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Finally! Sanity in the water debate!

By johnboy 3 February 2007 32

The Canberra Times, in amongst the shrieking madness surrounding the water debate, has discovered some intelligence deep in the heart of ACTEW:

He [Actew Managing Director Michael Costello] claimed current water prices, which are set by the ACT’s independent competition and regulatory commission, were “wildly undervalued”. “The pricing structures should be specifically designed to influence demand

How many years of squandered resources did it take to get to this point?

So called economics whiz Richard Mulcahy is, however, still holding on to the mad dream of virtually free water (while nodding briefly at reason, before watching it depart, at the end of his media release).

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32 Responses to
Finally! Sanity in the water debate!
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seepi 9:21 am 08 Feb 07

They are old or sick and incontinent.

johnboy 9:02 am 08 Feb 07

If they’re using so much water that 60 cents for a kilolitre is driving them to welfare then they deserve a public flogging, not charity.

seepi 8:44 am 08 Feb 07

You are conveniently ingonoring the story above about people appealing to charities cos they can’t afford water at its current cost.

johnboy 11:55 pm 07 Feb 07

it could, but not so as you’d notice.

el 11:16 pm 07 Feb 07

Well it couldn’t be priced any lower.

Ralph 9:45 pm 07 Feb 07

And with a price on it, people with enough water to steal will have incentive to protect their property.

Ralph 9:43 pm 07 Feb 07

Think about it Seepi, it takes a fair logistical effort to steal water. And when you’re wanting to steal it, you’re wanting to steal a lot of it. It’s not comparable to fuel. People won’t be pinching a few litres here and there.

johnboy 9:40 pm 07 Feb 07


send them away for 10 years.

seepi 9:33 pm 07 Feb 07

There will be a lot more water theft if water is suddenly priced very high.

luca 8:48 pm 07 Feb 07

Impact of water restrictions on the ill.

Vic charity calls for water donations

Reporter: Samantha Donovan
MARK COLVIN: This is a weird country. At the other extreme, the severe drought in north-eastern Victoria is leading one charity to put out an urgent call for donations of water.

Anglicare Victoria says it’s received more than 200 requests for help from people whose homes aren’t connected to the mains and whose tanks
and bores are dry.

Samantha Donovan reports.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Victoria’s north-east has suffered a string of calamities over the last few months: drought, severe frosts and then

Suzie Don Leonard is the Community Development Manager with Anglicare in north-east Victoria.

She says that some people rainwater tanks, bores and wells are completely dry.

SUZIE DON LEONARD: They are struggling, they are recycling everything they’ve got, they hardly use anything.

So a lot of people have dipped into very limited savings and they have dried that up as well, so they’ve come to us for support and assistance.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Ms Don Leonard that Anglicare Victoria has had about 200 requests for help to buy water or access donated water. 92 of those
requests came in just one week.

Anglicare is asking people to donate money so that tankers of water can be bought and delivered to those in need, or if people don’t need all their own water supply, donations of the precious resource will be gratefully received.

Suzie Don Leonard says while many families are struggling with the water shortage, there’s a hidden group that’s are really suffering.

SUZIE DON LEONARD: And they’re people who are caring for someone who is elderly who might be incontinent. There might be someone who’s on
palliative care and we found a lot of people with terminal cancers, and we found a lot of people who were on kidney dialysis who required
regular sources of good quality water.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Jenny Giles lives about 24 kilometres outside Wangaratta.

She’s completely out of tank water and is caring for her mother who is suffering from emphysema.

JENNY GILES: Yeah, it just makes a hard job that little bit extra harder. She’s not very mobile. She’s at the end of emphysema and she’s
on permanent oxygen and things like that and so just to have a shower, before I got my load of water I had to actually take her into Wangaratta
to my sister’s so she could have a shower and things like that.

So it was like a… just a trip into town and back took her a couple of days to get over.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Anglicare recently delivered Jenny Giles 16,000 litres of water which she’s rationing and hoping will last for two to three

Jim Martin, CEO of North-East Water says he was surprised to hear there are people in such a dire situation.

His authority is only responsible for mains supplies to towns, not tanks and bores.

Nonetheless, he says he wished he’d been contacted earlier to see if help was available. He’s now working with Anglicare to see if it may be possible to cart water to some properties.

MARK COLVIN: Samantha Donovan.

luca 8:44 pm 07 Feb 07

How un-Australian could you get!

Thieves steal Southern Highlands school’s water
Julie-Anne Adamski

KANGALOON: Teachers and students at Kangaloon Public School in the NSW Southern Highlands returned yesterday to find their bubblers and toilets dry, after thieves emptied their 50,000 litre rainwater tank.

Thieves had emptied a 50,000 litre rainwater tank, located near the primary classroom, the night before. It is believed the water was stolen in a large tanker that was brought onto the school premises.

Source: Southern Highlands News

“to maximise revenue you’d have to place the cameras in a spot where everybody speeds – that is, places where people’s reckless driving behaviour is likely to increase the risk of an accident.”

Sounds to me like you’ve been suckered by the govt’s efforts to convince us that speed is the root of all evil.

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