Floriade has record crowd yet again

Kerces 10 October 2006 8

The ABC gives us the hughly unsurprising news that Floriade is tipped once again to have a record crowd.

Already 18,000 more visitors have arrived than at the same point of the flower festival last year and organisers (and Andrew Barr) are hoping the weather will remain glorious this weekend to keep visitor numbers up. Given we get the same story every year after Floriade’s end I suspect there’s a pretty good chance of that.

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8 Responses to Floriade has record crowd yet again
VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 8:45 am 11 Oct 06

The population of Canberra and south eastern Australia continues to increase, and more people turn up to a free outdoors event. Who the fsck would have thought?

LIC LIC 11:26 pm 10 Oct 06

Floriade attendance always is bigger and better. The government says so, just like the chocolate ration in Oceania.

fnaah fnaah 2:56 pm 10 Oct 06

Hopefully Floriade will fall prey to must-be-bigger-and-better-every-year syndrome, and collapse under the weight of its own self-importance.

(Note: my loathing for floriade may well be irrational, but so is the idea that bazillions of people come to canberra just to see the damn tulips. Bowral has tulips, but nobody goes there anymore because it’s an irrelevant backwater sleepy-town, which is what, I fear, Canberra is slowly becoming.)

I hear possible showers are forecast for Saturday. Heheh.

bonfire bonfire 2:51 pm 10 Oct 06

Stick a gate up and charge 30 bucks to get in.

See how many freeloaders would actually pay to see flowers.

I’d suspect very few.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:47 pm 10 Oct 06


Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:35 pm 10 Oct 06

AD, you’re just being silly!

A much better use for the dragsters would be to run them through the middle of the Multicultural Festival.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:23 pm 10 Oct 06

at the end of floriade they should run a dragway through the flowers. That is drag racing i would support. Not that i have anything against flowers. I just like seeing pretty things get destroyed.

Think of the extra crowds it would attract. You’re rev heads would flock to it. People who aren;t normally into flowers or cars would come to see this unique event. The protestors would come to protest but would have to pay to get anyway near. AND MOST OF ALL… those types that love flowers and cars (i call them hortiboganists) would get the event of a lifetime.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:03 pm 10 Oct 06

Wow, I wonder if a dragway would get such a crowd? 🙂

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