Feel the Liberal’s Force!

johnboy 7 November 2006 16

The amorphous Canberra Liberals have announced that they’ve been out “in force” to debate policy and have passed 20 motions (no, Steve Pratt wasn’t one of them).

They claim to have passed 20 motions, seven of which they’ve chosen to share with us. The first two were “Stanhope is bad M’kay”, but here’s the other five:

Motion 3 The ACT Liberals will provide the same level of protection against terrorism that is available in every other jurisdiction in Australia. [OK, so no matter how bad or ill thought out the other legislation is we will blindly follow? Why do we have our own legislature again?]

Motion 4 The Canberra Liberals agree to establishing an ACT Policing performance target requiring a manning profile of 60% of the sworn officers to have had at least 5 or more years Australian domestic experience in policing. [Let me get this right, you’d cap the capacity to bring new recruits into the force??]

Motion 5 That Canberra Liberals strongly support the health-conscious, affordable and environmentally-friendly practice of riding bicycles in the ACT and that we will investigate ways to maximize the safety of cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. [Pedal power can chalk up another victory!]

Motion 6 That the ACT Liberals condemn the decision by the Stanhope Government to construct a prison given the failure of the Government case for building a prison. [I think this means they are now firmly opposed to building a prison in the ACT rather than quibbling over the timing]

Motion 7 That ACT Liberals support free parking at hospitals. [Why not have proper ticketed parking with legitimate patients getting their tickets validated after treatment?? Then freeloaders could be charged and the patients can get a park]

Apprently this will set them up to “go into the 2008 Assembly elections with our most robust and strategic policies ever, developed in full consultation with the community”

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16 Responses to Feel the Liberal’s Force!
publius publius 6:51 am 09 Nov 06

Against a background of all the email controversy recently, the Libs needed to display some imagination by coming up with some exciting policies. Have to say …underwhelmed by all of these. Stanhope has nothing to worry about, that is very clear.

Indi Indi 1:38 pm 08 Nov 06

seepi – please tell me you’re taking the puss…

Independent’s could be a thing of the past, we would all be better off if the Dem’s didn’t screw things up monumentally…and heavens, we’re already staring down the barrel of another Green member due perhaps to a leaking of vote to them from labour…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:55 am 08 Nov 06

yup you are pretty much right there 🙂

youshould_knowthis youshould_knowthis 11:49 am 08 Nov 06

Absent Diane,

I’m pretty sure you weren’t going to vote Liberal anyway………..

seepi seepi 10:04 am 08 Nov 06

i just hope there will be some sane independent candidates – bring back Roslyn Dundas and Kerry Tucker i say.

Al Al 10:00 am 08 Nov 06

But their magician’s sleight of hand seems to be working doesn’t it? Everyone stopped talking about their pathetic infighting…
AD: I don’t know about them being reasons to vote Labor, but definitely independents. We need a minority government with independents with the balance of power, so there is some responsiveness to the community through the periods BETWEEN elections.

Pandy Pandy 8:23 pm 07 Nov 06

These motions were from the membership base. I am sure the list of 20 includes amending motions.

Motion 5 was toned down from “having more cycle lanes”.

What about the motion they had from the southern branch to make it compulsiory to have all new cars run on 85% ethanol? What happened to it? It was high-up in the list of things to discuss at their convention.

vancouver vancouver 7:54 pm 07 Nov 06

The Liberals would like to announce that they will say anything as long as it seems they have an opinion

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:29 pm 07 Nov 06

Motion 8: The ACT Liberal Party members would like to declare that they can’t really think for themselves – so they’ve borrowed a few ideas from Reichmarshal Howard.

P.S: Steve would like to add that we need more Police.

P.P.S: Bill would like to announce that if he becomes Chief Minister it will no longer be illegal to play with your mobile phone whilst driving.

boomacat boomacat 4:28 pm 07 Nov 06

its a shame because an effective opposition is really important to the healthy functioning of a democracy

Absent Diane Absent Diane 3:28 pm 07 Nov 06

every single one of those motions are reasons for me to vote labor.

simto simto 3:25 pm 07 Nov 06

I suppose they couldn’t actually end the press release with “This is the same old shit we’ve been going on with forever, but we still live in hope that the Labour Party is enough on the nose to let us win anyway”.

boomacat boomacat 2:41 pm 07 Nov 06

new robust policies? sounds like the same old shit they’ve been driviling on about for ever

simto simto 12:59 pm 07 Nov 06

If that’s their most robust and strategic policies ever, how did they ever get into government before???

johnboy johnboy 12:53 pm 07 Nov 06

A very weaselly way to say it.

Thumper Thumper 12:50 pm 07 Nov 06

Well, at least it’s a start.

I think that you’ll find that Motion Five, maximise safety of cyclists, means remove those deadly green lanes.

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