

It could have been a really sad accident – except that he was speeding, unlicensed, and failed to stop.

Very sad for both families.

shauno shauno 12:46 am 03 Jan 08

Its not the first time in Canberra it happened I guess 10 years or so ago to a friend of one of my mates. Same thing although they will never know exactly what happened but he was run over while sleeping on the road in Griffith or Red Hill cant remember now and he was drunk and stoned I think.

Sands Sands 10:13 pm 02 Jan 08

I’ve done some stupid, stupid things when smashed, some of which have ended in serious injury ahem, but lying in the middle of the road – mate, that takes the cake. Hopefully she was too wasted to have realised how stupid she was in the last few seconds.

darryl_smith33 darryl_smith33 8:46 pm 02 Jan 08

Rule 1 = if you can’t handle alcohol (or any other substance) don’t lie on the road
Rule 2= if you can’t handle alcohol (or any other substance)don’t drive a vehicle. Yep, they had it coming!!

JD114 JD114 1:56 pm 02 Jan 08

Was Amber Jayne Westin involved? Perhaps she was tutoring the young lad: “don’t worry mayte, you kin do innyfink in this town and git let off”.

From all reports sounds like a really classy bunch of people involved and no surprises the Darwin Awards link has been raised.

Lilli Lilli 12:27 pm 02 Jan 08

Perhaps he had consumed a little too much of the ‘prohibited substance’ he was found with..

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:12 am 02 Jan 08

Maybe he reversed to see what the mighty thump he’d heard was?????

How the hell do you not see someone lying on the road?

Typsy McStaggers Typsy McStaggers 11:10 am 02 Jan 08

I’m sure I heard on the news this morning she was run over twice? How does someone run over someone by accident twice?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:02 am 02 Jan 08

Top bloke!

Thumper Thumper 10:51 am 02 Jan 08

Update from the SMH

Canberra police said Wayne Antoniazzo would appear in ACT Magistrates Court this morning to face the manslaughter charge and three other charges relating to the incident – driving while disqualified, possession of a prohibited substance and failing to stop after an accident.


Thumper Thumper 10:46 am 02 Jan 08

Tragedy all around….

GnT GnT 10:39 am 02 Jan 08

Nomination for the Darwin awards.

fozzy fozzy 10:32 am 02 Jan 08

Based only on the SMH coverage, it’s all pretty sad. The guy was by no
means an angel. He seems to have driven off in a huff at his
girlfriend, she’s gone to sleep on the road, he’s come back not seen
her and run over her. Then panicked and run off.
So one guy is now likely to spend a number of years behind bars and a
family are mourning the loss of their daughter.

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