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Federal Election ’07 – Call for email interview questions!

By Administrator - 20 October 2007 105

OK, so yesterday Howard called the long expected election date for the Federal Election being November 24.

With a date now set Riot is reinstituting a long neglected feature being the email interview. We are going to send a set of 10 questions to each Senate and House of Reps candidate in Canberra’s electorates with questions coming from the best that are submitted from our readership. So submit your questions below and remember these are questions that will be sent to all candidates so don’t make them party specific and we wont be selecting any that are rude or childish – controversial and inflammatory is fine though 😉

For those interested the ABC’s Election coverage can be found here.

This post will be bumped to the top of the page each morning this week and the final 10 questions will be chosen over the weekend and emailed to all the candidates next Monday, October 22.

What’s Your opinion?

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105 Responses to
Federal Election ’07 – Call for email interview questions!
Cameron 2:59 pm 15 Oct 07

LG – it’s been on here for a few months now. He was probably one of the first paid advertisers.

LG 2:22 pm 15 Oct 07

Just noticed the Troy Williams ad on the site. that was quick!

LG 2:21 pm 15 Oct 07

+1 to Thumper’s question.

“As a ‘safe’ candidate, what have you done during the last 3 years to deserve the benefits of a safe seat?”

Thumper 2:11 pm 15 Oct 07

Or to McMuppet, ‘when are you going to do something?’

You cant be nonconfo 2:08 pm 15 Oct 07

How about: “gimmicks and lame rhetoric aside – what are you actually going to do for Canberra?”

poptop 2:05 pm 15 Oct 07

1. What would you like to see as the first piece of legislative change brought about by your Government?

2. What are your personal goals for your first year representing the ACT?

3. On which issues do you disagree with your Party’s stated position?

p1 1:50 pm 15 Oct 07

I would like to see a regular employment application style Resume (CV) for each person, just as you would expect from any other potential employee.

grundy 1:13 pm 15 Oct 07

What is your current stance on the state of Broadband in Canberra and what do you plan to do to improve this service?

Mr Evil 1:05 pm 15 Oct 07

Do you think that it is important for the Prime Minister and their family to live in Canberra?

mlm 12:59 pm 15 Oct 07

What is your experience or qualifications in economics?

Jonathon Reynolds 12:51 pm 15 Oct 07

Sorry… I have to ask these:

(a) If you win government (or hold a balance of power on the cross-bench) will you actively support and commit to the relocation of a major Government Department or Agency to Gungahlin in your term.

(b) If you win government (or hold a balance of power on the cross-bench) will you actively support (via funding) the construction of a comprehensive, fully integrated public transport system incorporating Light Rail for the Capital Region.

Jazz 12:34 pm 15 Oct 07

I am a big fan of the responses we’ve had from this one in previous election campaigns.

Suppose that you and I (the candidate) are stuck in an elevator for 5 minutes. You know nothing about me other than i’m in your electorate. What do you say to convince me to vote for you.

Cameron 12:21 pm 15 Oct 07

Can you give us a PRACTICAL example of what WILL benefit CANBERRA if you are elected to Parliament as opposed to your opponents?

Maelinar 12:02 pm 15 Oct 07

Do you consider that making observations about the structure and makeup of the other major political party as beneficial to your own party’s role in the election ?

Joe Canberran 11:17 am 15 Oct 07

Email interview… cool!

Ok, how about:

“Are you in favour of fixed election terms? Why or why not and if so what length of term are you in favour of and why.”

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