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Fire in Fyshwick

By Tempestas - 30 September 2007 18

Been trying to get furniture delivered today (after they buggered it yesterday) and apparently there was a large fire in Fyshwick last night? Any idea about the story.
As usual the Canberra Times will report it on Wednesday or something when their lonely cadet finds a new pencil.

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18 Responses to
Fire in Fyshwick
Sammy 9:19 am 03 Oct 07

barney, are you referring to Pellegrino’s?

barney 9:02 pm 02 Oct 07

Shame that poncey cafe didn’t get burnt to ash. It has no right to be in Fyshwick. Sh*t, I can just see all the mechanic’s sipping chocca-chino’s with some fancy-pants $13 slice of cake or something. The Nivea for Men warehouse will be going up shortly …Hang on, what was I supposed to be talking about !?

Sammy 11:59 am 02 Oct 07

Drove past this morning. It’s not the actual Toy Warehouse store, but another shop in the same court that they must have been using for storage. The court is the one with Regency Blinds at the front, and Water Plus and I&J Signs up the back.

Mr Evil 9:37 am 02 Oct 07

“Jewish” Fire Sale?

asp 3:52 am 02 Oct 07

not sure if it’s the same family all the way through. If I had $40 to spare, I’d get a company check report done by Dunn & Bradstreet. No kidding, I’ve done that before for a couple of local businesses. A certain furniture store, you could buy it for $500! if you pay only what the owners shares are worth.

The Rabble 10:20 pm 01 Oct 07

If it’s Toy Warehouse then that family lost absolutley everything in the Duffy fires 2003. Poor things.

Sammy 6:29 pm 01 Oct 07

they’ve been family owned in Fyshwick since 1924

Does it mention if it’s all the same family? 🙂

“Family owned since 1924”. But fifteen different families.

asp 3:29 pm 01 Oct 07

Well, I hope it’s not Toyworld. According to their rather impressive website (, (compared to other toy retailers at least), they’ve been family owned in Fyshwick since 1924! Not many local businesses that old remaining.

groonsnout 10:37 am 01 Oct 07

it was toy warehouse on wollongong st.. hmmn.. $$ nuff said.

barney 10:12 am 01 Oct 07

Toy Warehouse, or Toyworld ? I need to splash some cold water on my face :S

barney 10:10 am 01 Oct 07

What ! Toyworld is such a great place. Not that I ever go there. But it has lots of great stuff for all ages.

I shall wait for more reports.

Sammy 9:19 am 01 Oct 07

On 666 yesterday they said it was a ‘toy warehouse’ on Wollongong Street. I assumed it was ‘Toy Warehouse’, which is in one of the courts on Wollongong Street, opposite Pellegrinos.

The radio report said that it was a shop storing stock for selling elsewhere at Christmas time. This gels with my theory about Toy Warehouse, as I believe they are the guys that set up the stalls within the walkways in places like Westfield Woden, and sell the cheap RC cars etc.

groonsnout 12:29 am 01 Oct 07

I think it’s been mostly the $1000 RC toys going astray.. real shame because it’s a canberra owned and run family business.

asp 12:27 am 01 Oct 07

“and they have had a tough run with it.. robberies a plenty”

Damn those members of organized crime groups and their black market trade of Barbie dolls and duplo!

groonsnout 8:32 pm 30 Sep 07

trying hard to find some info about it.. but word on the street it was Toyworld (5 barrier st) and “some” buildings next to it.. My wife’s work is next door (namrod house) but according to the servers there (canberra net) it’s still standing.. must have been the warehouses behind it or the furniture store next door.

My business was toyworld’s neighbour for 5 years, and they have had a tough run with it.. robberies a plenty, even when it was “toy warehouse”.. so any info anyone??

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